Thursday 28 November 2013

Last Minute Nab: Cosmopolitan Magazine

I know, I'm last to the party here as normal. This is just a quick post to tell you all that you still have little under a week to go and grab yourself a copy of this months Cosmo magazine. This mag is my one true love, I wont buy it every month but I will lust after it and this months was just too good to miss out on. Also it has a fab Orly nail polish and a free Cosmo Christmas his and hers magazine as a special added bonus for your eyeballs to love. 

Apart from the obvious wonder that is Miley on the cover and her really great interview - not to mention the photo shoot that goes with it. Wow is all I can say. This month Cosmo have a really eye opening article on the one year anniversary of the woman who was brutally raped and died as a result on a New Delhi bus. It focuses on the facts and figures of sexual violence in India and further a field. Also the two day experiment of wearing a niqab that a journalist investigated and the really shocking and just unacceptable results.

Heavy stuff out of the way theres also big talk of where to get the best party dress this season and if bling is really back in. Oh and if you want a laugh the inside mens mind section made my sides sore from giggling away at it. 

Bottom line, I love it. You might too. Go take a peak! 

Sunday 24 November 2013

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show Brocades Knitted Gold

I don't own a huge collection of nail varnishes, but those that I do I always wear loads and love them like they are a limb. And the past few months writing a blog has given me an excuse to buy and try out more and more, oh bold girl that I am! One thing I'm not a massive fan of is glitter, but when I saw this online I knew it had to be mine. The new Maybelline Color Show Brocades has 10 new beautiful glitter shades that I want all of. Like every single one, thankyouplease! They look nice on Maybellines online store, but seeing them in person when I was in Boots was a major treat for the eyeballs. 

Knitted gold has a gold shimmer base with thousands of bigger and tiny rose gold/pink pieces of glitter that aren't really circles, more like a hexagon shape but I can't really count the sides properly a they are so small. But just wow. Who doesn't need a bit of sparkle in their lives? And especially as the party season is now upon us and not everyone (me) wants to deck themselves out in a eye catching dress or glittery pair of heels. 

I went off outside in the natural light to show you all how divine this nail varnish is. Pretty, no? But besides how fab it looks, its a pain in the backside to keep on. The Maybelline site claims that this is a chip-resistant nail polish. Lads they are having me on, chip-resistant my... Umhum, well besides that, its just really annoying. After only a day it comes off in big chunks. I put two lovely coats on last night, then after having a shower and putting on my tights the next morning it looked just dreadful, take a look at the picture below. Devastated. 

I've been wearing this about a week, reapplying it loads. Applying it is fine, the nail varnish has a normal decent brush for application that causes no hassle and after two coats your ready to hit the town. But you need patience and a good nail varnish remover to get this off. Its a well known fact that glitter nail varnish is harder to scrub off then normal polish, but man its a pain when your in a hurry and you end up frantically picking and chipping away at your nails (we've all done it don't lie and look so shocked). 

 Overall I love this so much while also hating how bad it is for chipping quickly after only just putting it on. Why cruel world, why? Despite all the negatives, I will be picking up one or two other shades in the Color Show Brocades as they've all stolen my little heart and at €5.95 they wont break the bank. 

On another note spelling colour as 'color' for this entire post nearly sent me mad!

Saturday 23 November 2013

Lush Shoot For The Stars Bath Ballistic

'Is she actually attempting to do three Lush bath related items in one month?' I hear you think. Yes. Yes I am.

 For me one of the things that make me feel like Christmas is getting near is seeing tins of sweets and biscuits in shops, the coca cola ad on telly and talk of the Late Late Toy show (which by the way I can not wait for!) But in the beauty world its seeing Lush bring out their shiny Christmas gift boxes. Theres something for everyone. If you don't fancy parting with your pennies on a gift set then you can cure your craving by picking out one of their many bath goodies to get you in the festive mood. I have already got my paws on Lord of Misrule and their Star Light, Star bright, and now it is time for me to tell you about Shoot for the Stars bath ballistic. 

What grabbed my attention to this bath bomb was when one of the girls in Lush offered to show me how it worked in water. When she plonked it into the bowl it started fizzing this lovely blue with a burst of pinks and yellows. One please! Its meant to smell the same as the Honey I Washed The Kids soap (- a kind of sweet smell thats just like honey and you just want to spread it on toast) but when it dissolves into the bath its barely noticeable, which is such a pity as I'm a massive fan of the soap and have a chunk of it in the shower with me most days. 

