Friday 31 January 2014

The New Irish Powder Pocket Beauty Box

Going from a really negative box review to a really positive one is not something that happens often but it seems this week just keeps getting better and better! As you might have read, I unsubscribed from Glossy Box and instead was treated to a new beauty box by the Mr (Isn't he the best?!). This is the Brand spanking new Irish beauty box Powder Pocket and I think its going to be massive round these parts. Already blogs and the aul Twitter is going wild raving about this subscription and I can see why. 

The presentation of the box is a huge part of the whole experience for me. Give me something wrapped up nice, throw a bow round it and but it in a box and I'm sold! And its as if the good people of Powder Pocket read into my little head, down to the sticker with my name on it, eeakkk!! Oh it was all too much. The outer box is gorgeous too, really eye catching. I can't say anymore other then 20 out of 10 for the visual goodness that my eye feasted on. Nom nom nom.

The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box and got of the beauty of it all was the Pixy Natural Skincare soap. Pixy is a relatively new Irish brand that has been coming up through the beauty world over the past two years and was really delighted to see that it was included this month. I have actually one or two of their products before and reviewed one here. I'm not a big fan of this citrus scent but my granny has her eye on it so I'm sure it wont go to waste! Full size for this is €3.99.

Next I couldn't help but drool over the La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. I love this brand and have been getting to grips with some of their products over the past few months. This was a new one for me and after reading the little leaflet with it I was spraying it all over the place thinking I was just great. Full size of this is €9 for a 150ml bottle.

I'm slowly accumulating a large collection of hand creams, I mean they are coming out my ears at this stage! But I can never say no to them so that might have something to do with it. Lavera basis sensitiv hand cream nabbed my attention and I really can't wait to use this little beaut. Full size €5.24 for 125ml tube.

I was a bit dubious of the Ginvera green tea marvel gel as gel and me don't go together very well. Its just sticky and messy and no no no. But after reading a little about it I'm going to give it a whirl! Full size €27.

Lastly I didn't even notice the gorgeous Benecos natural kajal black eyeliner! I only bought a new eyeliner the other day and now I'm raging I did as this looks so nice. When I read that this is a natural and vegan cosmetic I was thinking it was going to be very pricey but at only €4.66 I think I might have a look at the rest of their range! 

Lastly I wanted to talk about their leaflet that lists all the products in the box, its like a mini poster and took me a bit by surprise when I had to open it up. Its a great novelty but in coming months might turn out to be an annoying thing to have to wrestle with, we will see. There was a page on the inside with the title 'what's trending in 2014' and who did I spot that had added their piece, none other then the lovely GlitterMamaWishes! I might have gotten a little excited seeing her featured!

I'm really delighted with this new box, I can't wait for next months now! Are you going to get this box or do you have another beauty box? As always have a great day :)

Thursday 30 January 2014

Glossy Box - My Last One

I can't even hide how unimpressed I am with this months Glossy Box. When I first got the box to the front door last year as a present from my boyfriend I was more then delighted. I couldn't believe I was getting something I have watched bloggers and vloggers review forever and lusted over them all. But it seems that Glossy Box has just gone further and further downhill. The general feel on Twitter is the same, Glossy Box has lost well, the gloss? I know, no pun intended though! 

I'm not sure if this is going to be an ongoing thing, but this months box is shiny. I'm sorry but just no. No thank you. Their other matte boxes looked much better and clearly said luxury service, but now this new box just screams cheap and quite frankly, nasty. Back to basics is the theme of this months box and they really got it spot on with basics and the bare minimum in the product department. 

So, this is what I got. Sample size things that would have been cheaper to get in the shop instead of forking out around €16 for next to nothing. 
Yu-Be moisturising skin cream £13.50 for a full size.
 The Vintage Cosmetic Company floral slanted tweezers that are £8.
  Balance Me super toning body wash £10.25 for full size 250ml.
Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer wake-up under eye patches £6 for 3 pack.
Montagne Jeunesse passion peel off masque and blemish mud mask £1.09 per mask.

There is nothing in this box that I can't wait to use, I could leave or take it. The tweezers will come in handy if I loose my ones and I will try out the mask but I'm not excited about them like I am for other products. I think you will see now why I'm not impressed at all. I have unsubscribed from Glossy Box and going to take my hard earned few bob else where. 

