Tuesday 27 August 2013

The Wedding Party

I don't normally talk about my family here, but my sister getting married was kind of a big deal, and so I thought you would all like a sneaky look at a few snaps of the day. I'm not going to add in personal photos of my family, just because their not too happy about being on the internet (the big scary place that it is!) But here are some highlights, Enjoy :)

A lovely example to set all the children.. Not. Everyone had handed me gifts and wine to leave inside and this was the outcome! Again, some of my besties here. Side note, My top is from Asos, my shorts from Dunnes and the rest from the inner depths of the back of the wardrobe

Overall it was a beautiful and somewhat stressful day! The weather was perfect, everyone really enjoyed themselves and looked great. My sister, mother and grandmother really put in so much work and the results were amazing. When it got dark the wonderful day time flowers and colourful bunting was hidden but it turned into a wonderland of fairy lights and bright candles in jars. I can't believe we are all grown up now and I am the last one in the family to be free and single!  

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Hipster Hangout? Skinflint

On occasion I will do the social thing and go explore more of what Dublin restaurants have to offer then McDonalds or indeed my local haunt, Eddie Rockets. So one day on a whim I decided to hunt down the mysterious Skinflint and see what all the hype was about. And I have to say, I have some mixed feelings on the place.

First lets start with the name, implying a little rescission busting while sounding cool as hell. And being true to that the interior is simple with big old doors being used as tables, bits and bobs on the counters, big brown paper boxes of kitchen roll on every table and random frames all squashed together battling for space on the walls. It really screams hipster hang-out and from the moment I walked in I felt 'not cool enough' to be eating at this place. Oh my. After talking to the very unfriendly hipster looking waiter (seems you have to look the part to work there) I found out that Friday through to Sunday nights is the place to be for live music and some seriously good atmosphere.

Foodporn pizza, Jar of juice, Honey, Water and tissues
But onto the reason anyone wonders through those doors; the food. Specialising in there own home made pizzas, soups, mac'n'cheese and meatballs they are taking the presentation of it all to a whole new level. All there pizzas have womens names and though it all looks and sounds deadly, they left out the one vital detail. The taste. Its nice, don't get me wrong but I just wasn't feeling it. All the tables have little pots of honey to add to your food as well. Just, well just no. Have a look at their menu here, even though its a little outdated you will get the idea.

I got a above average jar of juice (€4.50) the 'sadie' pizza (€11) and a little mac'n'cheese ham cup (€4.75). The one good thing about the pizza is that its big enough to share, even if its not the best. While the thin base tastes pleasing to start with, leave it a little while and suddenly its doughy and off putting. Also just a little side note on the positive side; get a ham cup. Quite the tasty little thing and fun to look at as well while you scratch your head trying to dismantle it.

Overall its expensive if your going for the full 3 course jazz despite the misleading name! I'd suggest you go once just for the funky urban experience and to see what you make of it yourself, because after all each to their own - and to try the cheese cups. Its a must.

Frames, Mac'n'cheese cup, The inside bar, Swan flowerpots, Colourful flowerpots, The front of the restaurant

Sunday 18 August 2013

Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em

Oh, I'm back you think? No, I doubt it very much. But lets not talk about that, instead lets talk about this really lovely body buff that I'm sad about because I'm almost out of it. 

I was given this as a present ages ago and didn't think much of it at the time as I'm not a big user of scrubs or buffs at all. I can never find one that really feels like your getting lots of good hard gritty bits to shift dead skin off. And then some leave a horrible thin layer of cream instead of leaving you feeling squeaky clean. So I tend to stay clear of them for the most part and make my own homemade scrub instead - I'll put up a how to post one day but don't ask when! (You all know how good I am at blogging regularly... Lies)

Let me just say, if this was a guy I'd be embarrassing myself texting him non stop. I used it one day on a whim a little over a month ago and I was instantly hooked. (We've all had that kind of guy, right?) The pot is girly, eye catching and classy like all S&G products are. I think it has the perfectly right amount of tiny scrubby sea salt beads in it (then again, you can never have too many) It also really impressed me by having a sort of foam quality to it once it gets a splash of water on it to help spread out the thick and slightly creamy product. It has babassu oil, jojoba and mandarin oil that all helps to make it dreamy and easy to use, leaving your skin feeling as though you have just moisturised and uber sexy - umhumm, I did just use that word. Look at me go!

Its pink in case you didn't notice. Now who doesn't like a bit of colour in their shower time? This is kind of a hole in the pocket at just under €10 but it does last and the pot is a lovely big 300ml thing. The one draw back I think it has is that mist you madly scent a lot of S&G products have. I may be bias here considering I have the Clean Girls body wash used to death so now hate the smell a little, but I can get over it for how scrubbed, clean and fresh my skin feels after I use this. Go give it a sniff and a poke next time your in Boots, or have a look at it over here.