Sunday 30 March 2014

March Powder Pocket

Were back again and all of a sudden March is nearly over. Where are the months going, I'm going to blink and it will be the middle of the Summer next. This is my 3rd month with Powder Pocket and I have to say, the most disappointing one I've gotten so far. Now don't get me wrong, its still a pretty fab box but I'm just getting pissy cos' I saw the Chic Treat Club box and now my middle name is jealousy! 

This months box theme is very 'Spring clean' your skin! And what better way to bring in a bit of Spring time feel then with gorgous baby pink tissue paper and a fab cover of their mini mag. This months box is so girly and I'm lovin' their packaging as normal. I also want the flower crown that girl has on the front mags cover, thanks I'll be waiting by the door for the postman ;)

Although it was at the bottom of the box, the packet of Water Wipes caught my eye first. They are also in this months Chic Treat Box so I was a little excited to get to try them out. I used to be a massive face wipe fan but then I caught onto the wonders of taking the time to cleanse and tone my face. I will try these out and report back if they are any good or just fit for a quick wipe of the hands. They are an Irish brand which surprised me as I've never seen them before. These are the sensitive make up remover ones that are €3.49 and can be got in places like Tesco.

In the first Powder Pocket box I got, there was a sample of a Ginvera product, so I was surprised to see another this month. Ginvera BB cream is something I'm looking forward to using as I've tried to stay clear of the BB and CC creams up until last month. Sure why not join the craze? A full size of this is €21 for 25ml.
Now heres where it starts going a bit down hill. A sample of Ghost Ghost the fragrance was not something I was happy to see in my box. You can go into any chemist or Boots and ask for one of these for free. As it happens I already own a full size of this and like it but I'm not impressed that Powder Pocket tried to flog this off as one of their products in the box this month. If it becomes a habit I might try my luck with Chic Treat Club instead as their boxes look amazing. A full size perfume is €34 for 30ml. 

Hmmm, Lavera 2 in 1 hair and body wash. Right, well I can't say anything thats a 2 in 1 for face and body is something I trust. I might use it as a body wash but its not going near my hair. I want to go and look this up to see whats in it and then see if any bloggers have reviews of it before I go to the shower with it. Bit ifie. You can get this for €6.42 for a 200ml bottle.

Lastly I got a Shiseido perfect rouge lipstick. It was such a lovely treat in last months box to be lucky enough to get a product from this brand but the repetition of the same brands is a little annoying. Don't get me wrong, I'm still delighted to get a full size product worth €27 in the shops. I am bit jealous of subscribers who got a red lipstick though, as I'm not sure if I will use this colour. 

I know some of you will think I'm splitting hairs with some of the negative comments at this months box but I feel I'm allowed give out a bit when I'm forking over my few bob every month and hoping for some fancy treat samples (that I can't get for free in the shops might I just add!) 

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and also happy mothers day to you all!  

Friday 28 March 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Beauty Bloggers

I'll admit, I'm a little sad that this has come to an end. There is always such a great buzz on Twitter on a Thursday night with all the bloggers putting up their posts and reading each others. What an extra fun little bit it has added to the community and I know its helped me to not only find new blogs to read but new people to chat to online too. So for that I'd like to say a great big thank you to Sam from AllTheBuzz for hosting this challenge and giving me the opportunity to share/find some new beauty jems!

I'm a fan of doing posts on my favourite blogs that I love so this week I'm all over it and set to go! Let me just say that 99.99% of my time online is spent reading blogs that I truly love and adore, but I read so many that I can't fit them all here! So if you aren't listed on here, fear not I still love you lots! If your not feeling it feel free to give out to me via twitter ;) x

Lovely Girlie Bits: Ah jasus, where do I start. These two ladies are totally gas and I love how down to earth and just plain feckin' normal they are! The pictures on this blog are to die for, jealousy alert! And I also watch their youtube vidoes like there a religion. Go on, if you don't already know these girls you need to get crackin'!

All The Buzz: Sam? Where you you begin to explain about a lady like her? Not only is she one of the nicest people I have ever come across, but one of the best bloggers I know. Hers was the first blogger event I ever attended and since then I've had a firm girl crush. I mean, a beauty, a blogger, funny AND Scottish? Heads up though people, you need to read her reviews with caution, you will want to buy stuff after. 

Robyn Rants And Raves: Robyns just gas craic. I met her a a blogger meet up after stalking her cat photos on Twitter and realising she was an all round fab girly. I love her new blog postings, especially her nail art posts and her Waffle Wednesdays! Go, read, love.

Nurse Fancy Pants: Ugh this lady! Shes purtty, writes amazing reviews on books and beauty products and just makes me want to read/buy everything she has. She also has a beautiful brand spankin new blog look (jealous here) And to top it all off shes a real nurse too! What more could you ask for in a blogger? A hand in marriage? No sorry, I tried that, shes married. (boo) 

The Beautiful Truth: I'll admit that at first glance I thought Sinead was going to be far too fancy and posh for me to talk to, I mean have you seen her blog? Holy god, you go to drool, make wish lists and occasionally shake your fist at the computer screen at the beauty of it all. But after meeting her at an event I now want her to come home with me forever. Shes so down to earth, funny and has great boobs. Go look at her oh so fab written blog, I dare ya!

