Tuesday 30 June 2015

New Wet'n'Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

Wet'n'wild has to be one of my utter most favourite make up brands out there. Daily I use their eye shadow palettes and mascaras, not to mention the lipsticks. (I'm also wearing their new mascara and eyebrow pencil in the photos below). So naturally when they  released some new things for summer I was over the moon. Below are eight of their new shades, but there are thirteen in total in the new collection, I'll list the other new ones in a minute. But for now, lets have a look all the lovely shades!

All these *Mega Last Lip Sticks are meant to last for a 4 hour wear and I really like that Wet'n'Wild don't make any crazy claims like some brands do about the hours of wear you get from something. I don't know one person out there who doesn't throw their lipstick in their bag to touch up throughout the day anyway, so why not just tell it as it is! These are meant to be a semi matte cream finish and for most of them they are just that. I'll go through them all now;

Doll House Pink: Really easy to apply and although its not something I would normally wear, I'll use it the odd time if I'm feeling brave with a bright lip!

Don't Blink Pink: This was also easy to apply but really hard to get off after. I had to scrub my lips more then I'd have liked. But a really nice shade that I'm throwing in my bag as its one I wouldn't need a mirror to apply. Even my mother has her eye on this one!

Pinkerbell: It doesn't show up well in the photo above, but this was by fair the brightest out of the lot. It was almost too creamy and was hard to get an even coverage on my lips. This is one I don't think I'll be wearing again, if not just because I'm too self aware to wear brights, then because it refused to sit evenly. It could however just be a dud one, so I might give another a go.

Wine Room: One of my favourites of the lot, I really like how this isn't red red, but its close. This is going to be perfect for the cooler months and I can't wait to get wearing it more.

Sand Storm: A proper 90s colour if I ever saw one! I want everyone to have one of these in their lipstick collections, its a fab shade! (please 'cuse the dreadful lip lines, my lips were in bits at that stage rubbing off lipsticks for ages!)

Mocha-licious: This pulled on my lips and wasn't as creamy as the others. One shade darker then Sand Storm but I don't think its for me. 

Ravin Rasin: I've nothing to say about this, other then it was made for me. I'm off to buy back ups, cos' I never want to run out of this shade.

Vamp It Up: I thought this was going to be love at first swatch, but man was I wrong. After wearing this the past few days, I have a new appreciation for those who wear black or extremely dark lipstick all the time. I couldn't apply it right and I do not have the patience to wear it without getting it in my hair, on my clothes and all over my cups. I'm so happy that colours like this are out there at such amazing prices for anyone that wants them, but I don't have the knack. Plus this emphasized how pale I am. 

The five colours that I've yet to pick up (but you just know I'm gona' hunt those babies down!) are 24 Carat Gold, Cherry Picking, In The Flesh, Purty-Persimmon and Spiked With Rum. You can pick them up in Penneys, Dunnes and selected pharmacys. 

Overall I think there are some feckin' amazing lovely easy to apply and creamy colours in this new range and there is really something for everyone. As I said above, I'm delighted that there are such dark colours in this collection for those who don't want to pay a fortune for not your run of the mill brighter and easier to find shades. For only €2.99 the perfect 90s colour has been found for me in Sand Storm and I know Wine Room and Ravin Rasin will be all I wear this Autumn and Winter. As always, Wet'n'Wild has done it again!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

Monday 29 June 2015

The Mary-Lou Manizer

Over the past few years I've really got madly on board with the whole contouring and highlighting thing. Sometimes I like the subtle but lets face it, most of the time I want all the cheekbones and all the shiny disco ball face. On my never ending mission to try out as many things to make my face look lively and shiny, I kept seeing the gorgeous Mary-Lou Manizer pop up wherever I went, but wasn't about to fork out €20 plus for a piece of The Balm brand. 

After months of looking at it online and seeing it on others, Cloud10 Beauty had a 15% sale on and Mary herself was included so I couldn't say no any longer. And its safe to say that I am one of the happiest and shiniest women in Ireland because of it. The hype over things can sometimes be more about the hype then the actual product itself, but after using this for almost a month now I can see that its justified. 

