Sunday 31 March 2013

Things I've Loved This Month

As I haven't been around these parts much to do a weekly Friday Favourites, I thought I would just tell you all about what I have been loving for the whole month! Please let me know if you would rather I stick to my Friday Favourites or if you would all just like a monthly post. Oh, and Happy Easter!

This month it has been cold, super rainy some days and even some crazy amounts of snow for Ireland. As I'm sure you can imagine weather like that makes your hair dry and your skin sore, so I have kept my magic carmex original lip balm in my pocket at all times. Everyone will tell you I get slightly overly upset when I leave it at home or can't find it. It has become a staple in my hand bag and I will be picking up another one soon, I think I might even try other flavours in the range too. The tube has lasted for ages and you only need a little to cover and fully protect your lips with its formula of menthol and camphor that helps to sooth and calm irritated chapped lips. 

A cold tired body loves a hot warm bath and thats just what I've been doing. I wanted to get a cheap and cheerful big bottle of bath soak so I could enjoy more bubble baths without having to ration out my Lush bath bombs like a crazy girl. And hey presto, Boots sleep well bath foam 750ml in a lovely lavender scent for €1.19. I'm not sure if it was the relaxing smell, the huge bottle or the next to nothing price that did it, but I ran to the check out and couldn't wait to get home for a bath!

A blog that I love and follow is Tattoologist. People send in pictures of their tattoos with translations and explanations of why they got them and what meanings they have. Its kind of like pinterest for tattoos only! Go check it out over here . You can follow the blog on bloglovin' too, makes it easier to keep an eye on! I personally love to see other peoples tattoos to be nosy, for inspiration and then just to give out about. - The feather and star tattoos that are far over done and the pain in the ass for artists.

I love Ted and the Ted Talks on YouTube are a must watch for me. There are so many different topics and after listening any of the stories I always come away with something new to research or think about. This story made me laugh and feel inspired. If this boy, thousands of miles away at the age of 13 with limited education can do this and help animals and aid his community, what can I do? Have a watch:

I love my candles and the Yankee candles have to be one of my favourites, purely because 1, they smell good and 2, they last ages in the cute large jars. A limited edition Easter candle 'Chocolate bunnies in a jar' is just the thing to get then and Stephen surprised me with one the other night (the little pet!) I thought it would smell over powering but it has a lovely soft sweet scent that doesn't make you feel sick if you have been lighting it too long. I however can't find them in the Irish Yankee candle shop or online in the American shop either. Heres a link to the place Stephen got this one for €9.99. Otherwise if you need to ship it you can find it all over Amazon.

So I may have a sneaky order coming to me from Fragrance Direct, expect a haul blog once the post man comes! I have only recently become familiar with this site and oh my god, lads go check it out right now over here! Theres loads of well known brands for a fraction of the cost. The products say if the box is damaged but other then that everything seems to be in perfect condition. The shipping cost to Ireland wasn't expensive either which was great.

I'm not sure if I should admit this willingly but my series of the month that I have watched every single episode of is um, Rugrats All Grown Up! on Netflix. Stephen and me were hunting for something to watch one night and this popped up, oh the childhood memories! ''Every birthday my mom and dad would say, your another year older, another year wiser but I still go to school...'' Who needs nights out on the town when you can stay in bed and watch childrens programmes instead? I may have also watched one or two shows of Little Bear. Fingers crossed Netfilx release The Animals Of Farthing Wood soon! The child in me is clearly still very much alive.

Something that I have been wearing loads of this month is my many coloured scarf. I love scarves and if I could use a room just for them I so would. My most warn one has to be the Top Shop multi coloured one that I bought about 4 years ago. It goes with so much, brightens up any outfit and is lovely and warm for those snow filled days! has a gorgeous one here for $9.71 that is as similar to mine as I could find. If your looking to splash out on a colourful statement piece for your wardrobe House of Fraser has a drool worthy one over here.