The bath bomb itself isn't the most pleasing thing to look at as its a bit plain but I thought the same with Lord of Misrule and have since gone back and bought about 4 more, so I had my fingers crossed for this guy. Nope, he didn't live up to my expectations at all. The amount of bubbles made in the bath were ok, but I've had better outcomes with other Lush bath bombs. The smell was ok too but nothing that made me go wow and the water colour was by far my most favourite thing. The deep blue was just lovely and there was a little surprise sparkle and tiny stars inside the bath bomb that floated around the bath. I stayed in it long after all the bubbles had popped and ran away (as you can see below). Theres nothing in the ingredients list thats worth mentioning either as nothing stands out for me, and we all know how much I love to tell you about stuff like that!

Overall a nice bath (who doesn't like a bath!?) but not something I would pick up again for the price of €4.25 - I think but I could be wrong, make sure and check in the shop. Never fear though, I will continue my search for the next best Lush bath and report back soon! 

Friday 22 November 2013

Tiger Haul And Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I was in town the other day and made big plans to head to Tiger, I go in only when is needed as I'd spend all my money in that fab shop. I have below my stash of presents, stocking stuffers and little bits for myself. Whats fun about this shop is not only the easy and accessible layout, but what kind of random and parctial things they stock, not to mention their incredible prices.

Above in order I'll list along with the giving-it-away prices of gifts that I'm giving friends and family:

Tin of butter cookies: €4
Heart shaped ginger snaps: €3
Pink monster blank book: €2
Angel candle holder: €2
Paint your own Christmas tree mug: €3
Acacia Honey: €4
Box of sweets: €2

Then random buy of the day in Dealz, 4 selection boxes for €3 and boxes of Milk Tray for €1.49 each. What a steal! And great for little and bigger people with a sweet tooth!

I also got a few things for myself in Tiger,

3 glitter nail files: €2
2 pink and purple ribbons: €1 each
3 packets of tissues: €1 for three
Tin with red ribbon: €2

 Not everyone will have loads to spend on presents and there are some great deals out there for the savvy shopper. I myself love to buy lots of little presents that don't cost the earth and put them in a nice Christmas bag with lots of bows and sparkly ribbons. 

And I had to take a few photos of the Christmas lights in town, they are just so pretty and its really getting me in the Christmasy spirit! Not to mention how cold its gotten, brr!

Have you stayed your Christmas shopping yet? I hope this has given some of you ideas and a bit of a hand in stretching your pennies! As always I hope everyone is well and having a fab day x

Thursday 21 November 2013

DIY Almond & Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

Hello there lovely people of the internets! How are you all today? I really don't ask that enough and  I should. While were on the topic of chats, why don't you come over to Twitter page and we can chew the ear off each other!

Today I have decided that to do a little DIYing as Christmas is upon us and not everyone has a money tree in their back garden. (But if you do, kindly post a few seeds my way please!) That and its just something different that you might like to try. You can use many different things in your body scrubs. I opted for sugar instead of salt as I wanted a softer scrub, I put in some lavender for colour and almond oil because I love the smell of it. Don't be afraid to experiment and add your own tastes to your scrubs. 

For this you'll need:

A clean jar
Sugar (I like brown)
Olive oil (I used extra virgin)
almond essences or scented essential oil
A table spoon
Ribbon (optional)

You can be very fancy and go spend a bomb on the ingredients if you like, or you can pick up cheap as chips things from Tesco that will make several batches of scrubs. You can also get a bag of lavender and different essential oils in a lot of health shops, I got mine in the Asian food market beside the Georges Arcade in Dublin. So once you have a clean jar grab a tablespoon and get to work! 

For every 2 tablespoons use one tablespoon of oil. I only found this out through a lot of trial and error, so find what works best for you. I actually liked a more oily mixture so I add in an extra tablespoon of oil at the end. I've found the best way to do this is add 2 tablespoons of sugar and then use another tablespoon to add in the oil, then mix it. Add in a tiny bit of essences and a sprinkle of lavender. Then go repeat this until you have filled your jar to the top.

If your making this as a present for someone then adding a piece of ribbon to it, a piece of fabric over the lid or hand designed sticker can really add an extra loving touch. And thats it, your all done! 
This is so easy to do and makes a great personal present to give someone. It works well and my skin feels really clean, well scrubbed and soft after. Since making this I've actually used half the jar and know when its all gone I'll be making some more stat! 

Thats all for now, hope some of you might try this and find it works well for you or even as a Christmas present.

Stay fab!