Coming in a lovely retro compact with a handy mirror, this is one of the most beautiful and finely milled highlighters I've ever used. You only need the slightest touch of product on your brush for a full look and I can see this lasting me forever, Its a gorgeous light shade that gives a lovely highlight without being over the top shiny (that is unless your someone like me who nearly rubs her face in the stuff!) Apart from highlighting cheekbones, I also like to use it under my eyebrow as a highlight and on the corners of my eyes to brighten them up. I think its great as an eye shadow too if your stuck for something to use, it really has a long list of uses. I think considering the price, its a really great multinational product and even if used daily, it will take such a long time to hit pan on. 

There is also a slightly more pink version of this called the Cindy-Lou Manizer that I was going to get, but wasn't sure if it would suit me as well. After trying out Mary-Lou, I would be more inclined to get the Cindy-Lou as well, purely based off the pigment and quality of this one. And not to mention that the packaging is always something I'll be suckered in by! The Balm is now firmly on my ragdar and I'll be looking to get more things from them in the future (my birthday is in September and I might decide to be good to myself!)

But for now I'm delighted that I finally got the Mary-Lou and I couldn't be happier with its results. If your in the market for a new or more high end highlighter, then I'd hands down recommend this one. 

Sunday 28 June 2015

Sexual Sunday: Who Are Pay Pigs?

I'm not about to put my hand on some book and say just because I talk and write about sex, do I know all there is to know on the subject. A perfect example of this is when I came across someone who claimed to be a paypig. Not having a notion what this term meant, I googled and then I decided to hunt some of them down and talk to them more about it. Under the umbrella term BDSM a paypig (also known as a human ATM as a lesser used term) is a submissive person who likes to be financially dominated. Like with all kinks, each person will get their own form of sexual gratification from it and a paypig simply wants a pretty guy or girl to take control of them through 'rinsing' or draining their bank accounts. Some like to meet face to face with the person who is taking their money so they can shop together. Others prefer to only do it from the safety of their computers. 

Like with some forms of being a submissive, they see themselves below those who are taking their money. Terms like Goddess, Queen and other high praise is paid, occasionally even Mistress. Any time money is given, its called a tribute. I asked one paypig if  he though it was a kink, if he himself was into BDSM and was he getting any sexual gratification from it responded with; 

Oh it is *certainly* a kink! I have little interest in traditional BDSM, no interest in whips and chains and the like, I'm not a male Anastasis Steele seeking a Female Mr. Grey! My big kink is humiliation and cuckoldry (i.e being used/buying things/being humiliated by women in relationships etc). I do derive sexual gratification from it but I *NEVER, EVER* bring this into the meetings with people, which I feel would be exploitative and unfair. Being used, having my bank account cleared, turns me on - but it's important to be a perfect gent when carrying the bags and not allow this to creep in. Nobody likes a creepy lad.

From doing some research over the past two months (yes, all those tweets asking for paypigs was not for my own financial benefit!) and talking to about 14 paypigs, I've found that paypigs and financial domination isn't really a widely practiced kink in Ireland. However in the UK and America its thriving and this can be most easily found on social media and twitter in particular. The hashtags #paypigs #finDom and #humiliation and so on are the most common ones used. Its lovely to see that people can explore their kinks safely and without the sometimes scary idea of having to meet in real life, however there are a few things I've noticed that haven't been very much on the positive side. And without bashing or judging I wanted to talk about them.

Now I think its safe to say that I'm not one to judge when it comes to anything sexual, kinky or otherwise, so long as it is safe, consensual and within the law. So when I say theres a lot of negative things I've noticed these past few months talking to and watching paypigs online, I don't mean it to stereotype all those who consider themselves paypigs or finDoms. The first and most worrying thing would have to be the ages of some of the girls who take money, talk to and post up 'sexy' photos of themselves on social media. Its a little scary to see adult men openly praise and worship them in a sexual way, even though its clear they aren't legal. Which brings me on to the finDoms themselves, or those who give themselves that title. Its very easy to take money from people when their giving it away for nothing, so why wouldn't the world and its wife not start using the title? I can understand the lure of it all, but being a Dom of any kind comes with truth and responsibility. When people abuse that type of power, it rubs me up the wrong way. (But all that lovely D/s stuff is for another time entirely!)

