Monday 22 December 2014

Looking Back At Blogging In 2014

Over the past while I've been paying extra attention to all aspects of my blog in preparation for doing this post. Every week I'm shaking my head at something or other in utter wonder. 2014 has been such an amazing year in the world of blogging for me and its all down to the people that visit it and have a goo. I know by now that thats the age old cliche saying 'I wouldn't be where I am today without you' - but in all seriousness, its true. I'm not looking to become famous from my little space online, but its such a lovely feeling looking at my stats and seeing that people have actually come by. Some of you leave lovely comments or I get to chat with people on social media. Its so nice to see people wanting to subscribe to the words I put out there, the utterly breath taking amount of support from passers by and other bloggers alike is just mad. 

This year I've finally got my arse on social media more and made so many lovely friends. I've felt very fancy and lucky getting to go to events and learning so much about all that is make up, skin care and even about sex toys. Speaking of, 2014 has been the year of sex for me! (eh, slightly poorly worded, I'm aware) I finally took the plunge and now identify proudly as not only a beauty, but also a sex blogger. Its been interesting seeing peoples reactions and getting fantastic conversations going about it. The Irish are not so shy about what they do in bed anymore and its so exciting to see the stereotype broken down! If that wasn't enough, I was even on the telly thanks to the sex part if blogging, lucky girl that I am.  

As Christmas is only a few days away and 2014 is coming to a close not long after, I've been thinking more about what I hope 2015 will bring and its exciting. I'll be going into my 4th year blogging and I want to make this one matter (not that I've not tired my very best in 2014 that is!). I'll be focusing a lot more on sex and relationships - the things I've lined up, oh god I'm even laughing at myself now! I want to continue with my first love, beauty and then with all that fun stuff, I'll just see what the year has in store for me. As for the social side, I want to hold another blogger event. This years #BloggersDoDublin was so much fun and a crazy rush to sort in under two weeks, I loved it! Working with brands was amazing and its one of the best parts of blogging (or just going crazy in Boots. Its important to get the extra shampoo for the points you see.. Cough).

So thank you to all who pop by, tweet me, follow the blog in some way and even those who stop me in shops to tell me they read my blog! (Meeting people IRL is scary stuff when you hide behind a computer all day long!) You are the special lads and ladies that make me want to sit my bum down and write about what I love. I hope that you all have a really lovely, safe and peaceful Christmas. And while I'm at it, a very happy new year with lots of good things packed into it. xxx

Friday 19 December 2014

Affordable Christmas Nails

Theres nothing worse then having awful looking nails when your trying to be all festive and stylish around this time of year. Or worse, your going to be shaking hands with people or get judged by in laws on every aspect of your appearance, relationship status and where are you on the job ladder. So while your desperately clinging to your wine glass, nodding frantically at your father in law and many aunts as he spouts something about the government (which you will have to slyly look up on your phone in a few) its nice to feel safe in the knowledge that theres one less thing that can be bitched about. And let me tell you, with only a few days until Christmas, ain't nobody got time for nail appointments. This ladies and gents, is a quick at home job for less then a fiver - but looks like it cost a bomb.

This is very simple, red is the way to go. No need to be getting abstract, its Christmas and you want to look effortlessly put together. Wet'n'Wild will be your saviours my good fellows, with Wild Shine in red red. It gives with just one quick coat, the most gorgeous bright red that rivals even the cutest red bows on the tree. It drys surprisingly fast, so you can slap it on while waiting for the kids to come out of school.. Or while your watching Corrie.

Next is a top coat of glitter, to get you up to speed with the season. Mega Rocks glitter nail colour in the shade waiting for my solo is so perfect paired with the red. I might have given myself a little pat on the back when I saw the finished results. This will take a little time to apply and dry, so do it when your not going to be running out the door 15 seconds later. What I find with this particular varnish is that it drys smooth. A lot of glitter polishes dry rough so I tend to apply a few layers of clear top coat over them, which takes extra time and can ruin the nail if too much is put on. With Mega Rocks I use one layer and it doesn't need anything else done to it. In my opinion its worth the time waiting for it to dry as theres less feckin' about with it. And would you look at that glittery golden and red beauty that is now your nails?!