Glossy Box actually tweeted at me when I took to Twitter to voice my anger at the box and they informed me that nexts months box would focus on make up... I don't know about you ladies and gents, but I'm glad I'm not sticking around to find out if the box delivers a full sized product or dare I hope, even equals to some of the €16 I have paid each month for the service. I am one unhappy girl today, sorry guys for such a grry negative post but I am so so upset and annoyed at this months box of 'samples'.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Wet'n'Wild Launch Night

 I don't think I was as excited about Christmas as I was tonight heading off to the launch night of Wet'n'Wild in House, Oh my goodness can you say quality and affordable make up? I certainly can! I headed into the event with the lovely Samantha (All The Buzz) she seems to put up with me a lot, poor lady! We were met by the lovely ladies who organized this event and the fun started!

As you can see there were cup cakes and cake pops. Oh mammy these were so nice, the people over at Monaco Cupcakes made them. Colours that you can eat? Well it would be plain rude not to! But now onto what everyone wants to read about, the make up!

Below are all the W'n'W products. I genuinely now have a list the length of my arm to buy, I can't wait! They are available in Dunnes, Pennys and selected pharmacies nationwide. One of the really friendly make up artists touched up the remains of my make up for me and I have to say, the foundation and concealer will be first on my list, it felt amazing and covered all my skin sins! Also can you just look at the eye shadow palettes? Oh be still my beating heart. I can't even comment on the sparkly nail varnish, I 'll be here all day. I was also lucky enough to be given a gift bag and I have to admit, when I sat in McDonalds (as you do) and had a peak in the bag I got well overexcited about all my goodies! I will be doing lots of reviews!

Above is a close up of my make up that the make up artist did for me. My lips and skin are all her wonderful work! My eyes are my new TopShop palette and essence liquid eye liner. My OOTD was my Asos dress and my died and gone to heaven Jeffrey Campbells that I got from my besties for Christmas. (I know, right!?) Also a little sssnap of the room!

Lastly we have the gorgeous Chloe (Nurse Fancy Pants) modelling W'n'W magazine. Oh *dies* how amazing are her eyes? I give up. Then the entire W'n'W make up stand full to the brim with magic things. I didn't stand beside it for long because drooling isn't attractive so I've been told. I couldn't not snap Robyn (Robyn Rants And Raves) having a go of the fab lipsticks, doesn't she look like a model? 

I had a really amazing night, I was so so lucky to be able to natter with so many lovely bloggers, I am really so lucky! To name a few; GirlFriday  who still loves me even though I'm a bit mad and I also got to meet the really lovely and down to earth Sinead (The Beautiful Truth). I was delighted to finally meet her as I read every blog post she writes and picture she posts on Instagram with (far too much) enthusiasm! I managed to make a show of myself fangirling (and crying - yeah, I know) when I met Karen form Lovely Girly Bits.  She is so super nice and I think I might have freaked her out a bit, I couldn't even tell her my blog name to start with! You can't bring me anywhere, I know. 

Make sure and keep an eye out for my reviews of Wet'n'Wild and also for the products in the shops - que the excitement of it all!!

Saturday 25 January 2014

Provoke Touch Of Silver Sensations And Aussie

I have been colouring my hair on and off for years now, from deep plums, blues, pinks to my current slightly peroxide blonde. Now (and I have the pictures to prove it!) I am naturally a blonde, dirty blonde if yo will but I love the light look right now. When I dye my hair I never give it much love at all. I throw in some shade of blonde that I got in a bottle in Boots, not even bothering with a particular brand , just whatever is on offer or what colour looks like it might suit my mood that hour. Its a good way to pick permanent hair dye, right? I think so too. Just before the bloggers Christmas dinner back in December I decided I would dye the top half of my head in the same Cat just whatever falls in to my basket passing way that I do. But after it going a brassy white blonde from not being cared for, I went on the hunt.

Que Provoke touch of silver sensations shampoo and conditioner for gray, blonde and white hair. It protects from fading, dullness and gives it back a slightly softer and nicer shade. What I really like about this besides it working, is the smell. It doesn't have the normal fruit or floral scent that nearly all hair products have, it has a more high end just-went-to-the-hairdressers kind of smell. And bonus points for the salon look and smell but the next to nothing price! The fancy eye catching bottles and the purple colour of the product itself. Thanks, I'll just take the shelf full and be on my way.

