Thursday 28 May 2015

Vidal Sassoon VS Salonist Hair Colour

I've been reluctant to dye my hair for the longest time as I'm letting it grow out to its natural colour, but after months (and months) of not touching my roots or the extremely white blonde part of my hair, it was time for a change in the form of *VS Sasson Salonist. Now that its come round to the summer months, my roots look almost brown when compared to my white blonde bits, so I thought it would be great to brighten my roots while toning down the blonde. A perfect balance, if you will. 

The VS sasson salonist claims to be different to any other dye thats out on the market at the moment by being a two step product, treating the roots and then lengths separately. Just like the salons do. I was quite impressed with the idea and even more impressed when I opened the boxes to find that it came with lots of bits, including a mixing tub and brush applicator. I've gone through all sorts of home dye kits over the years and this is by far the most impressive, contents wise.

Now I've no greys thanks be to jasus, but I was looking to brighten up my hair from the roots. The process is really easy. Your meant to put in the colour activating lotion and the rich colour cream, then mix them together, You apply that to the roots of your hair and then leave about one third of it over. With the remaining third you add in the serum and use it on the lengths of your hair. Then wash it all out and use the lovely conditioner to help give your hair extra shine.

One box did me, as I was lucky that I was only doing half my hair as I like to have pink or purple in the ends. But If you have anything past shoulder length, you will need two boxes - like most hair dye kits. Personally I'd use about three of these as my hair is down to my waist.  

Considering I only wanted to lighten my roots and darken my white blonde bits, I watered it down a tad by putting in the conditioner as well. This always works a treat for a lighter look, especially if your looking to do a pastel shade in your hair but need to lighten it before hand. - Handy tip of the day there!  It was really easy to mix up and the instructions were simple to follow. I have come across dyes that have really hard to follow or no instructions before, so its always nice to point it out when you find good ones! 

Now below is a dreadful few photos. One is my manky day old hair. Its my natural shade, but its a bit dull and meh. I used the 8/3 on this and then the 8/0 on the mid lengths. As you can see below, I got totally new locks within half an hour. Would you look at that posy smile!! #SorryNotSorry

For the benefit of light, I took one photo inside after I dyed my hair and then one outside so you can really see the difference. I'm really delighted with how it turned out, especially the roots. I think the serum worked wonders to blend my colour into the whiter blonde thats now a slighted darker tone. And lads, would you look just look at that shine! (if I do say so myself!) I've done nothing but touch myself since the dye, its so soft. - If you see me out and about in the next few days, do have a feel, it'll amaze you how softy soft my hair is. 

Overall, it was simple to use, it gave me results that were 10 times better then I thought it would turn out and it didn't smell too overpoweringly hair dye like. Also it was much easier to use then other dyes I've tried because of the handy little mix tub and brush. (I'm totally keeping one to reuse with my purple dye). So, if your thinking of dying your hair, then I'd recommend having a look at the huge range of different colours to choose from in the VS Sassoon Salonist line. Even better that their on offer in Boots at the moment for only €11.49. It would be rude not to. And if your still stuck, their site over here will give you tutorials on how to apply it. Sure what more could you want?

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Empties #10

I'm like a broken record saying I must do these more often and not have such a pile to talk about, but I have a box under my bed so I don't notice it getting full. And I'm also in denial about how much I spend and use so it doesn't help. But none the less, these posts always give a good indication of the things I really love and will get again. Especially when they pop up in every single feckin empties I do - sorry about that!

First I have the massive pile above of hair stuff. I wash my hair daily so I tend to get a big pile of shampoos and conditioners in no time. Favourites of mine are the Ultimate Blends in this brown and also in the red (which I currently have in the shower at the moment). Normally my hair loves this sleek restore duo, but this time I found I was switching up different products to give my hair a little break. I found it to weigh my hair down and it was annoying to be fecking around with. Would totally pick these up again though. Same goes for one of my all time favoruite brands, Aussie. I've nothing to say about them, as they can do no wrong in my eyes.