Being very honest, I find that the 'cheaper' brands can be a little hit and miss especially when it comes to nail varnishes. I wasn't expecting amazing results with either of these and am really impressed with them. They only need one coat, look professionally done, don't chip for 3 days (and counting!) and for the two it coats under €5. I think I can safely say thats one less thing to have on your to do list, with a little extra in your pocket. And by that, I mean buy yourself a large bottle of wine, theres family to deal with and cooking to burn. Happy Christmas!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 

Thursday 18 December 2014

My Skincare Routine

My face is oily with a bit of a dry combo in the oddest of places and only sometimes. Basically its like me on my period. One day I love everyone and want to hug the entire world, 10 hours later I'm screaming like a banshee throwing knickers out the window. (Its happened more then I'm willing to admit.) So when it comes to skincare I have lots of different categories. Theres the slap all the tea tree things on my face its a bad break out category, the my skin is patchy dry and sad looking category and so on. This particular one is the taking off light make up at night and giving my skin a little perk up category. I say light make up because I've not included any eye make up removers or major amounts of different make up removers that are required after I've shoveled on about 3 tonnes of make up for the night out.

I've two uberly fancy ones here by Bioderma. I used to scoff at people with this brand - the price of this stuff is crazy. But when my sister went off to France and brought these back for me, who was I to question her. After all, its make up and skincare. Just give me all the things. You still can't get these in Ireland, but I know that Amazon and various sites will ship them. (Thank the holy cat in heaven.) First is the one everyone raves about, the micellar water. To be honest I can't really see anything different between this and say the garnier water, but it just happens to be the one I'm using at the minute. It takes off make up fine and cleans my face properly, without having to use a different product to get the remainders off (like I do with some products). 

The second Bioderma product is the moisturising cleansing milk thats just gorgeous. I don't care if its €2 or €20, when this runs out I'm going to frantically search online until I find somewhere that will send me another bottle. I've never had something thats been so gentle, moisturising and all round divine for my skin before. My sister actually gave this to me when she tired it and found it too oily for her skin, but it seems my skin drinks it up and never  gets extra greasy or more spotty. All of the wins happening in that bottle. (After just looking it up and its €19.95. Holy sweet mother of jesus it doesn't cost that much in lovely old France!)

If I'm looking for an extra bit of omph for my skin I'll use the Ziaja tea tree toner. Normally on days when my skin is having a bitch fit (what up White Chicks reference!) and it needs some calming down as this toner has spot fighting goodness in it. Its great for giving my skin a really good clean. 

If the bitch fit is continuing, I've been popping some Body Shop tea tree oil onto the infected areas. This stings a little and the smell can be overwhelming, but I have noticed a difference when using it. Not for everyday use personally, but maybe 3 times a week on the bigger face uglies or very sore ones.

I'm a long time fan of Germolene (now renamed bepantiseptic) and I smear it all over my mug. Leave it on over night and I can see visible results the next morning. My spots run off my face like I do when someone shouts '50% off!'. It surprisingly doesn't dry out my skin and it doesn't hurt or irritate me. Its the one thing that I would recommend every time if your looking to fight spots fast with results in a few hours, without a massive price tag.

When my under eyes are looking less then lovely, I use Simple roller. Its quick, makes my under eyes less dark looking, cooling and soothes the puffyness from lack of sleep. In general this yoke is something everyone with under eyes needs in their life. It was less then €6ish as well, which I think is a total bargain.

Lastly are some of my must have skincare saviors, Waxperts. These are an Irish brand and I'm proud to be banging on about them. Meant for keeping ingrown hairs at bay after saving or waxing, they are also amazing to use on your spots. One or two of these in your skincare routine and your sorted. Theres 40 pads in each tub and they last for ages. I've gone through loads of them but for some reason this is the first time I've mentioned them! Must be the best kept secret in beauty!