 Anyway it really does work, I have the proof on my head after all! After only about 4 days using this I could visibly see a difference in how my hair looked. The grayish-green hue that had once been was gone and a softer, but still very white blonde look, was left. I also used the conditioner every second day as my hairs condition was less then loved from getting blow dryed and violently brushed (thanks tangle teaser) all over the place. However I noticed while the colour of my hair was looking better, the texture and general health of my hair was still downhill and the conditioner wasn't working.

I would highly recommend the shampoo for anyone who has coloured hair and wants to keep it looking amazing, but the conditioner in my opinion did nothing at all and was a waste of money. Instead I ran to Tesco and nabbed my life saver, go to hair care range, Aussie. I like to change up my shampoos and conditioners, trying new things is great fun! But really Aussie has my heart and I would think it would take a very special product to change my mind on that. Get the 3 minute miracle colour conditioner to go with this shampoo or even go the extra mile and get Aussie recharge colour leave-in conditioner. 

As always hope your all having a great day and week! Loved writing a review for this as it was an amazing thing to find that worked so quick for me, hope I find more to share with you all soon! x

Friday 24 January 2014

Day Zero Project

So this idea was gotten after I read GirlFriday's post here.  I really loved the idea of having 101 goals and things to achieve in 1001 days. So this being the 24th of January 2014 I have until the 4th of November 2016 to mark off everything on my list. 

Over the last year things have been up and down with me, I feel like I've gone into myself a bit and my anxiety of meeting new people and being in big groups has started to take over my nerves a bit. So this year I really want to try and over come that as much as I can. I also want this year to be even better then last year when it comes to my blog. Blogging has opened so many doors for me. I have something to look forward to doing, more new friends to share it with and a great community that I get to be part of. So here are my 101 things, some are easy and some are really hard! I'll come back and cross off the things as I do them and maybe even post about the bigger ones!

  1. Meet MakeUpMonster - I just love her blog so much
  2. Try a MAC product
  3. Go and see a ManU game (preferably a home game)
  4. Start saving for driving lessons
  5. Get fitted for a bra  
  6. Get my hair properly styled in a salon
  7. Make dates of weekends away or days out with Stephen and take photos of the time
  8. Get a massage or facial
  9. Save up for a new camera
  10. Get two more tattoos
  11. Don't eat chocolate for one week each month.
  12. Send more hand written letters
  13. Get a bikini wax
  14. Buy a double bed
  15. Tell people I love them more, especially when fighting
  16. Join a campaign
  17. Do more volunteering
  18. Try tanning (from a bottle mind!)
  19. Learn to knit
  20. Learn more basic French
  21. Read at least 50 books
  22. Buy and wear something that I wouldn't normally
  23. Go on a holiday away to France 
  24. Blog about more taboo things
  25. Do at least 7 blog tags
  26. Clean my makeup brushes every two weeks
  27. Bin all my knickers and buy a whole new lot
  28. Make vegetarian lasagna
  29. Do a blog sale 
  30. Go to more blog/events
  31. Stick to my not buying anything in Lush until September rule
  32. Meet and talk to more bloggers
  33. Comment on blogs I love more
  34. Eat more fruit
  35. Treat myself to hard sole slippers
  36. Host a dinner/some sort of food party
  37. Go to watch people busk in Dublin on Christmas eve
  38. Learn how to make use of an avocado in a mask or food dish
  39. Go to Dingle, Kerry 
  40. Print out photos and make something with them/display them
  41. Save change in a jar 
  42. Learn how to waltz and jive better
  43. Try to use more skin care to beat my spots
  44. Moisturize at least 3 times a week for 6 months
  45. Stop talking to negative people out of politeness 
  46. Declutter my Facebook/Twitter and phone book
  47. Cut back on fizzy drinks and opt for water
  48. Have lunch in Bewley's on Grafton St 
  49. Sit and write dates on old photos with my gran
  50. Learn how to contour
  51. Get my brows shaped
  52. Strip my bedroom walls and paint them
  53. Buy new storage and makeup storage
  54. Buy some jeans (I don't own any)
  55. Go for a cycle somewhere
  56. Help a friend start up her blog
  57. Buy a cat brush for my cats
  58. Update my about me section 
  59. Get new glasses and keep them in a case
  60. Bring my Irregular Choice heels to be fixed
  61. Smile more at strangers
  62. Dye my hair one primary colour (pink, green, etc)
  63. Go to the dentist
  64. Get up earlier for a month
  65. Go to bed no later then 12 for a week (and then try a month!)
  66. Eat in a new restaurant
  67. Take up kickboxing
  68.  Get a teeth whitening kit
  69. Take photos of friends and family a lot more
  70. Try a new food
  71. Say yes more
  72. learn about more Irish brands
  73. Buy at least 3 different types of candles, not just Yankee!
  74. Put money in a jar for vet bills
  75. Try to help bloggers more with their blogs/products.general things!
  76. Mind my friends mental health better - talk and be more active with them
  77. Get my tongue double pierced
  78. Get a friend to join a group/activity with me
  79. Learn how to dive underwater 
  80. Buy lots of bath towels and tooth brushes - forever running out
  81. Collect addresses from friends and family 
  82. Buy an address book
  83. Go to the beach
  84. Have a picnic with friends
  85. Go on a hike
  86. Save more money
  87. Update my cv
  88. Find more blogs to follow and love
  89. Don't eat bread for one week each month
  90. Buy a top that isn't grey or black
  91. Learn how to cat walk in heels
  92. Go stay in Belfast (at Christmas time?)
  93. Email old friends I haven't talked to in years
  94. Go to a Kerry or Galway market
  95. Drink more herbal teas
  96. Get to know more of my distant relatives
  97. Make pancakes
  98. Climb a tree
  99. Dive off the end of a pier 
  100. Wear brighter eye makeup for a day
  101. Blog more then 115 times this year