Makeup Monster: Can't even.. I love her photos, I love her wide range of topics and her collection of make up is amazing. Also, just that she really tells it how it is and theres a few total jem posts for us bloggers dotted throughout the aul blog. This lady is on my list of lovely women to meet. I'm in love! 

GlitterMamaWishes: Yaz is the sexiest mammy I know. She does such deadly down to earth posts and I love her life style ones as well as her beauty ones. Major excitement for me when she had GlitterBaba and I think she has the best shiniest hair I've ever come across. Another lady I wanna bring home, ha!

Ugh theres just so many great bloggers that I love to read. I'm going to start doing my blogs I love # again soon and keep the blog love going! But for now, I'm off to feel sorry for myself as its the end of an amazing blogger challenge. Keep up to date with the hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge xxx

Thursday 27 March 2014

The Sexy Faces Revealed: Cleanse Off Mitt

I know, this post should come with a warning as my no make up covered face is a fright and a half. But on the bright side you have now got a sneak peak of my Halloween look book for that night! Anyway, stop all this messin' and come here till I tell you about the latest thing to come out of Ireland. Its called the Cleanse Off Mitt and you should have one. Or three. 

What the hell is it woman your shouting at the computer? Well I'll tell you, its a cloth yoke you stick on your hand, hence the mitt part, wet it with warm water and then you go to town on your face with it. It takes off all your make up. Thats right, you don't need glasses, it takes off all your make up without the need for make up removers, creams or face wipes. Think I'm crazy? Look above at the photos. Apart from the obvious gas selfies, I'm only mad in the scene of sharing a skin care secret like this one with the internet. 

I ordered my mitt from Cloud10Beauty for €3.50, what a bargain! I had seen many a blog review of this lad and  thought they were all mad to be honest. How in the name of god could a little cloth mitt get off all your make up without a cleaner or something to help? But me oh my they were right and I'm sorry I ever doubted anyone! The first time I used it, it was by chance as I had to get make up off my face asap when it reacted with my skin and was burning. I even tweeted the photos above (yes, in the bath. Don't try tell me you don't tweet in the bath too!) as soon as I had all my make up off, I was that impressed with it. And to top it off, all you have to do to get the make up stains off it is rub it in some soap and taa dahh! Back to looking brand new. I threw it in the wash after using it and cleaning it like that for a week and it came out perfect. 

Now don't get me wrong, it isn't a honeymoon phase I'm in here, I did give it a good work out. Heavy foundation and contouring, some serious waterproof black eye makeup and even just for taking off face masks. If I'm heavy on the makeup I will soap it up and wash off the stains a few times but other then that and the odd bit of extra scrubbing for stubborn mascara this little mitt has proved itself and I will be getting more once this is warn out. What more could I ask then being surprised by a product that works and bonus points that its an Irish brand! Everyone and their mammies wants one in my house. When are you getting yours?

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Get Thee To The Cosmetic Outlet!

I heard about the Cosmetic Outlet all the way back last year when I went to Sam's bloggers Dublin Meet Up as they sponsored some prizes and gave everyone goodie bags, the dolls! Since then I regularly drool over my news feed on Facebook looking at all the great things they have in stock. I have said time and time again that I will visit the shop but something has always come up. Not yesterday though, no sir. I hopped off the bus and headed straight to Meath St. (with the help of Google maps) Holy god I didn't realise what I had been missing. I originally went with the intentions of getting a w7 In The Buff palette (€10) as they are meant to be close dupes of the Naked 2 palette. Look below at the colours, isn't it just lovely?  

But what I didn't bank on was the owner of the shop, Paul, being such a gas fella and having so much more in his shop (that I drooled over) then I had first thought. So naturally I got a few more things and even some Mothers Day bits as it would have been rude not to with those prices! Have a look below and then wipe the drool off your mouth. I know right, uber pretty? I got the blue one (€10) for my granny for Mothers Day - she is going to go wild when I give it to her, she loves her glam jewelry. I might have also picked up a pink chunky necklace (€15) for myself, I couldn't help it. I nearly purred - yes purred, over the collection of different necklaces Paul had to offer and I know for a fact that I'll be going back to get another statement piece. (It's got wings on it and a mask like face. Oh mammy its divine.)

As I was chatting away I mentioned I'd pick up some things for the mammy and granny. Paul very kindly made up two Mothers Day gift bags for me and put all the things I got for them into it. Aren't they really lovely? Bows, dotted cellophane and cute bags! You can get these already made up with loads of different things to choose from inside. Have a look at the photos below to see some of them. Or you can have your pick if you go onto The Cosmetic Outlet Facebook page. They start at €10 which really are a bargain - and we all know how much I love a bargain!

I also got YesTo products that are stupidly hard to find in shops in Ireland. But they were on offer 3 for €10. How could I say no to that? I picked up a L'oreal collagen re-plumping cream and MaxFactor mascara for the mammy and a mens Burt gift set for a birthday present. Its not just ladies products they had to offer as I roamed the shelves, there is a wide range of mens products too. 