Blousey was a 50% off christmas sale buy in Lush. I really liked this and would love to have it again, but for the crazy price of €20 I doubt I'd get it a second time. I loved the smell of this and it did leave my hair so soft. Why you so expensive Lush!? My two regular dry shampoos are bought all the time to give some extra oomph in the mornings, but I have been switching dry shampoos a lot in the last while. I might do a quick post/Instagram photo with some info on it.

Lastly in this pile is the Ziaja shampoo that I just did a post on, so I wont go repeating myself! But if I find it in the shops, I'll be picking it up again. Such a big bottle too, it lasted ages!

More Ziaja stuff.. Its hard to deny that I really love the brand! These cocoa butter shower scrubs are amazing and if you see them, don't hesitate to buy them! (then tweet me where you found them!) I've actually asked my local chemist to please put in an order of them and stock them. They are so cheap and work so well, its no shock to say I prefer them to any S&G scrubs! Theres also the lovely Olive Leaf cleansing oil that I used in the shower. This isn't a must have product, but if you like a bit of extra spoiling yourself, then I'd recommend it. It always left my skin lovely and soft, not to mention a gorgeous scent that lasted a good while after.

Aussie no rush shower gel was lovely to try and if it was on special offer in Boots I would pick it up, but theres a lot of others that I would reach for instead of it. I was dying to try out all the scents though! And lastly theres the two Soap&Glory sugar crush body scrub and orangasm body wash. The scrub as I said earlier isn't as good as my new Ziaja love, but it was nice all the same. If I never had something else to compare it to, it would still be my favourite. And as for the shower gel, it can do no wrong, That scent needs to be in everything. Mmm.

Random essencials now. If you hadn't guessed it, Impulse hint of musk is my all time fav - and you can get it in Dealz too! Major stocking up did happen! Also over the past few months I've been getting really in to roll ons. I don't think they are as good for protection as deodorant sprays, but they don't stain, don't effect my asthma and don't clog up a room. So I don't mind having to apply them a little more often. 

I'm not sure whats been happening over the last month or so, but all my skin care went at the one time and I seem to be flying through it. I think its because I'm now wearing a lot of make up daily and in the evening I love to spend a good 20/30 minutes taking it all off and giving my skin a seriously good clean. Ziaja is again making an appearance here, can't get enough of it! The cleansing milk is easily a Boiderma dupe and so is the micellar water. I've not bought the cleansing milk again as I've been using my No7 cleansing lotion, but I've gone though about 5 of the micellar waters - I love them! Also my all time fav face scrub is from Ziaja, I honestly freak if I've run out of this stuff. (Yes, yes I did cry outside the chemist one evening in town when I went to buy it after not having it for 3 weeks and the place had closed for the night. Not a proud moment. But a very much sleep deprived one.)

When I can't get my hands on the Ziaja water, I use the Garnier one and its still quite good. If you were going on price alone then its better value for money. Also I'm beginning to use a eye make up remover again over the past few weeks as my eye makeup has been very heavy. I love the Garnier one and have just this week bought another to keep up the stock!

Waxpert pads are a big love of mine and although I can sometimes forget about them, they always make such a noticeable difference when I do start using them again. I'm going to be getting another pot when I place my next order on Cloud10. Lastly is a random little mask that I added in. I used it so long ago that I've forgotten why I didn't really like it. I think I thought if I put it in then I'd remember but nope, its not coming to me. So do ignore it!

And finally a selection of used up body creams that I've had for ages and used up. I think they are all grand but I'm not sure if I'll be buying any of them again for a while as it got to be a bit of a chore trying to finish them. Don't you just hate when that happens!!

Theres a Seventeen foundation, as normal in these posts! my all time favourite one for colour and some serious heavy coverage. I'm a little oily so I do touch up a little during the day, but I wouldn't hold it against the foundation itself. I think this is about my 7th or 8th. Just bought another two this week as well. Clearly, I have a problem! Same goes for the Wet'n'Wild powder, I really love it and will be picking it up when I'm next in Penneys. Currently I'm trying to finish off the many half used powders I have stilling around the place.