I hope you might join in and make your 101 things list too. If you do, please leave your links below so I can take a look at your lists. Its not easy to come up with all of them, so don't worry if you have to have a think or come back to it later. Also use the hashtag #dayzeroproject on Twitter so can update everyone and give each other a bit of support too :)  

Thursday 23 January 2014

TopShop Haul

Another haul, I know. But this time its nothing to do with the Christmas sales I promise! I have never bought any Top Shop make up before and after reading a few posts on their lipsticks I wanted to go in myself and have a little look at what they had on offer! I actually didn't get any lipsticks sadly as Stephen was complaining that I was taking ages so I have to go back on the sly!

I spotted a cheap as chips €1 hot/cold penguin hand warmer. I'm a massive cute animal print fan so how could I say no. That and its normally about €9 if peeling off the little stickers underneath is right. I also got lovely shiny pink sliver and blue leopard-like printed wrapping paper for only 50cent, its normally €3, yonk!

First off I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw an eye shadow palette for only €4. There wasn't anything wrong with it apart from the outter packaging being a bit battered. But smokey eye Tawny had to come home with me. I love this so much! From looking on the Top Shop site there is a palette similar to this for £12 that you can see here.

Lastly I couldn't help but get some glitter while I was there picking up 2 nails in dark knight. And the cute packaging for the polishes, gahh!! At €3 I had to get one for my giveaway that I am going to be running some time side of 2014.. Promise ;) I also just had to take the 2 for €13 offer on all their nail varnishes up. They have new matte shades that are to die for. I picked up a light lilac in mellow and a light blue in whisper. You can see a little photo of them in action on my Instagram. I'll also do a review soon too as they are to die for spring colours!

Keep on smiling and have an amazing week! Its almost the weekend too, yay!

Wednesday 22 January 2014

The Tangle Teaser Review

Don't even get me started on the last to the party thing here. I know its been out since last year (if not longer counting the US and UK release dates) but after ages of lusting over it every time I saw it in Boots and reading about all the raving reviews online I asked for the tangle teaser for Christmas. I thought it was love at first sight when I saw the purple little brush that I had such high hopes and built up expectations for. But it was not meant to be.

I could just be my crazy knotty hair. It could be the shampoo I'm using or the lack of patience I have for my hair in general, but man this thing just refuses to work for me. Now your thinking ah shes only had it a few weeks, whats she on about. But I can safely put my hand on my heart and tell you I have tried ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Oh how I stood and brushed, clipped up different sections to brush, changed shampoo and conditioners, even tried it on wet, dry and medium damp hair. Nothing worked for me. I can tell you in confidance that I talk to my cats, I talk to furniture, inanimate objects and even myself when I think no one is in ear shot, but I can now add begging with my hair brush to the list of shame. 