 If that wasn't enough, Paul kindly gave me his new Madison brushes to try out (I felt them in the shop, they are so soft! I can't wait to give them a go and write up a review) and also some w7 products since I came in for the w7 eye shadow palette. I doubt you'll see me come out of the house this side of Christmas with all the things I have to play with now! 

I can safely say I will be going back to the Cosmetic Outlet again soon as I have my eye on a few more things (in the region of €70, so I'll bring the fella along too. Just to carry the bags, honest..) One of the jems I'm drooling over is the pink handbag below, it just screams take me home. I can't get over the range of products they stock like Vichy, GreenAngel, Cocoa Brown, Shiseido and more. Not to mention how friendly and helpful the staff are. Oh and the next to nothing prices, thats a definite winner in my books! 

So go on now, get thee to the Cosmetic Outlet and tell them I sent you!

Saturday 22 March 2014

I Love Your Knickers! Penneys Haul

I seem to be flaunting my knickers on the internet a lot, but when they look so cute and are for next to nothing, can you really blame a girl for wanting to share? As you can see, I went to Penneys and did a bit of damage. But oh god, would you look at what I got!

Pair 'o' shorts, only €7 you can't go wrong! I think shorts are my trademark by now, as some of you will know that I don't own any jeans. Its mad and I'm sure I'll come back round to them but for nearly 2 years I've been jeanless and loving it. I also picked up a star dust SuperMan tshirt for €8. A bit pricey for Penneys but I couldn't leave it, I love comic heros too much. And because I knew I'd be testing out different fake tans that I was kindly given, I picked up a tanning mitt for €3. Holy god those yokes are expensive! Or it could be cheap, I've never bought one before. 

Knickers, knickers, knickers! All €2 each, jems. And that lovely pink and white heart covered bra? Only €3. You would want to get one size up from what you normally are to avoid spillage, cos ladies who likes a boob to pop out when you bend down in a busy street to tie your shoe lace?* Not me. 

*Yes, yes this did happen. And yes, I was wearing a low cut top. The memories -shudders-

Lastly I was in need of something to hold all my clothes that needed to be washed. €4 and I got a gorgeous light blue floral pop up storage bin. It has handles and a pocket in the front for added bonus points. The little bag it came in is so handy for holding clothes pegs or even as a emergency shower bag. 

Thats all from me for now, hope everyones having a great weekend and not having too much knicker envy! 

Friday 21 March 2014

The Foundation You Really Don't Want

When I was at the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS the other week I picked up Royal Effem time defense foundation in shade 850 thinking that I might find a new make up brand that I like and it was on offer for €5 no less, happy days you can't go wrong with that. Now you couldn't open the jars and there weren't any testers out so I gave my best guess and off I went with it in a shiny bag of new things. (Who doesn't love a shiny bag of new things!?) But I was away with the fairys it seems and it wasn't until I got home and started to slap this goo on my face did I realise my horrible mistake.

I have one reaction that sums up the entire post, the no no cat:

I know, its bad if Cat is pulling out the Cats of YouTube to do her explaining for her. I honestly thought of that cat the minute I put this stuff on my face. Let me explain the no no reaction. First off, its not the easiest bottle in the world to use, it has a spatula-like thing inside so you can scoop it out, sexy. I have photos below with both the camera flash on and off so you can see the difference just in case your interested in it! However I'll say one good thing about it, it does look fancy in its little bottle and a blogger friend pointed out that its not unlike Mac foundation bottles.

Next is the smell. I have the loveliest great aunt, she is very elderly at this stage and like all lovely little old ladies she has a particular smell. Its a mixture of over powering old perfume and well, old person smell? I know, I'm a total bitch for saying that but when I smelt this she was the first thing that came to mind - apart from no no cat of course. This has the strongest scent I have ever smelt in a foundation or even in a make up product in general. I can't describe to you how horrible and off putting it is to have to put on your face.  A mixture of make up smell - kind of powdery and something else? with strong a floral scent and something else I just can't put my finger on. 

Then comes actually having to put it on your face after you get over the shock of the overwhelming smell. I expected it to be a little light on my skin tone, as I hadn't tested it and it looked a little pinky for my liking. Man I was so right, it made me look like I had got into my mothers make up bag and gone wild. I was all set for halloween, this horror in a bottle. The swatch below doesn't do the awful colour justice but I couldn't face putting it on my skin again for photos. Now this isn't really a negative thing considering the girl at the stand wasn't very helpful in suggesting a shade for me and there were no testers, so perhaps there is a shade much better suited for me, but I don't want to find out to be honest.

This foundation gives your pores pores. I have fairly big pores and can for the most part minimise them a little with the right make up, but christ on a bike you didn't have to even stand in the same room as me to see my pores with this stuff on my face. A search team would have a party if they were to go looking for me. Its oily and doesn't blend well. It sits on top of the skin and draws attention to any dry skin or raised imperfections making it almost cakey if thats the right word considering how oily it is. No amount of pressed powder helped here and even on the dry areas of my face it was shiny and sliding down my face throughout the day. 