Monday 18 November 2013

Vaseline V Nivea Roll On's

I'm a big fan of body sprays and deodorants in general, I have loads dotted around my room and the bathroom, not to mention my handbag. But sometimes I like to have a go of something different just to see if its any better. Aerosol sprays can be really overpowering if your in the same room for a while or for me as a asthmatic it can lead to half killing myself at times, lovely stuff!

So with all that in mind I have been trying out a few different roll on deodorants, different brands and different scents. My two favorites out of the lot are the ones pictured here. The Vaseline aloe for sensitive skin is my utter most favorite. My next favorite is the Nivea but only because the Dove that I tried was really awful and I didn't even keep it this long to photograph. 

Nivea is my favourite aerosol, the invisible 48 hour protection one in particular. But the roll on of this is not as good, nor is it an effective one. I notice that I need to reapply it a lot more throughout the day compared with a spray or the Vaseline roll on. The guys over at Nivea were thinking up numbers between 1 to 100 when they say its 48 hour protection. On the plus side the bottle does last a good while and it doesn't leave marks on your clothes. 

Vaseline aloe sensitive is also claiming to be 48 hour protection. It lasts an acceptable amount of time - a lot more then the Nivea, but again not anywhere near 48 hours. However it still works so well, I would 100% switch my aerosols for this roll on any day. It smells good, doesn't stain clothes or sting the skin (even just shaved skin that can be extra sensitive). Another positive is that the bottle is upside down so the liquid doesn't take as long to come out. No one likes standing in the freezing cold first thing in the morning waiting on liquid to slide down the bottle so you can put some on you and freeze a little more!

Overall I love the Vaseline roll on and will be repurchasing it again soon. However I'm not sure about the others, perhaps I am too fussy. If you use roll ons what do you think of them? have you a favourite or a suggestion of one I should try?

On a totally different topic, I just love Autumn so much. As I was taking photos for this post a tree in the garden caught my eye. Isn't the yellow and orange just so gorgeous? This time of year has to be my favourite time as you get to bundle up in heavy scarves, see all the lovely colours that the trees turn and have an excuse for lots of hot drinks!

As always I hope your having a great day. Stay fab x

Saturday 16 November 2013

Model Co FluidSplash 3 in 1 Foundation

This afternoon I have a new foundation that I have been using for about a month now. Model Co FluidSplash 3 in 1 foundation* in 01 Sand. Now isn't that a mouth full? I have never used this brand before and was really interested to have a go of it, after all I'm a big fan of foundations and concealers, buying them as if there going out of fashion!

To start with would you look at the lovely packaging, its so feminine and eye catching, love it! The product is a 3 in 1, foundation, concealer and eye primer. Not bad for a little tube and very handy if your traveling light. It has a screw off lid that also holds the concealer/eye primer in the bottom. This is a medium coverage for me, as I tend to need a cement mixer of concealer first and without it I wouldn't be fit to be seen in public! The consistency is light and easy to apply, not drying faster then you can rub it in too, which is a big bonus in my book. The concealer is also easy to use but I would only use it on small blemishes or over redness as its not something you can use on those in-your-face huge spots and blemishes.

This is a long lasting coverage foundation and also has a SPF 15+ to add to the list, along with it being oil free and allergy tested. To get technical it is 'Enriched with the hydrating properties of Vitamin E and C, FLUIDSPLASH leaves your skin looking naturally radiant. The inbulit concealer and eye base contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that work to banish blemishes and imperfections.'

One of the downsides has to be that the product is scented in a kind of sickeningly sweet rose smell that can be overpowering the first few times you use it and off putting. But I don't really notice the smell anymore as I've been using it almost daily now. Another downside would have to be the pocket pinching price of €45 of a 35ml bottle. This is a more high end foundation and I would be used to paying no more then €12 for my regular Maybelline or Rimmel stuff. A bit much for my price range and I'm not sure I'd be buying it myself considering I could get more for my money with drug store bands instead. 

If I was kinder to my skin this is the sort of foundation I would be reaching for non stop. My skin is sensitive and oily so the fact that it is soft, kind and oil free is a must have for anyone with skin similar to mine. Overall a big 8 out of 10 from me!

Hope you are keeping warm this cold weekend and having a great relaxing one. Stay fab!

*I did not pay for this item, please see my disclaimer here.

Friday 15 November 2013

A Surprise November Glossy Box

For I don't know how long I have read blogs and watched youtube videos in equal amounts of envy and awe over all the different beauty box subscriptions longing for one of my own. Most only ship within the UK or America and so, I was only left to look at other peoples and dream of one day owning my own. Well ladies and gents, that day has finally arrived. 