It breaks my hair and leaves me with lots stuck in the brush after - not cool(!), doesn't brush out tangles well and if anything it adds to the chaos that is my head. I really thought that this brush would be better then my Denman one that I've had forever but I find myself reaching for it to clean up the awful job my poor tangle teaser has done. Speaking of which I would recommend that good old trusty brush and its cheaper too at just €11.99, get it over here.

I'm scratching my head (no pun intended!) over this little brush. It looks lovely, fits in your hand perfectly and should be suited to my thinish hair but there you go.  It costs a bomb too at €15.99 which doesn't help matters either. I'll continue to try and unlock the secret that is the tangle teaser over the next few weeks and report back to you all, but I have a funny feeling that its going to end up in the bin if it pulls out anymore of my hair, I'll be bald in no time! You can find it here.

I'd really love some of your thoughts on this brush. Do you have it? If you do, what was your experience with it? Are you bald and crying like me or do you have perfectly brushed locks?

Saturday 18 January 2014

Sales Buys Part 4: Asos And Soap&Glory

So this is the final installment of my crazy Christmas buys for the year, I promise you all! If any of you have been here a while or know me from rabbiting on Twitter, you will know my favourite clothes site is Asos by miles. I just can't get enough of their gorgeous stocks that are ever changing (I just heard my purse cry as I typed that..) And not only are they true to their sizing  but they can be found with sales of up to 70% off at times if you keep checking back. What more could you ask for? Free shipping maybe? Well, they have that too and its worldwide. Can you see why I love it now!

So I was minding my own business the other day when I noticed they had indeed a 70% sale on selected items and an extra 10% off that they tweeted about. Could I really say no to that, now be honest? As always they have amazing shipping times and I got these bits 4 days after ordering them, bang on estimated times!

Sorry for the dreadful lighting, I was racing against the day light and even went outside to try and get the best light. I will retake these while wearing the dresses once I have le boyfriend about again next week.

First this gorgeous warm purple dress with black detailing that I got for around €22. Purple is my favourite colour and I am really in love with this dress. As you can see below, the black lace top is sheer and a tad see through, but it doesn't show anything off, so no need to avert your eyes! Its wonderfully stretchy at the waist so it slips on easily and its got a slightly winged look at the sleeves. There is also a little button at the back which is a cute detail as it leaves a space for a cheeky bit of skin. Ohherrr! Also, when you spin (because everyone spins, don't lie) it goes really wide. Funness! 

I can't find it any longer on the site, but heres a dress thats the same colours just a different style, or theres one here if you feel that ones not your kind of thing but still want the same kind of purple.

Next I got this lovely cream dress that has a similar lace style at the top as the one above. It has a beautiful black ribbon around the waist that really sets off the cream colour. It has a hidden zip at the back thats easy to get on and off along with a lovely v-neck that looks amazing in the lace. I got this back in August in a navy for full price, but never wore it for the event I had got it for so I returned it. I really wanted it in this cream but this colour wasn't suited for the occasion. So I was over the moon delighted that it was now only €25.28 and in my size in the colour I wanted. Score! You can still buy some sizes over here and get a much better description and look at the dress! 

I couldn't pass up these boots for only €26.96 down from nearly €54. I have been scouting out for some good sale boots as my lovely ones from Pennys that I've lived in since I bought them back at the start of autumn are wearing a little thin! These are so comfy and they have a lined inside so your toes are extra toastie. I love the buckle detailing and the little bit of a heel. You can see them over here.

Lastly I might have sent Stephen on a mission when he was passing Boots a while ago. I had seen this Soap&Glory face time gift set in the sales and now that it was half price, down from €32 I couldn't resist getting him to see if they still had some in stock. Oh me oh my, how I love this set! I can't wait to use everything and give you all some rambles and reviews on it. 

Friday 17 January 2014

Sales Buys Part 3: Lush

I know, I know. Your scratching your head thinking 'did I not just read a post here a while ago about Cat's Christmas sale buys from Lush?' Yes good people of the internet, yes you did. But they announced on their Facebook page that they were restocking some of their Christmas things and they were all 50% off too.. What could I do? Say no? Nah. Heres round one of Lush sales if you missed it.

The golden wonder bath ballitic.. Its a gold covered present, for €2.25? And I've never ever had it before.. One thanks. 