Don't get me wrong, I tired with this foundation. I mixed it with others I favour, I tried different brushes, my fingers, I primed my skin with every bottle I had, god I was near lighting a candle by the end of it. This stuff just isn't for me, or anyone else in their right mind if you were to ask my opinion. After googling it and having a look at the Royal Effem site, I found out a bottle of this will set you back around £24 making it a more high end brand then any I have used before. Not that I would be willing to ever fork out that kind of money for this, let alone a drug store foundation price. 

Thursday 20 March 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Beauty Treatment

Men! Women! How in the name of god are you all doing?! Your lookin' well, I'll say that! Would you pick yourselves off the floor and stop that carry on. Yes, I'm aware I have a #BOBBlogChallenge up and ready to go on time - you can follow that hashtag on twitter to find more of these deadly blog posts! So you know the story well by now, Sam the sexy lady that she is hosts this blogger challenge and her lovely blog is AllTheBuzz, I'll wait here while you open the link to a new page.. Done? Grand job!

This is the second last week of this challenge and I couldn't go a full blogger challenge without mentioning one of my utter most favourite things in the world: Sex. I mean, what better treatment to have then a little TLC of yourself. Like any beauty treatment, we all have our favourite potions'n'lotions and who else would know what you like apart from yourself? (or if were getting technical here, a good boy/girlfriend/partner who listens - shock horror!) Sex or masturbation is good for you, it relives stress and pain, helps you sleep better and gives you a work out at home just to name a few benefits! So this week I'm thinking outside the box, or pot of cream if you will.

What is the best way to have a fab little bit of you time? Close the door, turn off the phone, maybe throw yourself into a nice bath and then off to bed with you. My favourite thing about a night like that? Having a quick deforestation (or shave to you normal folk) of the important bits so your silky soft and then getting to put on some nice knickers. Why can't you dress up just for yourself? Or indeed if your other half is waiting for you in bed, he will appreciate the effort and meow, woman do you look fine in sexy lingerie. (As opposed to the faded SpongeBob knickers I tend to sport on a normal day.) But sexy doesn't have to mean expensive. I just picked up some knickers in Pennys the other day that I have no doubt will make me feel fancy once I eventually stop taking photos of them and actually get to wear them for the first time! (Aren't they pretty? And so soft! I'll have a haul post soon)

After getting all silky theres no point in not feeling up your handy work or let your partner have a go. Lush do a-feckin-mazing massage bars and I am a massive fan of their cute heart shaped soft coeur. Above in the photo! Theres cocoa and honey in it along with all the fab oils - It doesn't taste half bad when you lick it off either. Just a FYI for you people out there planning on letting someone else join this treatment night!

Next on my list has to be a toy. This can be a vibrator like this one here but if your really treating yourself get this set here. Or if the fella is getting involved then why not a cock ring so the two of you can both share the pleasure at the same time. I really like this cock ring, handy, cheap and cheerful! (- for any ladies out there there is a vibrating finger cover version of cock rings. Boots doesn't seem to stock them but I know for a fact that bigger Tesco's do!) Sex toys are becoming easier to buy, your local chemist, Boots or indeed even Tesco will stock all the essentials. My personal fav lube is this one here as you can use it for a massage too and who doesn't love something thats sweet while containing Vitamin E? Divine.

Lastly, the best treatment you can give yourself? - besides masturbation or sex that is! Sleep. No amount of creams or goo can measure up to the thing that is a good long nights sleep. So after all the fun and games are over make sure a hot water bottle is at hand and hit the hay. You can thank me later ;)

Wednesday 19 March 2014

New Vaseline Spray&Go Body Moisturiser

Its time for some heart to heart here. I have to tell you all something that is shameful and truly dreadful; I am lazy as hell when it comes to moisturising. Oh god there I said it and the world of beauty inhales a sharp breath! I know, what am I like having sand paper skin. I don't know myself but I have to tell you, I've found something thats making it a little easier to deal with.

Vaseline has a new Spray and Go body moisturiser thats been on shelves since Christmas if I remember. I walked by, always having a look, always wondering what it was like but never taking the leap because well, it was moisturiser and that was something I never bought as I've so much of it lying around at home, unopened, unused and unloved. But it was on offer one day when I was in Boots going a bit mad and I thought why not, I think theres enough space to squeeze in one last impulse buy! I was so lucky that I did too.

Right so, here is what you do. Spray on, rub in really quick and put your clothes on before you freeze. End of. No waiting around and risking your bits falling off from frost bite, no flapping your arms around or blowing on your skin trying to get it to dry faster. Nope none of that carry on. It claims to be non greasy and its not too far off, it does skin in and dry quicker then a lot of the moisturisers I have tried and with so many different types to try I know I'll not only use this one up but also be trying out the others in the line. The one I have now has cocoa butter in it and smells sweet and slightly chocolaty, nom! All the tins have a handy nozzle yoke that you can twist so none of it will come out by accident, just like the bottles of Impulse. Another handy benefit of this is that my skin is actually starting to feel like skin again and not the sand paper I have become accustom to feeling. Lovely stuff!

My 190ml bottle was about €4.19 and I know Boots has them on offer a lot too. Will you be piking up one of these handy yokes for those days when your in a hurry or indeed like myself, lazy as sin?