Lastly two very random ones. A Nima brush that I've loved for so long, but finally have to say goodbye to and a Beverly Hills toothpaste. I got the toothpaste at the beauty show and can safely say I don't think it does any of what it claims. I was going to write a ranty post about it, but its only toothpaste after all. Wont be buying it again though, purely because its claims are full of shit.

Man, that was a really long post, fair play if you read to the end you little rockets! :D

Sunday 10 May 2015

Sexual Sunday: I Am Not A Unicorn

Over the past couple of months I have noticed a steady stream of traffic to my blog for my sex based posts. And although it is the most wonderful thing to see (thank you peoples!) it does sometimes mean that I get a few less then wholesome people, who think that just because they are online and therefore anon, they can say and do what they like without consequence (or so they think.) Some do genuinely think that all their birthdays have come at once when they find a girl who not only openly talks about sex, but also shows her face and puts her full name to the words. So this, lads and lassies, is not only going to be a post, but you will also see it labelled as 'Sex FAQs' at the very top of my blog, so I can easily direct those who feel obliged to drop me a few dirty lines.

Are you really real?
As you live and breathe. Honest to god, I couldn't be more real if I tried.

Are you the only sex blogger in Ireland?
As of writing this, I am not aware of anyone else like myself in Ireland. And there are no 'anon' sex bloggers in Ireland either. This is something that personally makes me a little upset. People need to start talking and blogging about sex more! Lets get the conversation going and quit the tight lipped, religious stereotype that Irish people still carry. However if you have a quick look, there are lots of sex bloggers in the rest of the world.

Are you straight and what is your (born with) gender?
I identify as bisexual and am a female.

Will you have sex with me?
No. As lovely as I'm sure the offer is, I wont be having sex with you.

But, you blog about sex on the internet! You must not really mean what you talk about.
Yes, I do  blog about sex on the internet. But that does not mean I am a free for all, to have you say and do the things you might want to. Please respect that I am a person who is not only known for writing about sex. I write about beauty 99.9% of the time, as I do have other interests too. I genuinely enjoy what I talk about and I love to get the conversation going, educate and maybe spark an interest in something new for those who read my posts.

You are clearly asking for it, you slut.
I'm not even asking to read my blog, nor do I insist or demand that you tweet/message/email me abuse. The base for everything I write about is consent and being safe. If you can't look past the 'dirty' stuff to be able to see that, then you might want to have a chat with yourself. Nor am I doing it to spite anyone who might be religious, as so many of you comment. People can get this sort of information all over the interwebs, I promise I'm not the only one 'polluting the minds of the young'.

I need your advice on XYZ.
I wholeheartedly love every single (nice) thing that is sent to me and I will try to make a point of responding to everyone. But I also work 9-5 and do lots of other things outside of blogging, so if it takes me a while to reply I do apologise. Other then that, the major thing I am always telling people is that I am in no way qualified to give advice. For some of you, I will suggest that you visit a GP or counselor. For the rest, I always suggest keeping the lines of communication open with your partner and having an open mind with everything you do. You only live once, don't be the one to restrict yourself!

You are so intriguing/I've never met a girl like you before/You are fascinating/Why did you start to talk about this stuff online, your a girl after all!
  Without sounding like a bitch, get in line with the rest of them. I hear that all day, everyday and I can promise you that you are wasting your time. Flirting and flattering will not get you into my bed. I am not a unicorn (although I now know how they must feel) I am just an average girl who likes to talk more about what the media and society feeds off of and throws at you every waking hour, whether or not you want it. There is nothing more satisfying then interviewing people, exploring new things and doing research for potential posts. Its totally different to beauty blogging or anything else in my life and I love it. The best part is that you can then choose to read it, or continue onto a beauty post instead. 

What will you do next?
Whatever happens to take my fancy I guess! I am always happy to take requests.

Do you work with PRs for your sex posts?
Yes indeed! I have done lots of posts in the past that have been sponsored or that I have been given things/services to review. All are marked with an * and more can be read about it in my disclaimer section. Anything that I am sent or service I'm asked to review, will always be 100% my own opinion and I will never give a 'good' review just because I didn't pay for it.  