Another sneaky bit of angels delight soap for €3 and a sample of let the good times roll. I really like the smell and wanted it but the Lush fella said it mightn't work for my skin, so the doll gave me some to try out just in case! Lush + nice friendly staff + samples = Happy lady.

I got a pot of this aqua marina for free in an online order way back, I hated it. But clearly if I'm buying it again then it must be something good! I'll do a post on it some time soonish - think I might need to space out the Lush posts a bit better though! This was full price at €7.94. Also the dust is off the product below, stuff gets everywhere!

Lastly my new favourite Christmas product, star light, star bright. I eh, got four. Cough.. But on the plus side they were only €2.25 each! I did a review of them over here. You can get a few more photos of the lovely yokes!

I will of course review and tell you all about these products, you can count on me! Tomorrow I have yet another sale bargain post to show you (HINT! its a fashion post ;D) then after that it should be back to regular posts and reviews, promise! As always stay fab you beautiful people!

Thursday 16 January 2014

Sale Buys Part 2: Evolution

So my first crazy sale buying was over here if you missed it. Next I hit Evolution in the GPO arcade. Its the perfect shop to get some gorgeous unique gifts and lovely little bits for yourself too. I am a major fan of this shop and even more so when they have their after Christmas sale as they totally slash the prices off loads of things! I kind of went twice..

On my first visit I got these few bits, mainly with my sisters birthday in mind as shes a huge owl lover and they had lots to offer on that line! I also picked up a cheeky photo frame for myself as I just love displaying photos and quirky frames are the best! I couldn't leave without the glass jar for my new bookcase and the Buddha and incense are going to be presents for friends, either for their birthdays or Christmas - yes I plan crazy ahead of time!

Photo frame -€3
Owl plant stander - €2.25
Owl candle holder - €2.75
Incense gift box - €2.75
Buddha statue - €1.50
Glass jar - €2.00

Then I might have gone a second time to see if the sale was still on and I noticed they had slashed their prices even more! Now how could I pass that by without partaking in a little present buying for next Christmas? I also think I'm going to be holding a very late blog birthday giveaway, so a few bits here were picked out with that in mind!

Camper van magnet - €0.75
Cupcake magnet - €0.75
Butterfly necklace - €3.00
You're a star mobiles - €1.25 each
Key chains - €0.75 each
Candles - €1.50 each
Heart mobile - €2.50
Bird cage necklace - €0.50
Earrings - €0.50 each
Bracelet - €0.50

As of last weekend they still had their sale on so make sure and go check it out! Its really worth it as I've got loads of lovely things for next to nothing, such major bargains! Hope everyones having a fab day and got some great things in the sales like I have! Tomorrow I'm going to show you what sale things I got from Lush - I've a problem I know!

Also I forgot to individually take a photo of the big flower covered bird in the middle of this photo, duh me! It really reminds me of twitter! It was only €2.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Jar of Happiness 2014

So its mid January, I'm all over the shop and its only the start of the year! Honest to god, theres no hope for me. But let us ignore that, as you all love me really (well I'd like to hope!). Today I want to tell you about a nice little project anyone can do as a pick me up during the year. I robbed this idea from Yaz of GlitterMamaWishes. 

2014 is a new year, so why not try to make it a happy one? This is a really simple idea. Get some pieces of paper, just little bits, and when something good happens to you write it down and pop it into a jar. Come new years eve or day you will have a full years worth of happy things that have filled your jar, open them up and see your year! It a lovely little pick me up and a push to make the next year just as happy. Thats it!

 You can decorate your jar whatever way you like to make it extra special  and something lovely to look at too. I've decorated it with my first ever Glossy Box ribbon and also a gilttery silver ribbon that I took off one of my goodie bags from the Christmas blogger dinner hosted by Lisa from PinkSugar, they make me happy and remind me of the surprise I got in the post and the lovely night I had with all the blogger girls.

If your stuck for ideas don't be, its your jar and theres no right or wrong thing that you can throw in. I have a note about my amazing sale buys as I get so so happy when I get a bargain! I have a little note about Stephen as he is really just what makes my world go round (Yeah soppy, sorry) and even a really nice weekend I had recently being with my friends just hanging out. I know all these little notes will make me smile when I read them again at the end of the year.