Keeping on the topic of those doing the taking, I can't help but see a lot of pictures of these girls (both over and under the age of consent) posting up photos that are somewhere from fully clothed to totally naked and it entices paypigs to give them money, which is fine. But for me, its edging along the lines of prostitution purely because theres money involved. One photo for me that was most disturbing was of an account being drained on screen while it was covered in come being sent to a clearly under age girl. She posted it to followers with pride and it soured the whole paypig idea for me a little. I could bang on about this entire concept for hours - and I do with my friends, I'm so sorry you guys have to put up with my constant sex talk! But like with any sex related or kink thing, there will always to pros and cons, those who practice well and safely and those who abuse it all. - Classic example, a Dom lurking about for new to the scene submissive girls.

And finally, bringing it back home to Ireland, I'm not seeing paypigs on the scene at all. The most promising I found in the form of a twitter account that ended up deleting his account after I talked to him for a while. This is common enough with paypigs, those who just like the idea of being financially dominated but not actually going through with the act. Talking about it and fantasising is enough for them. So, it doesn't seem to have hit Irish shores with a bang as far as I can see, but then again I could be totally wrong. I am of course talking about paypigs in the sense of this one submissive act and not that of a relationship where it is part of play among other things. For me, a paypig is just another kink in this big bag of kink and sex that we call home.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

L'oreal Hair Expertise Pure Colour

I go through a staggering amount of shampoo and conditioner in a month. I can't stand a day that goes by when I don't have shiny clean hair, even using dry shampoo for a full day makes me feel extra manky and I can't wait to throw myself under water in the evening. I tend to stick to the same brands like Aussie and Garnier, but I occasionally branch out when I'm feeling wild. The last trip to Boots was a little like that.

There was an offer on, as there always seems to be and I got happily sucked in by it. I've always wanted to try L'oreal shampoo but when other things are on offer for less, I tend to stay clear. Not this time though and I picked up the (purple of course) shiny Hair Expertise Pure Colour radiance enhancing system dazzling colour and volume shampoo and conditioner for flat, coloured hair. Why in the name of god products have to have names the length of today and tomorrow, I will never know. But thats the only time I'll be tying that out for this review! There are several other shampoos conditioners and treatments in this range, depending on your hair type or how soft, shiny, ect you'd like your hair. I'm always impressed by the overwhelming choice there is, just for your hair. But considering my hair is three different shades and very dyed, I went with the coloured option.

I wasn't expecting amazing results with these, as they were a little fancier and more expensive. A lot of the time, cheaper can be better. I have also noticed Fleur DeForce go on about them, so I wasn't sure if I subconsciously bought them because of that. I'll admit that I wasn't a massive fan of the scent, I'm a lover of floral and sweet smells, but these have rosemary and mint oil in them. It took some getting used to, but I've come to like it as the product is too good to not use just because of the smell. Both of them have no sulphates in them, which means they wont strip the colour from hair. I kept note of how my hair colour stayed after every wash and I never noticed any colour wash out during showers. Already a massive plus, as I had only recently used a lovely shampoo that managed to strip almost all of the purple out of my hair with just one use. I wasn't a happy bunny. 

Apart from them not touching my colour, one was by far better then the other. The shampoo was nice and did the job, but it didn't wow me. I'd get it again purely as I know it wont take my colour out. But the conditioner was the one that really stood out for me. It made my hair incredible soft and gave it a noticeable shine after use. I really loved using it and I'll be buying them both again, especailly for the conditioner. And the shiny purple packaging doesn't hurt either! I'd love to try out the other products from L'oreals Hair Expertise range, just to see what its like! These are currently €7.88 each, but there is a 3 for two offer on them at the moment in Boots.

Have you tried any of the L'oreal Hair Expertise Range?