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Lush: The Golden Egg

I hope everyone had a great Paddys day and is in tip top form for the week! If not then I get it, I myself was in town and saw the crazy drunken crowds of people. Little to my knowledge, not many shops open on the day but alas, Lush was. I popped in and got some samples and a free face mask as I had 5 empty pots to exchange. I had also gone in earlier to the week. Now lets remember, limited edition products don't count in my Lush ban!

The golden egg drew me in like a moth to a flame. Its part of their Easter range and honest to god would you just look at how sparkly that thing is! I knew one of them just had to be mine. This is a glittery bath bomb and a bath melt rolled into one egg shaped wonder. It smells like one of my favourite soaps from Lush, honey I washed the kids - a sweet honey and toffee scent.  Nothing could stop this blossoming romance.

Pop it in the bath and you get lovely yellow glittery water and a decent amount of bubbles. But if I was to split hairs here I would say that a regular bath melt is better for bubbles then this two in one style. None the less its just so lovely to steep in and I really needed it after a long day. It has fair trade cocoa butter, wild orange oil and olive oil to name a few of the ingredients in it that will leave your skin silky smooth when you eventually mange to drag yourself out of the watery world of relaxingness - totally a word fyi...

The one thing that I hated about it? And now, it is only a small thing but its wreaked my head. The glitter. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of glitter, a lover if you will. But it was all over my skin and towel. The shower the next day didn't get it all off and I made the mistake of using the towel from the night before which means I looked like I sloppily devoured a bowl of glitter and the towels needed to be thrown in the wash in order to try and rid the sparkles. Oh well lesson learnt!

Apart from having to keep all my towels separate in future, I might just be tempted to go back and buy another of these beauts. At €4.50 who could say no to that egg? 

Saturday 15 March 2014

Tesco, Lidi And Essence Haul

I know, whats with all the haul posts you ask! Well I have been picking things up in the past few weeks and instead of doing loads of little hauls I thought one or two big ones is the way to go! I got a few essentials and then just a few things that I couldn't leave behind. 25% off make up? Half price on shampoo? Who am I do say no to things that good.

First off I toddled round Tesco last weekend and found half price things like they were going out of fashion. Some Timotei conditioner for blondes and holy moly - did anyone else know that Timotei did dry shampoo?! I've never seen it before and with it being half price I naturally grabbed it and ran before they changed their minds! I also got a Pantene shampoo for fine hair as mine is lacking that va-va-voom lately. Lastly I might have been sucked into an offer on Yorkie 3 pack. Can't remember the last time I had one and with 3, they are made to share (if you have a choice or not - sneaky boyfriends!)

I was also in Lidi and couldn't be more delighted to find that my local was stocking cotton pads again all for only 45cent. I go through cotton pads like a mad woman between removing make up and nail varnish, so I got two packs. What a feckin' bargain! I got a load of baking ingredients too for some birthday cakes when I spotted they had a stand full of seeds. Naturally I had to pick up the hardest thing to grow, some pumpkin seeds! I got a pack for my friend too, she loves growing things and I'd say we'll have a little competition on who can grow the best ones! (were mad like that.) 

And lastly *pauses to drool* my local chemist had 25% off all Essence make up. My knickers were in a right twist trying to choose what to get, but like a trooper I managed! I picked up an eyeliner, lip stick, eye shadow concealer base, express drying nail varnish drops and a gorgeous light blusher. All this for under €10, it pays to have a look in your local.

Thats all from me for now. As always I hope everyone is having a great day and week. Keep your eyes peeled for bargains going and you might still be able to pick up some of these bits in the shops!

Friday 14 March 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Budget Bargain

By now were well aware that I am as all over the place as the day is long. Lets try see past that, can we?  I mean all relationships have there ups and downs, quirky little things that drive each other totally mad but you love them none the less. And fingers crossed I'm found lovable by at least some of you. The rest just find me sexy, lets face it. (Even I had a cackle at that one!) Right, stop flirting with me and let me tell you about this weeks blogger challenge. 

I'm sure you all know the craic by now, but if you don't then let me direct your lovely selves over to Sam from AllTheBuzz. She is the lady who made and hosts this challenge and is just a peach in general. Make sure and give her blog a poke about. Hell go a step further and give her an aul like or indeed subscribe to her. You wont regret it!

For me a bargain comes every time I walk out the door, I am a mad one for scouring the shelves and have made a happy home in many a euro saver shop. This naturally extends to make up and the one thing I can't have enough of, can't live without, is concealer. My favourite one of 2014 (so far) has to be Catrice and their massive all over corrector concealer palette for the bargain price of about €2.99. Honest to god you just can't go wrong! I did a bit of a post about it here. But you'll see from the photo above that my lovely palette is nearly no more and in the mean time I have been trying out all sorts of new goo on my face. This is where I start talking about the major bargain people. 

NYC cover stick. Doesn't look like much but man can this little thing cover up spots and imperfections like theres no tomorrow. And thats not the best part, oh no. Its $1.99 which means about €1.42 in he shops here. You can find NYC stands in Pennys and in some local chemists too. Grab your knickers and hats and get thee to a stand asap for the next to nothing prices! Your most welcome ;D

As always make sure and check out the #BOBBlogChallenge on Twitter to keep up with everyone elses budget bargains, you might find a few new wonder products to nab!