I went on a search to find nice coloured paper to brighten up my jar, I found a full note pad of them for €2 in Tiger the other day and the jar itself was from IKEA for €1.50. Now theres a cheap and cheerful project for the year! As always I hope everyone is having a fab week and remember, be happy :) x

Saturday 11 January 2014

Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter

The first proper beauty review of the year and its a Lush one. I think I need to go to a 'LushAnon' meeting, its becoming clear to even me how much I love going to Lush, buying new shiny products and then use them. Le sigh, what can a girl do when its true love huh?

I got this for my birthday back in September and didn't want to open it before I used up my Soap&Glory scrub em' and leave em' scrub and other bits of scrubs I had lying around. I'm dreadful for opening new things before using up what I have, just too much temptation! This lovely square of joy was bought on the Lush website along with lots of other goodies I all but squealed over, so thats why its wrapped in plastic instead of its normal naked self.

I'll just admit it now, theres nothing about this exfoliating body butter that I don't like. The smell that lingers on your skin weakens me at the knees - which isn't a bad thing considering you can have a good scrub of your knees and legs while your down there. Its an easy shape and size to use, it has loads of little sand-like scrubby bits to really get the blood going and the dead skin running. Not to mention it moisturizes beautifully without leaving a heavy layer of product on your skin so you feel like a walking oil stick. (walking oil stick? Now theres a weird image for you all to ponder over for the day..) You can have a look at the full ingredients list above or over on the Lush site. But with things like almond and cocoa butter, who needs much more convincing?

Since taking this photo I've only got one use left of it and I've been using it nearly daily in the shower for a week now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it goes fast, what I'm saying is I'm that addicted to it that I can't not use it all over my bumps and lumps (my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps. Sorry Fergie for butchering that..) This is £6.25 online. You'd be mad not to get one.

Oh a side note, I was recently asked if I was in some way connected with or paid to promote the Lush brand. The answer is no, no I am not! But I can see why some people would think that! All gifted or PR samples are marked with a * and is linked to my disclaimer.

Friday 10 January 2014

The Blazin' Grill Restaurant Review

First photo image sourse:
Just before Christmas myself and Stephen used a voucher for The Blazin Grill in Tallaght that we were given as a present. It was a really cold night and we were expecting to freeze our bums off after getting off the bus and trying to find it. But once we got of the bus right beside The Square, we were both pleasantly surprised to find that it was less then a minutes walk. 

When we got in we were greeted by a lovely girl who seated us and went to get us drinks. I really can't say enough for all the staff that served us that night, they were all so wonderfully friendly and helpful. The restaurant itself was warm and well spaced out with a lovely bar and I noticed a couch in the corner for people to sit and wait if they wanted - always a plus in my book. Each table had a cosy little candle on it and I loved the blue, black and red theme throughout the place. 

We had come prepared and already had a nosy at the menu online as they are a steak and seafood restaurant and myself and Stephen don't like either so we weren't happy when we first read that. But we needn't have worried a they do a great range of food and I was especially impressed with how big their desert menu was as not everywhere gives such a selection. We cautiously ordered some garlic bread to start as it sounded basically like pizza and after we had a bite we were contemplating ordering more, especially Stephen who wanted the recipe written down! We got a main course of a chicken burger and chips for himself (they were out of beef burgers, now that wasn't cool!) but he was happy once he tucked into the plate full and I got a chicken pasta carbonara. I recently got the same dish in another restaurant that I've talked about on my blog not so long ago and this was so much nicer by far. Wow do those chefs know how to cook up a yummy dinner! I had a sneaky bowl of chips too, but no one was looking so its fine.. Cough

We had about five glasses of coke between us (the rock stars that we are!) and lastly ordered ice cream with a chocolate brownie. That was on the plate all of I've say, five seconds! We were expecting to have to fork out about €20 extra on top of our €50 gift voucher but when Stephen went up to pay he came back looking very smug. The full dinner had cost €50.04. I apparently have never been such a cheap date - I know right? 

This is well worth a visit if your in the area looking for a lovely quiet evening with some cheap, yet very yummy food. From looking around it would be perfect for big groups of people too. I'll be going back again as the staff really left a lasting impression with how nice they were! That and well, the pictures I took are making me hungry too! Their page seems to be down at the moment but you can find them on Twitter and Facebook for special offers and posts about lots of noms. Enjoy!