Tuesday 16 June 2015

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

Back in April La Roche-Posay listened to the pleas for the Irish and put more of their products on our shelves. Seroinc was one of them and even the cats mother needed a bottle in their live. Naturally I picked one up and have been using it the past few months to really get a feel for it. And to sum it up before I even begin, I'm just not seeing what all the fuss is over.

Serozinc is a liquid toner solution of zinc sulphate and salt being some of the main ingredients. Its aimed at those who have oily and acne prone skin. Its also meant to tighten pores, be anti shine and anti grease without stripping or leaving your skin tight. You simply shake the bottle and spray it over your face evenly, while closing your eyes and thinking relaxing thoughts. The last two are optional, but you could burn your eyes or be extra stressed out. Just a few handy tips from your friendly neighbourhood Big Blonde Girl, you lucky devils!

I use this after I take off all my make up last thing in the evening or when I get out of the shower before putting on moisturiser or my make up and giving it a few minutes to dry in. It was refreshing to spray on and it does taste strongly of salt (don't judge, I dare you not to lick your lips too!) While I didn't have any reactions from it, I haven't seen any improvement in my skin and I am still getting the same amount of break outs, if not a little more then normal in the past two weeks or so. I've never felt that its stripped my skin, nor have I felt it tight after use but man have I had serious shiny face when I use it. Even after letting it dry or patting it in, I would feel like a traffic light if I knew I wasn't headed to bed or putting on make up over my face after. 

So, personally I haven't found any real benefits of using it apart from it being refreshing and something different to use as an extra toner. But for €10 I don't think its something I'll bother picking up again. - Side note, I've seen this in Boots for over €11 and also in some pharmacys for €12 and up. So make sure your not forking out loads for it if you do decide to try it out!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

April/May Favourites

As I'm sure some of you will have noticed I've been really crap the past month at getting posts out. Half due to no time with work and then half cos' I'm in a bit of a funk. Its the hardest thing to get back into once you've had some time away. But I'm going to try get my arse in gear for the rest of the month. (Don't go holding your breathe though, you know me!) For the first time in forever, I didn't do a monthly faves, so this month I'm combining the two together. 

First off has to be the bloody fab stuff that is Vo5 give me texture spray. This gives the perfect bit of somethin' somethin' to my hair and I find that I can go longer without having to use dry shampoo or the feeling of really needing to wash my hair. Plus, all that volume! I'd highly recommend picking this up if you have hair. I about my third bottle, best stuff.

Theres nothing like a nice body oil, but I've found it really hard to get one that doesn't go all over the place and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I picked up the Nivea firming body oil about two months ago and never went near it for some unknown reason. But last month when I ran out of shaving cream I tried this out and it worked really well. I've also been using it on my legs and arms to add a little mote moisture. I don't think theres much truth in the firming claims, but its a nice oil that goes on really easily, smells nice and sinks in well. If you were in the market for one, then this is half price in Boots at the moment for €4.49 if the mood struck you! - It does need a good shake first though.

New to me, but two beauts that have fast become my go to products are Revlons colour stay foundation for combination and oily skin and Maybellines eraser under eye concealer. I bought these both at the same time, on the hunt of something new to try out. I wasn't expecting anything much from either of them, but after almost daily use for two months and they are just finished. I can't get over the coverage and staying power of the foundation and will be buying it again asap. Its the perfect shade for my skin tone and although I haven't used many of Revlons products before, this alone would make me linger a lot longer at the stand in future. Really can't praise this enough.

The world and his wife have been going mad over the past few months for Maybellines eraser under eye concealer and because of the hype, it was really hard to come by in my shade. However I managed to nab one and its safe to say that the hype is justified. It covers blemishes (yes, I use it all over my face, sorry!) and dark circles, it brightens and stays put all day. And its so handy to use as your not getting make up all over your fingers. The one down side is that the applicator is a sponge so if your any way afraid of the buld up of bacteria on your sponges and make up brushes this will freak you out. I managed to clean it a few times, but I did end up breaking off a piece by accident. This wouldn't deter me from picking it up again however. Utter gems!