Thursday 11 December 2014

Fragrance Direct Haul

Its not often that I do online shopping, prefering to go and see the products in real life. But when there are all the deals to be had, it would be rude not to pick up a few bits. Most of what I have in this haul is things by the Body Shop and I've a bone to chew on here, I am a massive fan of their things, buying lots for myself recently along with a lot of Christmas presents for others. But the main issue is that their Irish site and in store there are never any sales or offers on the way there is on UK sites. Its such a pity as the euro prices of their things make it more of a luxury once in a blue moon buy. Its disheartening to read UK bloggers talking about the amazing 40% off deals they got. Alright then, rant is now over! 

The first thing that I set my sights on were the body butters. If your looking for just one thing to try out from the Body Shop then it has to be one of these. They are so wonderfully thick but easy to apply and sink into your skin making it beautifully soft only after one or two uses. I got mine in shea butter as its one of my favourite scents, I was delighted they had it! One of these tubs cost me £2.99.

I also picked up the tea tree oil thats just perfect for all the face uglies that are forever popping up on my mug. This was I think £0.99 compared to the guts of €10 so I was delighted to be able to try it out. Since getting the haul in the post, I've been using this loads and I have to say it works really well, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Years ago the Body Shop had a shampoo and conditioner with the scent of nettles. It wasn't for everyone but I really loved it. When they discontinued it I searched high and low online but never again could get it. Since then I've not been too interested in trying out anything hair care, but when I saw these little bottles for £2.99 I decided to pick up 2 each and give them a go. A regular bottle is €9.95 for the biggest bottle. I've not tried them out yet, but if I like them I'd consider forking out for them. I just love my hair care products! 

I also got a little tea tree skin clearing toner for £1.99 as I'm all about that spot fighting stuff. I'm still trying to find the holy grail products to finally work for my skin. And I've gone though bag loads, so fingers crossed this one might work for me. 

Again, all about the hair care. I love a good hair mask and this pantene one is something I've not had in years! I used to love it, but theres so many out there I kind of forgot all about it. For £1.99 I couldn't pass it up and I've used it once now. Its just as lovely as I remember.

Lastly I nabbed an Aussie spray leave in conditioner for coloured hair. I have gone though about 7 bottles of this stuff since being introduced to it years ago by a friend. Its perfect to throw in before heading off for the day, before bed, or just a quick spray to make brushing your hair easier. I'm a massive fan, but it can be about €6, so seeing this for £2.99 was a bargain. 

You'll be able to find most of what I've talked about above over on Fragrance Direct. But because lots are really cheap, things can sell out fast. Keep an eye on the site, they are always adding loads of new bargains!

Saturday 6 December 2014

Have Yourself A Merry Little Irish Christmas #BuyIrish

I bet your all sick to the feckin teeth of me banging on about buying locally and buying Irish. But when I find a company thats passionate about what they do, its hard to pass them by. Quality stuff that has some serious lovin' going on behind the scenes and shockingly enough, a lot of the time a single handily run business, Irish is the way to go. Sure why wouldn't you buy something gorgeous thats made almost right on your door step!?

With all the festive cheer thats happening this time of year I headed to the RDS National Crafts And Design Fair. I armed myself with 4 tinfoil sambos, 3 sets of warm tops, 2 sparkly sets of fingernails and 1 granny. I was set for the day to roam about and see what amazing things the good folk of Ireland had to offer me. Heres a little list of some quality things I found on the day and others I discovered online. Perfect pressies for all!

Avokado&Co: I just happened to stumble upon this site on the Twitters a while ago and my god I'm in love with everything on it. All 100% Irish, they make signs and other bits that have Irish saying on them. I think these would be a great gift for a loved one who might be over seas, as they are flat and easy to wrap and post. A little bit of home right on your wall. I want one of everything. Seriously, mammy!!

Chic Treat Box: Do you know a lady that has everything? Then a subscription to the Irish Chic Treat Club is just what you need for her! Each month she'll get something new to try, delivered right to her door. The gift that keeps giving! You'll be in the good books for ages after.