Thursday 9 January 2014

December And Limited Edition Christmas Glossy Boxes

I know, I'm so far behind I'm posting about December Glossy boxes. Oh god, please don't hate me! But I thought why the hell not show and tell you all about them, after all I quite enjoyed receiving them and I like sharing little bits of happiness with you all. Especially when they come in gorgeous pretty boxes that just make you melt a little. No, just me? Oh, ok then..

First off we have the regular December Glossy Box and its all pimped out for Christmas, surprise surprise! But I have to say, I really loved that even down to the cute red and green theme, it was well thought out. Would you take a gander at the tree shaped beauty things?! Ugh, so much love! 

I have to admit, this box was by far the worst one I have gotten. My favourite thing has to have been a tie between the gorgeous Beautiful Movements Cosmetics nude lip gloss that is £12 for a full size. I have used this from the word go, its so handy and you can use it with any look for a little extra shine. Then the other, the oh-so-nom Bee Nature bee nature soap that just smells amazing and has a cute little print of a bee on it too. For a 100g its only €5.50.

The next thing was Rituals miracle balm which I was undecided about. I liked that I received a good full sized product and I loved the pinky purple packaging but the cream itself hasn't really made any difference to my hands.. Its £10 for a 75ml tube.

Lastly, the two things that I was really unimpressed about was the Maybelline new york volum' express colossal smokey eyes mascara thats £7.99. Not only is it a mouth full, but its something I have tried before and really hated. The brush is too big and awkward to use and it leaves clumps of mascara all over your lashes.. And cheeks! Nope, this was off loaded to the sister to see if she had better luck.

 And lastly, Yin Yang Skincare rich skin food thats £19.50 for 50ml. Not only was I not too excited about little samples but on closer exception I noticed they were expired. Later Glossy Box emailed customers to ensure that they were not responsible and forwarded on an email from Yin Yang Skincare, in which they apologized for what happened and said that the samples were fine to use, but if customers wanted to email them they would be happy to send in date ones. My thoughts? Not even slightly impressed. Glossy Box is meant to be a luxurious service that, lets be honest here, is pricey enough and I wouldn't like to think of anyone forking out their hard earned dosh for less then amazing things. Much less out of date things. Been hearing more and more negative talk about Glossy Box on the tweets and blogosphere lately and I'm starting to agree. Maybe its time to look at other beauty boxes?

Next is the Limited Edition Glossy Box that I was very surprised to find my postman handing over (Stephen is a total plonker, but I love him very much!) This one is a fancy as can be box - its gold and black, like come on! I've no problem admitting I drooled a little over how pretty it is, like all of the box presentations generally are. It also came perfectly in tacked and none of the products looked like they were given a good shake mid travel, so An Post must have invested in a football since my last box! This has six products in it, unlike the normal five you tend to receive in most boxes. I was much happier with this box in comparison to the last disaster, so well done Glossy Box for covering your arse! If only every box could be this amazing! 

First we have Etre Belle Cosmetics waterproof lash sensation mascara. This one gets the thumbs up, no need to pass onto the waiting hands of the sister this time! This is €17.20 for a 9ml tube.

EnPhidra conditioning lipstick is just so gorgeous. You'll be seeing me smearing it all over my general face area for the next age, it smells as good as it looks. Added bonus of an SPF10. It's €13.90 for a 4.5ml tube.

Glossy Box seems to really favour the aul hand cream, because since subscribing to it I've had to clear a drawer just for the ever growing collections. This one however I wouldn't mind having another drawer full of, the Figs And Rouge coco rose hand cream. I'm not a lover of rose scent in the least, it makes me feel really sick, but this I can about handle for how soft it makes your hands. €4.80 for a 20ml tube.

Next is the Philip B african shea butter gentle and conditioning shampoo. I'm really excited to try this, shampoo isn't something you normally receive and this one smells good from the sniff I gave it when I first opened the box. I hope it works wonders! €12 for a 60ml bottle.

So Susan Cosmetics water based pure luminizer was something I picked out of the box and let out a 'oohhh' noise while reading the side of it. The packaging is so eye catching and the fact that its a luminizer was even better! I can't wait to try this one out, I've never had anything like it before. This one is €25 for a 15g tube.

Lastly is the Sue Devitt silky blush which is a lovely shade that I can see myself using now that I've been given a few blushers for Christmas, I'm getting more adventurous! It's €14.50 for a 3g palette.