3 For 2 Offer In Boots You Say?

So I eh, went to Boots. Its a 3 for 2 offer on so many of the products and apart from going in for more Batiste and sprays, I might have had a little look round at some other things. All in the name of bargains of course.

A quick look at the Seventeen stand and I came away with a gorgeous nude lip crayon and a new colour clash nail effects nail varnish that looks really different, I can't wait to try it out. I also caved into the BB cream craze after avoiding it for so long. Rimmel had a nice one that I tried on the back of my hand with the added bonus of factor 15. I'm dying to give this a test drive and see if all the hype is as good as it sounds or if its one only fit for the bin.

Next I picked up 2 Impulse's for €4 and a half off bottle of Sure in the new mini size which is going to be handy to pop in my bag. It smells nice and also claims to leave no white marks, so we shall see. 

Lastly I bought 2 Batiste in blush as I ran out last week and was left nearly crying! To finish off the 3 for 2 offer I picked up L'oreal elvive's fibrology thickness booster that I've been hearing loads about so I wanted to try it out for myself. 

I've now loads of things I didn't necessarily need but none the less am dying to try out and most likely I will write some reviews on them! What about you, have you taken advantage of Boots brilliant 3 for 2 offers on loads of their ranges? I think I might need to do round two some time soon, just to make sure I'm taking in all the good bargains, you see ;) 

Thursday 13 March 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Princess Products.. Say what?

I'm a week late with this Best Of Beauty Challenge, I feckin' know you needn't be tellin' me! Oh holy god I had my knickers in a twist last Thursday night and life got in the way, sneaky little fella. So instead this post is going up in the morning and then week 6 is going to be posted up at the normal time of 7pm Irish time tonight. In case you don't know, Sam from AllTheBuzz hosts all these delightful challenges and my god, shes not only brains but a pure beauty too. Go check out her new blonde locks, meow!

The first time I wrote this I was wreaking, I mean wreaking my head trying to think of what to use for this weeks Princess Product. I first I thought about a posh shampoo I was given, but even though it was over €20 I didn't like it. Then I thought about a Estee lauder lip stick that I have again a friend gave it to me as it wasn't her colouring and well who says no to a posh lip stick! The more I rooted through my stash the more I looked, the more I realised that I really just do not spend a lot of money on any one product.

I finally decided on some nail varnish that cost about €11 quid and for me that was a mad amount of money to spend on a tiny bottle. I have 2 bottles of Essie (that I actually got for €1.99) and some sparkly Models Own and Ciate polishes (both as pressies). Are they not just gorgeous? Be still my beating heart I only love glitter and lovely pale shades of wonder. 

I'm sorry for this being so late and also for it not being very exciting but I guess I just like my drugstore brands far too much to fork out on only one pricey thing!

Make sure to follow #BOBBlogChallenge on twitter to keep up with everyone elses posts and I will be back tonight with another installment of the beauty challenge! Till then, have a great day :) x

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Februarys Powder Pocket

Holy god your all thinking, the woman is late with this sure its half way through March now! Well boys and girls I can say with a hand over my heart that life just gets in the way sometimes and thats whats been happening since I got my box from the lovely post man last week. But oh mammy have I been enjoying the contents so far. I also got to meet some of the lovely Powder Pocket people at the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS on Monday. They were great craic and its so nice to be able to put a few faces to the brand. So come here till I all about the box. The excitement!

For February's box the theme was very much focused on the theme of glamour as it was awards season. Gold tissue paper, a fancy light bulb sticker and the part that I loved the most, the powder pocket on the top of the box is gold too. Its such a simple detail but I'm mad on the details and packaging. Nice work lads and ladies, top marks. And as you can see Dodie my cat was very interested in seeing what was inside too!

I opened the box and out popped Marilyn Monroe with some pink bubble gum, the stunner. I loved the booklet this month and the layout is much better then the hard to work,read and fold one that I had a fight with last month. Have a look at it over here. 

I am totally delighted with all the bits in this months box, I opened it and let out a little happy sigh of utter contentment. I was as if the ladies and gents at Powder Pocket read my wish list and did their best to accommodate it! My nails over the past while have been getting worse and worse, so you can imagine my excitment when I found a lovely full size Jessica brilliance top coat. I have only ever drooled over this brand and at €13.95 for this, I was delighted to have my paws on it.

Keeping on the nails, Manicare 4 step file and shine was the next thing I set my peepers on. This is such a handy everyday thing to have and you can throw it in your handbag on the go for those emergency moments, This is only €2.50 but I think the packaging and product itself looks a lot more expensive. 

Reading about the Herra protect hair perfume got my attention as it was one of those potentially out there products that could only be considered a bit of a princess product - does nothing much but is fancy at the same time. The sample that came was hard to use and if I'm honest a bit of a waste. However I liked the packaging and have never used a sample like it before. A full size costs €29.50 and I don't think it would be anywhere near my wish list. But I'd love to see a few bloggers review it just to hear their thoughts.