The new love of my lip lip wise is Sleeks Exxxagerate. Its a beautiful deep matte purple that is to die for. I've been wearing this all month and at the rate I'm going, I'll need another one soon. I don't think that Sleek lipsticks get enough love and considering their pigmentation, gorgeous packaging and range of shades, its crazy theres not more lovin'. Plus €6.49 for a lipstick? Where else would you get that kind of bargain. 

Lastly I've been slapping on a hella lot of La Roche Posay targeted break out corrector the past while. I break out when I'm under stress and the past month and a half has not been a pretty site. I think this works well if you have a few small breakouts that are past the worst point. I wouldn't be using this on a load that are brand new painful ones, but its good with small ones as its gentle and theres no strong smell from the product either. 

What have been some of your favourites over the past two months?

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Not So Essentials Boots Haul

I went to Boots about three weeks ago for eye makeup remover and I naturally went a little mad. I haven't had a good look around a Boots in the longest time (well over a month - a lifetime for me!) and when I'm in Liffey Valley that has one of the biggest shops, I love to have a proper spend on a few bits. I always feel like that have the best deals with the best selection of things.

First I got some L'oreal pure colour shampoo and conditioners. Being honest these were a little more expensive then my regular always-on-offer Garnier, but I've watch Fleur talk about the brand so often on her channel that I decided to try them. Normally both €7.99, they were on offer for €3.99 each. I'l totally be putting up a post about these in the next few days. 

The Dove leave in conditioner was grabbed on a whim, but I'm so glad I did get it. Normally €4.99 it was down to €2.49 and I definitely think it gives Aussie a run for its money. If your an Aussie lover like myself but see this on offer, do pick it up. It does the job just as well, smells like Doves lovely shampoo and also has a much better spray disperse then Aussie which kind of squirts a load of product on one piece of hair.

I'll admit that I go through make up removing products like no ones business, I just have to make sure that I remove everything. And lets face it, I do cake on a lot of make up. I got my regular Garnier eye make up remover (which I'm almost all out of again) for €2.99 - its always on offer though, but sometimes it can be €4.49. I might have a look out for an eye make up remover thats in a bigger bottle. No point in having a tiny bottle with all the mascara and eyeliner I wear!

Botanics is a lovely brand that I do use when I'm feeling like a treat, but it can take ages to be on offer at times! Garniers micellar water is the best value for money hands down, but I thought I'd pick up Bontanics that was €6.49 down to €3.24 to try out and also the cream cleanser, €5.99 down to €2.99, as I was running out. To be honest I don't think both are anything special, especially the cleanser. I think Ziaja do a much better one for less then €4.99. 

The V05 give me texture spray was a repurchase and its the best thing since sliced bread. It was also on offer from €5.09 down to €3.81 so I couldn't not be happy with that. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who wants to jazz up their hair a bit, but doesn't want to spend ages curling it or putting loads of styling products in. I haven't noticed that white layer on my hair after using it, like some dry shampoos can have. It smells great too. 

I didn't really need to get a hair spray, but the Tresemme salon finish extra hold was on offer from €4.09 to €2.72 so I got it. Have to say that I'm not at all impressed with it though, I don't think it has an amazing hold at all and I have gone back to using my Aussie hair spray instead as it holds the aul curls much longer. Not one I'd recommend picking up if your looking for heavy duty hold.

So Seventeen had a buy one get one half price on. And I think by now we can all agree that I'm a big fan of the brand. I was in need of a new pressed base €5.09 and I've used this one lots before so I got it - since then I have drunkenly broken it after I grabbed my clutch while it was open. So so sad. I got a repurchase of my much loved stay time foundation €8.19 and then a random spend of their flawless poreless primer that was €7.59 which I'm enjoying so much. I've come to the end of my favourite contour kit by Sleek and decided as the offer was on  I would get the offering from Seventeen which was €7.59. I'll be doing a post about it in the near future as well.

Lastly I picked up a lipstick from Sleek in Exaggerate. It the most beautiful matte deep purple and I couldn't love it more. I've been wearing it non stop since getting it and its that loved that I will be picking up another one in a month or two if I keep using it at the same rate. It was only €5.99 which I think is great value for what you get.