The Purple Pantry: I know lots of foodies, or even the odd friend who just really loves different jams. This company has everything a food lover could ask for, all bundled into gorgeous packaged boxes with purple ribbons! Yes, I'll take one of everything thank you very much. *grumbling tummy starts*

Daisy Chain Crafts: This lovely lady hails from Wicklow and is an utter delight to talk to. She makes the most beautiful soaps, candles, bath and body treats for next to nothing. Just mind blowing considering the time and effort thats put into everything! Make sure and give her a call or an email to see what lovely new sets she has especially for Christmas. You wont be sorry!

The Irish Fairy Door Company: I saw this on the LateLate Toy Show, but I was aware that they were taking little people of Ireland by storm. These are cute fairy doors that you apply to the skirting board in your house. Your little people can leave or receive gifts, letters and anything you would like. Their imagination runs wild - I've seen it happen lots with my little nieces and nephews. Big winner to get this Christmas for little ones.

Emmas So Naturals: Someone asked if this company pays me to talk about them and I promise you they don't! I just love them that much, that I talk about them all the time. I think these are some of the best Irish candles on the market and theres not one scent I don't love. I could talk about their limited edition Christmas scents for hours.

Holos: Niamh is the lady behind Holo Skincare. Its a recent discovery for me, but oh mammy I can't get over how beautiful her products are. There are the most lovely gift sets for daughters to grannies and even the men of your life! I can safely say, I'll be asking for a set or two from Santy this year. The facial oil I currently have is being got asap when it runs out!

Ambri Boards: This is the perfect thing to impress the in-laws with or the chef in your life. Irish crafted Irish wood chopping boards all the way from Kerry, one of my favourite places in Ireland. You can personalise them and there are gift sets too.

 Secrets Ireland: I bang on about Secrets like theres no tomorrow, but really how could you not love a good old Irish sex toy shop run single handedly by one lovely lady! Naturally not all these toys will be Irish, but supporting small Irish businesses instead of big companies is important. And the man or woman in your life will be thanking you too if they receive something sexy under the Christmas tree.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics: If you've not heard of this Irish company then you must be living under a rock. All the beautiful brushes and make up palettes you could ever dream of and all only a stone throw away from any part of Ireland. I personally have an eye shadow palette on my santy list this year! 

EmerMcLysaght Jewellery: Its not often I come by hand made jewllery that makes me stop and do a double take. Everything on this site is handmade by Emer who hails from Dublin. From leaf necklaces to top hat cufflinks, theres something for that very special man or woman in your life. I am in love with the lot. 

Nima Brushes: Some of the most gorgeous brushes that you'll ever come across are the Nima brushes. Owned by Irish gal Niamh Martin, you needn't look further then one of her beautiful sets. With so many to choose from, theres something for everyones pocket.

Paw Pals: These are a new Irish pet company. I always buy my pets a special something at Christmas and give friends pets a little present too - please tell me other do this too and I'm not totally mad! I thought the idea of different hampers was a brilliant idea! I'd love to get the cat one for my two.

Bia Beauty: A brand I regularly use and love, this lady is from Cork. She makes the most beautiful natural products you could want, all in beautifully presented gift boxes. Theres nothing I love more then the cleansing face scrub. Top quality and all Irish. 

Don't be afraid to ask when your in a shop or send a quick email online when you see something you like thats marked as Irish. How Irish is it really? Is everything that can be, from the little emerald isle? From the sticker to the lavender in the ingredients list sourced in Ireland. If your happy to just go by the sign or site information, then happy days. But if your into really supporting your local, then don't be afraid to question it. Most of the time people are delighted you've the interest in their products and are happy to tell you.

You can see my 20 stocking fillers under €20 over here. Theres lots of Irish brands there that haven't been mentioned in this gift guide, so have a gander!

Friday 5 December 2014

November Favourites

November has been the month of getting everything done before the madness of the Christmas rush. Its mostly worked quite well and now I can sit back and watch as everyone else panic buys socks and boxes of biscuits for loved ones. If your one of these people, do keep an eye out over the next week or so for different gift guides that I'll be posting up. There might be something for that one difficult aunt or brother that you can never get the right thing for.