I woke up yesterday morning and found that the postman had delivered something special for me, a box. That said Glossy Box on the side and was covered in the logo. Addressed to me. Me! My very lovely (and clearly out of his mind) boyfriend got me an early Christmas present. Yup you guessed it, a subscription to Glossy Box. I would have cried if I wasn't just awake and out of bed. Naturally I ran and grabbed my camera so I could open it and document it for you lovely people (see how good I've gotten, not even opening things before I get photos!) 

 The packaging. Can we please just talk about the packaging for a second here. Not only is the outer box so fancy looking and keeps the insides safe, but the actual gorgeous pinky coloured box itself is to die for. I'd be happy with that alone. The box is a hard sturdy thing that will be perfect for storing something in later. Inside is black tissue paper and a sticker of the Glossy Box logo along with a ribbon that matches the colour of the box and keeps everything in place. Ugh, packaging meltdown, its so perfect!

Along with Glossy Magazine and the little leaflet that tells you about each product inside, are the fancy things themselves. A mixture of 5 high end and regular products, some samples and some full sized. 
In brief I received:

Vichy idealia life serum samples in a cute little bag.
 A Full sized Emite Make Up micronized eyeshadow in Dams. 
A full sized Yves Rocher France hand cream.
 (Oh my god the smell makes me want to spread it on toast!) 
A full sized B. smokey soft blendable kohl eyeliner 
And lastly a full sized Scholl dry skin exfloiator skin care. 

I can't wait to try all these lovely things out and will have reviews of the different products popping up soon once I get a good go of everything! If your like me and have dreamed of your own for a long time, then take a look at their site here.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Ikea Haul

I went to Ikea about two weeks ago and picked up a few bits. I'm going to be going back soon to get a new bed (isn't it just so pretty!?) and some lovely bedding. Oh how I love their bedding designs! But I went this time with the idea of getting a new table lamp. 

I got my granny a new plant pot €4.50 and a little cactus €3.50. She is a big fan of potted plants and different types of cacti also bonus points that she didn't have this type!

next I got my lovely owl lamp shade €7 and the plain black stand  for €5. I was a bit disappointed becasue the stand I wanted wasn't going to be back in stock until after Christmas, but looking at it now I think this is a nicer one. I was a bit shocked at the €7 bulb for it though. You can only buy Ikea bulbs for their products so thats a bit annoying. Lastly I couldn't leave the shop without the matching cushion cover that was €5 after seeing it just sitting there. I nabbed a plain cushion too which wasn't that expansive at €3.25.

Isn't it pretty!

I got a bit snap happy while I was walking around, taking photos of things I'd like or ideas for Christmas presents. I might have to have another long walk around the place next time I go, theres just too much I'd love to get in Ikea! Walking around looking at everything is a great way to spend the day too and then grabbing a cuppa or hot dog after, nom!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant day! Stay fab x

Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Body Shop Travel Exclusive Review

Major fail here, this post is going up really late because one; the natural light today has been too dark and horrible so photo taking got a back seat and then two; once I tried uploading the wind picked up and played havoc with the internet connection. Clearly I'm just not meant to blog today.

 But anyway I'm ignoring all that and battling on to tell you about this fancy Body Shop travel exclusive that Stephen got for me after he went off to England to see ManU play. This was £20 in the duty free and I can't seem to find a link to it online or the price in euros, but I'm sure you can find something similar in their shops. 

The bath and body box contains mini travel size:
shea lip butter 10ml
shea sugar body scrub 50ml
shea body butter 50ml
moringa shower gel 60ml
rainforest shine shampoo 60ml
rainforest shine conditioner 60ml
and a free bath lily

I've had a good go of all these and can say I'm glad theres set like these to test and try out lots of things without forking out for one full sized product. Lets start off with the hair. The rainforest shine shampoo and conditioner for normal to dry hair has no silicones, sulphates, colourants or parabens. Not too shabby considering I have coloured hair that I have been treating quite poorly recently. After using it for a few washes I've noticed my hair is soft, shiny and smells lovely but the one downfall is that I need to use quite a lot to get a lather in the shampoo. I'd be tempted to get full size bottles of this stuff none the less.

Next is the moringa shower gel. I don't have much to say on this, just that it has a nice sweet/floral scent and gives a good lather but it has no long lasting smell on your skin like some shower gels I've used. Not something I'm going to get again.