The last two things were a lovely surprise. I spotted a lovely little bottle of The body shop shea shower cream. I'm a big fan of the body shop and an even bigger fan of their shea butter products so I couldn't have been more happier. I have yet to use it but its on the menu for my next pamper night. A full size 250ml is €8.85.

The last surprise I got was a lovely Shiseido benefiance pure retinol eye mask. I have known of this brand for years but their things are so expansive that I wouldn't dream of going near them, so getting the change to try something fancy from them is a big treat! For a pack of 12 these yokes will set you back a crazy €63. They must be doing something right if people are forking out that kind of money, I'll be sure to do a review of this one! 

Thats all from me for now. I hope everyone is doing well and having a good week. I see that there have been a load of new people following me through BlogLovin' - so a big hey and welcome to all of you! Its lovely to know that so many of you are subscribed to my blog and like my rambly tangents of posts. If you fancy being able to keep up with them all you can follow me on Bloglovin' over here or indeed you can keep up to date by following me on the GFC at the top right hand corner of the page. 

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Gossip: The Irish Beauty Show

Yesterday I toddled off to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS armed with my camera and some high hopes. Oh the excitement, so many companies, beauty things and new jems to find was overwhelming! And I was not disappointed either, meeting loads of people and getting to have great chats with everyone. Heres who I met and what bits I picked up. This is a really pic heavy post, sorry about that but I wanted to show everything!

First place I spotted was Graham Anthony, they had an offer on and I came away with a new foundation for a fiver, bargain! I'm not too familiar with the brand so I really wanted to get something and try it out, you never know when love might strike! I'm going to be slapping it on my mug and writing a review for you all in the coming future. 

At the second stand I approached I was met with the most distressing part of the show, Pro Impressions. I asked the person in charge if it was ok to take a few photos of the stand to show on my blog, which none of the other companies and stands had any issue with. But the man there refused saying that it was an English company and with me being Irish it was pointless as no Irish people would buy from across seas. He was also worried I would write something negative. He came across as really aggressive and I wasn't going to mention anything but after telling a few friends they suggested I talk about it considering how upset I was. So, I guess you don't need pictures to write a 'bad' review. I don't think I'll be getting anything from their site, for obvious reasons.  

But from most negative to most positive in a few short moments, I rounded the corner and my set my peepers on Honey House Natural. I got nattering to all the lovely people at the stand, in particular Angela Rohrer who was so knowledgeable on the brand. I was blown away by the products and bought a bundle of goodies to try and was kindly given a gorgeous Bee Bar Lotion to try out. Oh my goodness I couldn't wait to get home to try them! They are an American company that have broken into the English market and are now looking to bring their products to us here in Ireland. Fingers crossed it happens soon because I have a mother, granny and bundle of friends who I showed my bits to and they were near blows arguing over who got to try what! I'm going to be doing a full review of them soon. Hold onto your knickers people, these lads are ones to watch out for! 

Next I wondered over to the girls at the Baby B Browne stand. They were really chatty and helpful and I was lucky enough to be given bottle of their medium tan for face and body. I'm a tan virgin so this will be one very interesting post to write up once I've either become a tanned beauty or (more likely) I'll have done something wrong and end up like a streaky orange. I wouldn't trust me with a gorgeous tan product like this, fair play Baby B Browne! A few giggles for you coming soon!

I couldn't have been happier then when I found the Waxperts stand. Bloggers have been raving about this brand and I was almost throwing my pennies at them begging to have a go of all their things. (what can I say, we all know I'm a bit mad) I got talking to Trish who was nothing short of a ray of sunshine. She told me all about Waxperts ingrown hair pads, their wax and their lovely exfoliating gloves. She kindly gave me a few bits to try out and I can't wait to. I also want to give Himself the option to try out some as Trish was telling me men use them on stubble rash with great results. Unisex brand anyone?

Next I found myself in front of Victoria H Organics. This is a brand new Irish business that has just started and I got to talk to the lady herself all about it. Everything is hand made and hand packaged, organic and the range is huge for something that is only new and all done by hand. I was so impressed with it and come on, who could say no to products that look that good! I was lucky enough to be given a  gorgeous lavender bath creme brulee bath melt, it smells as good as it looks and I will definitely be reviewing it after I've tried it out. Another new Irish brand to watch out for!   

One of the last stands I went to before my poor feet gave up on me was Pixy Natural Skincare. I got talking to Jayleigh (I hope I haven't butchered her name, If I have I'm so sorry!) She was a tonic and was so helpful talking about all the products they had on offer and a general natter on all things beauty. I'm a massive fan of Pixy as I love supporting good Irish brands so I was happy as anything having a goo at the full range. I bought a lovely Honey bath bomb and was kindly given some Cellulite body oil to try out. I meant to pick up a face mask but it went out of my head entirely. I guess I'll just have to go shopping for it (How awful, not!) I admitted something awful to the people at the stand and I think its only fair I tell you all as well. I was cleaning out my bag the other day and found about 2 (ok, 5) of Pixy lip balms in the bottom. Obsessed is not the word. I can't wait to try out the bits I got and report back!