I think its clear by now to see that I am a massive fan of candles, especially Irish ones that are made of only the good stuff. So you might be shocked to see that I have both Yankee candles and Emma So Naturals side by side this month. I'll tell you now, I used to be Yankees biggest fan and still buy them on occasion, but I've mostly used Christmas Cookie because it was a present and himself was giving out I wasn't using it. But also because I broke my beloved Emmas one - drink and candles do not go hand in hand, just let me say that now. Surprisingly enough, it lit for the photos and then died on me altogether not long after I went to pick out the pictures of this post. Little fecker, such a poser that Masala Chai. Luckily enough though, I picked up the largest candle size of this scent yesterday, so I am one happy camper. Have a read of the Emmas candles collection over here.

I know last month I featured this Christian Breton lipstick in the shade speak easy, but holy god its that good I had to include it again. I have never before got so many compliments as I do when wearing this. Its such a gorgeous purple colour and is something that I can't seem to find in any other collections. It lasts all day with the help of a lip pencil and adds serious attitude to any look. I'd put money on me finishing this lipstick before Spring - and I've never finished a lip product before. You can get this from The Cosmetic Outlet on Meath Street for €10. Just in time for the Christmas stocking, or a treat for yourself.

The Body Shops White Musk was every girls fragrance at some stage in her teens, but they brought out the more mature smoky rose scent last year. This month it has been my go to scent thats perfect for a little something heavier in the winter months. Again, I've had loads of people sniffing me and asking what it is. My bottle has been well loved and I can see myself getting it again once it runs out. Its not breaking the bank either considering its perfume and from the sometimes over pricey Body Shop. One for the wish list!

Glitter. All of the magical glitter that is allowed at this time of year. And because I don't do things halfheartedly, every single nail had to have Models Own top glitter coat, that doesn't actually have a name or number on it oddly! I am such a big fan of glitter and would wear it all year round if it wasn't so hard to take off my nails. This one is under Barry M Chai. 

Next is a bit of a surprise one for me. My Sleek vintage romance palette that I got back in October. I've been using all the colours in this, which I never thought I'd do. The pinks and purples are well out of my comfort zone but I decided to throw caution to the wind and slap it all over my eye balls for a lot of this month. I feckin love how pigmented these palettes are and the gorgeous selection you get in each one. Theres both shimmers and mattes in this, but the glitter has to always be caked on when I do it! How can you not have glitter when its acceptable to? This was €9.99 in Boots for 12 shades, a brush and a massive mirror. Bargain if I ever saw one.

Next is my lovely *Paese bamboo powder that I have become very attached to. I was so surprised when I started using this, a little on when first doing my make up to set the lot and that was it for the day. Normally I'm having to touch up my setting powder through out the day, but I hardly ever need to with this one. Its total magic I'm telling you! The one downside is that its loose so if your not careful it can go everywhere. (Or if your me, you'll accidentally inhale some and ruin your eye make up coughing and making your eyes stream. Sexy, right?) You can see my full review and more of the Paese range here. 

Lastly two of my most used things to date. I've had a long affair with Soap&Glory, but when their Orangeasm collection was launched I considered marriage. I've been using this body wash since I got it back in October and I've not fallen out of love with it yet. Using it every single day with 2 or 3 pumps and its only now hit the half way mark. Theres some gorgeous S&G sets out for Christmas that I have been begging for. I need them all in my life - and I'm just out of their body scrubs too. Perfect timing to stock up again! (Are you listening santy?)

My sister introduced me to a bundle of French brands after she went jet setting to France with her other half for a week. She came home weighted down with skin care and goodies for me to try. I'll tell you now, the sisterly bond was strong that day. This Bioderma cleansing milk is one she passed to me when she found it wasn't working for her skin. After trying it out for the entire month I'm almost booking her tickets back to France to buy more. This takes off the most caked make up, mascara (- but not Benefits They're Real. Feckin nothing gets that cray stuff off.) and all the most pigmented lipsticks going. I really love it and its not once irritated my skin. I've not looked this up as I really don't want to ruin the dream and find out how expensive it is, or how difficult it is to get in Ireland. But as its now two thirds gone, I'll have to burst my bubble soon. 