 Out of the three jars, I am in love with the shea lip butter. Once I use this all up I'll be going off to get another and maybe try out their other lip products. Its so moisturizing and smells really lovely, just like the body butter. Its thick, creamy and the scent clings to your skin just making you want to smell yourself continuously - which I wouldn't recommend to do in public or company in general. 

Lastly the sugar body scrub, hmm. This has a nice consistency and is easy to apply but the little sugar isn't scrubby enough to properly exfoliate or even make a difference to how clean your skin is. If you wanted just a quick soft scrub or had skin that was easily irritated then this would be great for you. But for me I want something that has big scrubby bits that really gets my skin clean. 

Overall a good 4/6 of the products from the box that I would go and buy after I've finished these ones. The smell of these and how soft they leave me feeling are so winning!

Have you tired anything from The Body Shop? What did you think of them?
As always, hope everyone is doing well and keep being fab!

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Star Light, Star Bright Lush Bath Melt

Think we all know by now how much I love Lush and have a house coming down with all their products. Cough, this haul here, cough. I always have high expectations for their things, sometimes I'm really disappointed and then sometimes like this time, I'm grabbing my hat and knickers running out the door to go buy more. (Not quite that literal, but you get the jist)

Can I introduce you to the wonder of all that is Star Light, Star Bright. This jazzy star is a bath melt that looks fab, all that silver glitter really gets me in the Christmas mood (I know, hold your horses its only November, but I like to be ready and organised for the season thats in it.) This is one of many Lush Christmas limited edition products that they have gracing the shop floors at the moment. I saw it in the Lush Times magazine and went to investigate further to see if it was as nice in real life as on the pages. It smells like a wake up call - a nice one mind you. Not one of those sleep deprived, far to early starts with added baltic temperatures once you step out of the bed. No my dears its one of those, darling, I'm just giving you a bit of a zing to keep you going, but feel free to relax all the same. Yup, I did just sum a bath melt into a weird metaphor/scenario.

To get technical, it has cocoa butter, organic shea butter, ginger, lavender, coconut and lime oil. Thats just naming the few I think are important in creating a picture like smell in your heads. When you break up the star into the running water your meant to make a wish which I totally did because I am indeed 5 years old. The second it hits the water you get a gorgeous citric scent. Now let me just say that I am not a fan of citric scents normally and when I picked this up it was with a slight hesitation as sweet scents are normally my go to. But man I haven't loved a smell like this in ages, I'm surprising myself! 

Inside is a beautiful blue center of shea butter fondant making the bath water a yellowish green colour. I'm always disappointed when theres no bubbles in my baths but I think I can forgive this time as the water was just so moisturizing. I can not stress that enough. I've had many a bath melt from Lush in my time but this one is top of the moisturizing list. And if that doesn't tick all your boxes then the glittery bath water will. I couldn't get a decent picture of the glitter but take a look at my arm below. See the lower blue flower? Covered from head to toe shimmering like that. I felt like a fairy. Stephen even commented on how sparkly I was for the next day or so (and I quote, your like a twilight vampire... I'll take it!)

There are some downsides of course. If your not a fan of citric scents then this really isn't for you. Same goes for over sparkly skin until your next shower or bath. And before you use your bath melt there is the hassle of just looking at it, not even touching it and getting covered in sliver glitter. Don't do the stupid thing of touching the bath melt and then your face like I did in the shop. Oh man I was fit to sit on top of a Christmas tree.

But for €4.50 I think its well worth it. I got mine in the Lush on Henry St from the ever lovely Garret. I met him when I was at the Lush event and he is ever the total babe. Go in and say hi next time your passing!

Monday 11 November 2013

Repost: Hair Dying The Wrong Way By Some Pretentious Name

This post is a little different. Its a very special repost  from one of my very best friends. She has just started blogging at Some Pretentious Name and I am pleased to say that I don't have to be a good friend and lie - its actually a funny and interesting read that I really enjoy. Go you girl ;) We decided to dye my hair and this is a repost of hers. Enjoy! 

Dear Barren Recess,

I have dyed my hair. Many, many times. My hair is basically a chameleon attached to my head.

You would think that after the 18 odd time I have dyed my hair, I would have learned the various tricks of the trade. I really..really wish I had. That way, when friends of mine (Such as the Big Blonde Girl) come over and ask me to do their hair for them, assuming I have absolute expertise, I could actually make their hair into something that does not resemble a troll. As it is, I shall just have to settle with laughing at their now misshapen tufts of hair.
Clearly they haven't got the message yet, because Big Blonde Girl asked my to dye the ends of her hair pink and blue.
Here is our attempt to make it work.(My incredibly short attention span led me to forget to take pictures of anything but the bleaching). Beware, boring post ahead.