So there you have it, my day at the Irish Beauty Show. I got to meet some really lovely people and was so lucky to be given some things to try and nab a few lovey things too. I can't wait for next years show and to try out  everything I got at the show. Me-oh-my I am going to be one purtty lady! I also want to mention the lovely girls at the Jessica stand who answered all my questions and the same for the lovely girl at the Pink Distributions stand who was full of information for me. And finally Tara and Michael at the Powder Pocket  stand, they were fab craic and I love their beauty box so uber much, thank lads!

Make sure and have a goo at my Twitter page, I tweeted for the whole day and have some extra photos up there that aren't here. One includes a lovely naked but sadly painted guy. Meow ;) Check it all out Over Here. and sure maybe follow me too!

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Updated Nail Varnish Storage

Last year I did a little post on my nail varnish storage over here, but today I'm back again with something much prettier but less functional. I have seen many a blogger do a show and tell with something similar looking. Lovely big jars filled with pretty polishes to make your heart skip a beat. (I'm dramatic about my nail varnish, shoot me!)  Isn't it just so pretty!? It makes a gorgeous ornament while showing off some colours in your collection.

I bought this jar in Dunnes for about €3.50 a few weeks ago in the home ware section. Its really big, holding around 15 polishes and the lid is easy to get off but closes tightly too. Added bonus of a cute red and white checkered ribbon to finish the look off.

It is kind of a pain to have to dump out all your polishes to find the one your looking for but I get to have a good look at everything I have just in case I forget about something and it gives the polishes a bit of a shake and move about so they aren't just left sitting to settle all the gooy good things to the bottom of the jars. I keep all my 'posh' and most loved ones in this jar, don't think I don't have another box filled up in the press with lots more!

What do you think of this way of storing your nail varnishes? How do you keep yours?

Tuesday 4 March 2014

February Favourites

Sweet divine Jasus is it really the end of February? Ah now, where did that month go? thats just woeful, I'm actually sitting here trying to think what I did this month thats worth noting. Feck all. Have to do more next month, get my arse into action. Anyway, here is what I have been loving this month and its even kinda on time, ohhh my!!

I know I talked about it in my Skin Care Saviors  but I really have to tell you about it again. Bepantiseptic (formally known as Germoline) is a first aid antiseptic cream that has local anesthetic in it. Its great to have in a first aid kit and its even better to have on your spots at night. The last two months my skin has decided to apply for position of best join the dots face in the country and I'll tell you, if it wasn't for this wonderful tube of cream, it would have got the job. This cream drys out spots and in a few hours you can see a noticeable difference. I normally put this on last thing before bed and then let it work its magic. All for under a fiver and it lasts ages. I just want them all. 

Next is Wet'n'Wilds foundation. I had wanted it since it came out but put off buying it because it was nearly €5, I already had a good foundation and sure, it was a cheap brand, I bet it doesn't even work or match my colouring... I caved in and got it earlier in the month and I've been kicking myself since for not having got it sooner. Its in the lightest shade they have which is just slightly too dark for me, but with a bit of blending and some setting powder its the perfect colour for my skin. It takes a minute or so to dry and set but it lasts all day, the coverage is amazing and I will admit, its better then my Rimmel match perfection foundation that I have been using for the past 6ish months thats twice the price of Wet'n'Wilds foundation. It might be true love, I'll tell you if we decide to get serious in the next few months.

Next is a perfume that I had forgotten about at the back of the draw, I'm getting worst at doing that! Its Kylie Minogues Darling. I'm so not good at describing scents at all, but its like a deep sweet scent that drys in quickly so your left with a gorgeous light soft sweet scent that lingers for a good for hours. The little bottle that I have is so pretty and girly, it has a pink shimmer over the bottle thats so eye catching. I'll be getting this again once I've finished the little bottle.

Another life saver this month has to be my Soap and Glory Smooch Operator Lip Butter Balm. It has wild mango butter, vitamin E, rose hip and argan oils to help sore chapped lips. The only thing I don't like about this is the balm can be quite had to heat up to get some out of the little jar so I tend to have to dig at it a bit. Not the handiest or nicest thing in the world!

How could I not throw in something from Lush? As the weeks go by I'm getting weaker and really want to go to their shop 'just for a look'. The blurry photo (sorry) above is the olive branch shower gel. I got this ages ago, used it for a while and the switiched it for something else. But early February I found it again and it has been coming to the shower again and were back in love, Fair trade olive oil, mandarins, vine leaves.. Who could say no to that? Its sweet but not overpowering and has subtle notes of something more earthy underneath - would you look at me getting all fancy with smell descriptions! Jasus!

La Roche-Posay is a brand I don't use a lot, but when I do their products are always amazing. Last month I got this thermal spring water in my Powder Pocket beauty box and I've been using it loads. You can see my review of it here. Its going to be great for the summer when you want a quick freshen up and to cool yourself down. I'll be stocking up for the hotter (fingers crossed that it gets hotter!) months.

Lastly I have my Benefit they're real! mascara. I got this mini one in a set at Christmas and I haven't used another mascara since. I'm now ruined for other mascaras that might come along to tempt me. I love the packaging, the wand is amazing and I love how it coats and separates the lashes. And best of all theres no clumping so it doesn't look like you have just plastered half a tube of mascara on your face. Honestly, I'm not wearing any! ;D