Thats it for me now. I'm sorry about the crappy blogging I've been doing in the last few weeks. If its not the awful light, its the lack of time! Speaking of light, apologises for the utterly horrendous light in this post. I've had nothing but weeks of poor lighting and said feck it yesterday. Downsides of the winter season! 

Friday 28 November 2014

My Top 10 Lipsticks For The Winter Months

I love me a good lipstick and the making of this was a real shocker. I wouldn't like to admit just how many lipsticks and lip products in general I have. It can just be our little secret that I have a growing problem. I couldn't even narrow it down to a top 5, no sir. Its got to be a top 10 as there are just so many different shades to try out and look amazing in the colder winter months! I've split them into 3 sections. So, here we go!

Berries and Reds:
This is by far my biggest collection of colours, everything is always made better with a red lip! I think theres a good range of lights and darks here to pick from and they are all under €10. All these can be bought in Boots or your local chemist. I know that Seventeen Stay Pout is the cheapest of the lot at just over €6 and none of the others are much over that either. I have to say though, the *Paese lipstick came out so much darker and pink then it is in real life. I did a post on it and a load of other Paese products over here not too long ago. I think the swatch in that photo is more true to life. 

I have two Rimmel lipsticks here. I think by now 107 by Kate in the red and black packaging has become a legendary known dark red. A much lighter 'true' red is the Rimmel 500 in the gorgeous purple packaging. 

And lastly one that I was actually given by my mom, the L'oreal Intense for brunettes in colour riche 376. This isn't as dark as I had expected but just dark enough to make a statement. And although I like how each shade suits a certain hair colour, I don't think it should make a difference. After all theres not many lipsticks on the market that are aimed at purple hair like mine!

 Purples and Pinks:
These ones are slightly more high end prices, but I'm sure there are loads of dupes out there. First is my favourite brand, Seventeen Supreme Shine lipstick in pink posey. Although this is quite sheer you can build it up on the lips and its surprisingly really pigmented. I love this one because you can put it on without having to use a mirror. Not only that but I find a lot of lipsticks can be drying, but this one gives loads of moisture and is again, under the €10 mark.

Next is the most purple, *Christian Breton in speak easy 5048. This is an amazing colour, every time I wear it I'm asked what it is and where I picked it up. Its one of my more 'out there' shades but I love it. Purple has to be my favourite colour so when my hair matches my lips, I'm one happy girl. This is pricey at €18 if you go to the official Christian Breton site, but you can also get it in the Cosmetic Outlet for €10, bargain!

Lastly a lipstick that I wore non stop for about 6 months at one point, my Clinique lovely. I got this as a present as there normally anywhere from €20 a pop, but because I've used it so much the label has wore off and I haven't a clue what shade it is! Also the packaging has been updated, but I think it could be the Butter Shine Lipsticks. If you fancy a new posh lipstick, this is the way to go!

Browns and Burgundy's:
My last two that are such scary colours to wear out in the big wide world, but look so amazing once I get over the bold shades. The lighter is my MakeUp Factory one that I've had for years (I know, bold me.) Like with my Clinique one, the label has wore off so I'm not too sure of the name. I got this in a chemist somewhere in Kerry and pull it out when I'm feeling brave. I love layering it with a deep berry lipgloss for a little more umph. I think it was under €10.

And then Benefit La La Land is an utter beaut. Its really thick as you can see it totally covers my tattoo in the photo above. This lasts ages and is quite moisturisng. I'm not sure if they make this particular shade anymore since they changed all their packaging, but I think you can get something similar. I'm a little sad the new packaging isn't as sleek or fancy as this older one. At about €22 I think some of the brighter shades could be on the Christmas list!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 

Thursday 27 November 2014

20 Stocking Fillers Under 20 Euro

Its not often that I find ideas for Christmas presents that are cheap. Not cheap and crappy, but cheap and happy. I'm going to troll the internet and shops over the next few weeks looking for my Christmas presents and I just don't have the funds for going all out! So here are some ideas that will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face, while also being able to stretch the few pennies a little further.