You say a lot of dirty stuff /Only talk to guys on social media.
I say a lot of dirty stuff IRL too. The way I talk and act on social media is in no way different then if I was talking to my mother or someone in Tesco. Although I do have a serious side and can be professional when its called for, I don't see social media as a place to limit myself. I am who I am, sorry!
Yes, I do talk to a lot of guys on social media. Some are friends and then others are just passers by who might read my blog. I do however talk to way more female friends through texting, IRL and lot of Facebook group chats. People just don't see that. I have no preference for what gender I talk to, nor do I make am effort to only talk to men.

Have you slept with a lot of people? How many!
Yes. And its really none of your business until I decide to maybe tackle that in a future post.

I bet you have the best life, having sex and writing about it!
That might look like the case, but I don't actually write about having sex, or sex in a erotica way. When I write, theres normally hours of practical work, research and editing gone into a simple Sunday post. Not only that, but dealing with the abuse I get online can be hard. Also writing about personal things (like my 'I'd like to get married, please' post or my post on rape) can be draining and upsetting. However I write because I love it and if it was easy, everyone would do it! So think before you tell me I've the best of anything ;)

Do feel free to check back now and again on this post, I have a feeling I'll be adding to it when I get asked more questions in the future!

Monday 4 May 2015

Sexual Sunday: I'd Like To Get Married, Please

After a hiatus of two weeks, it seems like its only right to start again with a Sunday post (yes, I'm aware this is technically posted on a Monday, but for some reason it didn't publish on Sunday. Feckin thing!) You know the drift by now, I'm a beauty blogger week days, but come the weekend I blog on Sundays about all things sex and sex related. So lets feed that need and talk about #SexualSunday things.

We are now officially into May, one more month until were at the half way point in the year. Normally May brings sun, showers, friends birthdays and the beginning of breaks for some students, but May 2015 is like no other. This May, the 22nd to be precise, Irish people are going to be voting on one of the most important decisions in many peoples lives; the right for everyone to get married. That means gay and lesbian people - the entire GLBT community can, if they wish, get married to their partner. I'm not here to beg or plead, I'm just here to let my feelings on the topic be heard. Under normal topics up for debate, I like to hear both sides. But when its a human rights and equality issue, an issue that not only effects me personally but the entire country, I don't tend to listen to the 'no' side that much. 

The simple question is, do we as a nation want everyone to be equal? Or do we want to continue to have those living in Ireland that are gay and lesbian to be seen as second class citizens. Personally, when I'm driving home from work and I see 30 or 40 'no' posters in succession, it makes me sad to think that people, who I might have even talked to on the phone earlier that day, tell me that I don't have the right to get married if I wish. Even people who I thought were my loved ones and friends are no longer as they will be voting no this May. I have studied youth work, volunteered with Scouting Ireland, volunteered in nursing homes and so much more. Am I less of a person because I am a bisexual woman who might love another woman? Are my efforts less valid and should your children, mothers, fathers, friends and others be taken out of my care because who I choose to love in my personal life is currently still seen as wrong to many?

Today thousands of children live with their parents who are same sex couples. None of them are less loved or cared for then those of opposite gender couples and parents. It enrages me to hear those on the 'no' side saying that the traditional family is the only type of family. I was raised by my mother, my father didn't have much input. So, as someone who was raised by a single parent I can say that it was still a family and I was very much loved (and I turned out alright, if you can overlook the sex blogging and that!). There is no such thing as a traditional family. No such thing.

And as my granny only said to me today (who is by the way, 86 and one of the greatest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting) What harm is it doing anyone? People just want to get married and be as happy as the next couple. All this talk of keeping marriage a good pure thing, sure theres divorces every single day now. There are same sex couples together for decades, just not able to marry. Its not right.

I could go on about this for hours, but I wont. All I'll say is, come the 22nd of May, you have the power to choose if I and many others in Ireland get the chance to be married to someone they love. So please go out and vote, this is a potential life changing day for your friends, your family, your neighbours and those you might not even know yet.

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