So this is what her hair looked like before. She had dyed it before at Halloween, the same pink and blue again , but she her hair was dark brown at the ends so it didn't take properly, specifically the blue. If your hair is not light enough, blue will often turn a kind of swampy green, which I am guessing is not what you had in mind if you are using blue dye.

We used Jerome Russell high lift bleach powder and maximum lift cream peroxide, and mixed it all up together.

When making this mixture, it should be a thick bright blue paste. The bleach powder is very important, because it makes it go more of a yellow/blonde, whereas the cream peroxide alone will go bright orange (However, if your hair is dark, or previously dyed a dark colour, it will go orange anyway).Then just kinda coat it onto the ends of the hair, making sure you get everything. Make sure to get the same distance from the bottom of the hair at all sides, cause otherwise it just looks weird. Unless that's what you're going for, in which case more power to yah.

Here is a picture of her hair about 2/3s of the way done. If you are doing this on your own, separate your hair into right and left sections and have them hanging down by your face for easy access.
We then turned wrapped tinfoil around the bleached bits and left it in for 40 minutes. Then we washed all of the bleach out, and sat her down again. 
For doing a two tone dip dye we used Crazy Colour hair dye in Bubblegum Blue and Candy Floss. The best option is probably putting the bottom colour in , letting it sit, washing it out and adding in the second colour. But I was lazy, so we just popped them both in together and washed them out after another 30 minutes. Or we would have, but she fell asleep, so it was more like 2 hours. 

As a result, we wound up with shades of blue, green, purple and pink. The peroxide didn't work as well as we hoped it would, probably because it wasn't left in long enough.

And here we have the finished result the next day! Personally, though it didn't turn out as well as I hoped it would, I don't think it was all that bad! Though it looks quite different here then it does in actuality. Maybe the camera just shows you what you want to see rather then what is actually there. But if that was the case, than why does it still show me when I take pictures of myself? Curiouser and curioser?

I shall now end this post, my darling Barren Recess. I am sorry that it was the most boring post in a series of boring posts. I shall promise that I will try to be better.


I'm really pleased with how my hair turned out! Thanks S x Go check out more of this girls fab writing over here.

All pictures copyright of SomePretentiousName

Sunday 10 November 2013

Things I've Used Up #3

Its been a while since my last things I've used up post, hence the large amount of potion and lotion bottle I have for your lovely viewing. If you fancy taking a peak at my first post here or my second one  here. Some of these things I had half used up and then did the bold thing of bringing out something new and shiny, forgetting to use the other half bottle of goo. 

Shower things first, and its all shower gels and creams. I'm a big fan of taking an extra blob of whatever I'm using and really getting the biggest amount of bubbles on my luffa that will fit. I had two Palmolive Naturals in Delicate Care an Nourishing Delight. I think Palmolive are really under rated and don't get as much good press as they should, being overshadowed by bigger brands. These two were creamy, easy to foam and smelt so so good. A bottle isn't that expensive either so I will be picking another bottle up soon!

I'm not going to rabbit on about my Soap and Glory body wash as I wrote a post on it here, all I'll say is I'm glad its finally gone!

Lastly my Lush Ponche, full of fruity orange and tequila that really wakes you up in the morning without being overpowering. I will be getting the biggest bottle Lush has to offer as its only a limited edition for Christmas and I'm not waiting a whole year to have it back again. Just love it. So. Much. 

 I wont go on about Maybelline mega plus mascara as I talked a lot about it over here. 

I went looking for something that would keep my makeup from sliding down my face while making sure I wasn't traffic light shiny. No7 shine free primer was meant to do that but I must say I wasn't hugely impressed with this. It was shine free but a little hard to apply as it dried quickly so spreading it across your face was an operation in itself. Not something I will be getting again at €16.25 a go!

Lastly I have repurchased both Lush tea tree water toner and L'oreal's 3in1 purifying micellar solution. Both wonderful things that I really can't get enough of. 

I have been meaning to use up this Nivea refreshing cleansing lotion for ages now but just haven't got around to it as its not my most loved one. I'm not going to be getting this again as the L'oreal beside it is my main go to now a days.

 My favourite deodorant, Nivea. A bottle of my favourite body spray, Impulse hint of musk (I just repurchased in my last haul post) and lastly the best dry shampoo every, Batiste. 

Hope everyone is keeping happy and well. Have a fab day x