Saturday 6 February 2016

New From Sleek: LipVIP Semi Mate Lipsticks

I'm  a huge fan of Sleek, especially their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. I don't think a week goes by (when I'm wearing make up that is!) that I don't reach for one of those beauties. Another thing that I carry in my hand bag as a stable is their True Colour Lipstick in a daring purple shade called Mystic. But thats not listing all my favourites. Basically what I'm saying is me and Sleek are very good friends. So when I heard the affordable brand was launching new Lip VIP semi matte lipsticks, I naturally decided it was best to try get my hands on every shade!

Priced at €7.49 each, they come in six shades from a pinky nude (pictured), to a gorgeous red and even an orange (pictured). Apart from the small range of colours - which I hope they bring out more of in the future, I'm not a massive fan of the packaging. Its only something small as I really like the product itself, but I feel like it looks very cheap and can't help think of Penneys own brand of lipstick when I see them. Normally Sleek products are an understated but lovely black matte, which works well for the palettes, but I'm not a lover of these. Personally, I think their older lipsticks are much more visually appealing, 

But thats just me nit picking over them. The important thing is, do they do the job. Pictured above is the nude 'Private Booth'* and the orange 'Flaunt It'*. The entire range are wearable shades, for everyday use but they do come out different on the lips then I first thought they would from looking at the bullet. With vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil, they glide on smoothly and are extremely pigmented without needing to apply a lot of product.

 That said, I'm not sure if I would consider them semi matte as they don't really dry at all and sit more like a regular moisturising lipstick. But considering I have less then perfect lips, I don't see how this could be a bad thing! Those of you who have tried wearing fully matte lipsticks while you have chapped or rough lips will know what I'm preaching here!

Overall, a bit of a bargain if you want something that wont open in your handbag (tired and tested!) and like more pinky colours of lipstick. And of course that you can put on easily without a mirror if your on the go as they glide on so well. I've yet to find them in Boots, but you can pick them all up on Sleeks own site. 

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.