1. Emmas Soy Candles €9.95: These are gorgeous handmade Irish candles that come in loads of different scents. They also have limited edition Christmas scents and even cheaper wax melts for only €4.95. Perfect for ladies and gents alike who enjoy a lovely smelling warm glow in the house.

2. Asos Stag ring holder €6.43 and Unicorn ring holder €14.29: Both of these are only lovely! I'd be happy with either one and depending on funds and taste, theres two to choose from here. Not only that but theres free shipping with all things on Asos.

3. The Body Shop Glased Apple Gift Set €9.95: This is just one of a lot of sets in the Body Shop for under €10, so this shop is worth checking out. I find that theres a lot of scents from BS that you could give to a guy or a girl. Theres a lot of 'lighter' scents then the really heavy floral fragrances that are aimed more to women. 

4. Sleek Palettes €9.99 and under: If theres a particular person in your life that loves all things make up then look no further then Sleek. You get so much bang for your buck with these and they are so handy to travel with as well. You can get lots for under 10 quid and some for a little over too. So theres really something to suit everyones pocket.

5. Liz Earle Nail Star Tin €9: This is a handy one you can get on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots. I would never get this sort of high end brand so a lovely presentation tin and varnish all for €9 is just what the doctor ordered for people similar to me and my cheap tastes! (I can't find this on the site but its in store!)

6. This Works Breathe Cracker €8: I really like This Works things and a lot of people seem to be in the same boat. But what I love more then This Works is little mini cracker gifts! You get a lovely stress less roller ball and there are loads of other gift sets from this range.

7. Soap&Glory All The Right Smoothies €10: Three gorgeous mini body butters from one of the greats. This is great for trying out different products without having to buy the full size. Again, this isn't on the Boots site but there are loads in store.

8. Scene Designs You're Fabulous Mug €14.95: Supporting a small Irish business while also getting a really cool mug - that compliments you? Yeah eh I'll take them all thanks very much! Theres loads of fun GLBT friendly things on this site and I know loads of people would get a kick from them.

9.Funko Pop Minion £11.44 or Batman £10.81: This is the type of thing that I think some guys will really enjoy, although I know lots of ladies who love them, myself included. Theres Disney figures, DC heroes and so many more. Any character you can think of, your almost bound to find it. Or go for some scary ones like The Walking Dead!

10. Secrets Ireland Screaming O Bullet €9.80:  Ok so this one might just be for the older lads and ladies out there, but this is a really great stocking filler to get! Theres something cheeky about finding a little surprise like this mixed in with a packet of sweeties and maybe a lip gloss in a stocking. This gets a major thumbs up!

11. Tiger Gingeerbread House €4:  I don't know about everyone else, but I love getting food that I can play with too! Theres something very fun about making something and taking ages over the details to then go and eat it! So cheap and hours of enjoyment/munching to be had!

12. Qwertee €10:  Every day theres a different design to be found on this Irish tshirt site. Its so much fun looking at it daily to see whats new. Theres also cheaper €7 tshirts that they send you out and you have no clue what design you'll get. Thats a surprise in itself! I know a lot of guys especially love this site.

13. Lush Poptastic Gift Box £7.95: In fairness, would it be Christmas if I didn't include something from Lush? I think not. This has two lovely bath bombs in it, but there are so many different ones to choose from and all at different prices so you can pick something to suit everyones pocket.

14. No7 Mini LipTreats €10: Two Winter shades of loveliness for only 10 quid? Yes please I need them! These lip crayons are perfect if your not too sure what to add to someones stocking. And they look so fancy too!

15. Bare Minerals Pair Of Performers €14:  Speaking of fancy things, if your looking for a little extra for your lad or lady, then these mini lip gloss and mascara is a really lovely gift to receive. Just perfect for throwing into your bag if your off for a night on the tiles. Yet again, its not on the Boots site but its in store.

16. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar €19.99: This is so lovely and a great bargain price too! Perfect for someone who really loves candles or wanting to try out difference scents.