I am nearly certain I have mentioned the fab more then once here, but I need to tell you about them again! HelloGiggles was set up by three lovely girls Zooey Dechanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi which now has a wide and really interesting range of reads being updated daily for your fashion, beauty, life, ect needs! This particular article caught my eye and made me laugh as I'm sure everyone can relate to it, moving back in or not. Go check it out and see if you have anything you could add to it.

Thats all from me for now, hope your all having great long weekend! 

Monday 25 March 2013

Soap&Glory's Glad Hair Day

If anyone saw how many Soap and Glory products I have in my bathroom they would most certainly point and laugh. For a very long time. Really. Only in the past few months have I started to explore the S&G world in great depth, and I have to say, I'm finding new favourites and a few never agains too. I could be wrong but I think Stephen got me this shampoo and conditioner for valentines day (he listens to my beauty related rants, bless his socks) I had waited to finish off my other hair products before I treated myself to the luxury that is S&G Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner. And might I just point out that the packaging is, as always, something to drool over being so funky and retro! I'd love to look like one of the S&G pin up girls!

Google Images
These products are for all hair types and claim to have a no build up formula, so you wont have to go chopping and changing shampoos if you really like this one. First off the smell of these are not that strong in their bottles with raspberry fruit vinegar, but once in my hair I wasn't very happy. Its hard to explain right but it just didn't do much for my nose. The shampoo is meant 'to gloss, smooth repair and strengthen', while the conditioner is 'to help detangle, gloss, protect and strengthen'.

 I have what looks like loads of thick hair, but my hair is medium to fine and not that strong at all. I wash it every single day - I know, awful for it, but I try to give it some love back with intensive hair treatments and condition it lots to make up for the fact. After a week of using both of these I noticed my hair started to feel greasy when I dried it just after the shower. First I thought it was me being a dope not washing it all out but  after washing it the next day the same thing happened. So I was back straight away to a herbal essence shampoo instead, as I hate the feeling of unwashed hair. 

These products didn't suit my hair type at all and I was very unimpressed as they had been advertised for 'all hair types', back to the drawing board for your hair products Soap and Glory! However, no posh products go near the bin with me, they are now off to be used by my mother who has totally different hair to me, and there are some very good reports coming back from her! I also didn't think to take a quick picture of them before I gave them to her, hence the little help of google images in case anyone was wondering.

I wont be going near S&G's hair products again, not just because they didn't suit my hair type but also because I didn't like the smell of them and they are a bit pricey at about €6.50 each. Oh well, lots more shampoo/fish? in the sea... 

Sunday 24 March 2013

I Swear I'm Alive

Well, hey there people! I know, I know, you have full rights to give out and whine on at me about disappearing from the blogger world for almost a month now. But life seems to get in the way a lot of the time and it has been no different for me. First of all Stephen and myself had to up root and move house, and then I started a new job that entails me leaving the house at about 10am and not coming back until about 11pm. So as I'm sure you can imagine its a little difficult not to fall in the door at night and go to sleep on the front mat, let alone try magic up a decent readable blog post for you all! 

If I'm honest, I think the mad new life style couldn't have come at a better time as I was starting to find it a little difficult to stay on top of blogging, new products and that sort of jazz along with cooking, cleaning, friends time and other life-y stuff. But never fear I will always pop back cos' I love my blog and all the posts I publish here are not only little pieces of me, but also serious time, effort and love have gone into them.

So over the next while I have a lovely list of new posts I can't wait to write and share with you all! To name a few in random order are;
  • Whats in my bag post
  • A review of LUSH Mask of Magnaminty
  • Soap&Glory's Peaches and Clean 
  • My new love, The Natural Collection's eyeliner 
  • Book review of Hurry up and Wait
  •  Soap&Glory's shampoo and conditioner
  • My every day make up routine
  • A post on my plans for my upcoming tattoo

That is all in store for you lovely guys and girls. I hope you will forgive my lack of presents the past few weeks but I'm very excited now to be back though and fingers crossed I'll  be posting at least twice a week from now on, if not more. As always I hope everyone is having a fab weekend!