17. H&M Metal Clutch Bag €19.99: I couldn't not add in a gorgeous clutch/bag. Give me anything shiny, gold or glittery and I'm your girl. This will last years and is just. Ughh look at it!!

18. H&m Knitted Tube Scarf €19.99: Another little thing I noticed while I was browsing H&M was this scarf. Hats, scarves and gloves are all perfect gifts to give. You can never have too many and this one has lovely patterns.

19. Tiger Jewellery Box €4: I've been eyeing this since it came into the shop at the start of the month. For under a fiver you can get the most beautiful present for someone who is as much of a magpie as I am. And If your looking for something extra, earrings or a necklace would be a cute added extra!

20. Penneys: Lads I can't stress enough how amazing Penneys is this year for gifts. Theres box gift sets of lovely spices, hot water bottles, Christmas mugs with socks and lots more all for under €8. You've all got to get your bums in and save a load of money! But be warned, try and get in early as its packed come 12 in the afternoon. Everyone and their mammy is in there getting a feckin' great bargin. They even have christmas lights and blankets. Ugh, lovely!!

Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Christmas Tag

I've seen this tag mostly on YouTube and really liked it so I was delighted when Nurse Fancy Pants tagged me to do it! Its only 10 questions but it actually took me ages to do because I had to put on the Christmas music and google old toys I had to just have a look at them. Not to mention stopping loads of times to find a family member to talk to about past times. This is the best tag I've done so far! I feckin' love Christmas!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
I really love the old ones like Miracle on 34th Street Home Alone and Muppets Christmas Coral. But The Grinch, Santa Clause, Love Actually and The Holiday have to be watched too. God I really want to start watching them now!

2.Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or on Christmas morning?
When I was little it was always Christmas morning but as I've got older and spent some years away from the crazy family, I've opened them on Christmas eve and then just one or two the night before as we were all giddy and couldn't wait! - I think that Christmas was a very liquid one.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
My dads last Christmas with us all. He got to come home from hospital for a few hours and we were all having dinner. My sister was sneaking food under the table to the cat and she made a really odd growling noise. For some reason everyone turned to look at my dad and it was so funny because his reaction was so outraged and dramatic, thinking that he had made the weird cat growl. 

4. Favourite Christmas food
The white sauce thats only gotten at Christmas especially for the ham. Oh my god that stuff is amazing. I get up at night to have that dipped into ham. Nom. Oh and the tin of Roses is always high on the list too!

5. Favourite Christmas gift
When I was little I got a baby born and a kitchen one year. I played with both for years to come and they were the best things ever and kept in perfect condition because I had to clean them like my mom and gran cleaned the house. When I was grown out of them years later they got a new home with some relatives who had little girls. That was even better as they were just so excited and it was lovely to see. 

Now it would have to be books, Lush bath bombs or alcohol!

6. Favourite Christmas scent
Once I get over how much of a bitch it is to put up and get covered in sap in the process, I love the real tree smell. It never fails to bring me back to being tiny when I first started to have memories of all the years of trees, lights and excitement. And the other that really stands out is my gran making the fruit puddings and cakes. It always hits me when I'd come in from the cold outside into the warm kitchen.  

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Years ago all my family and relatives would gather in a pub and have drinks and Christmas eve dinner but now it changes from year to year. Last year I went with my best friends to Christmas eve mass (for the first time ever!) and it was the best craic ever. I think I might ask to go along again. Imagine, me enjoying religion!

8. What tops your tree?
Its always been an angel for as long as I can remember. It was the same massive gold and white fairy yoke for years before she got a little too battered and we got a new one. But I can safely say that old angel was about my age!

9. As a kid, what was the one extravagant gift you asked for but never got?
God I'm sure there was loads of things that I never got. I think I asked for most of the Argos catalog one year, but nothing in particular comes to mind.

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you?
Theres so much I love about Christmas. I'm cursed (or maybe very lucky) every year to be covered in glitter from about mid November. Wrapping early presents, writing cards or knocking off decorations. Glitter always follows me! But mulled wine, Christmas songs and the lights are some of my most favourite things. I'd say giving presents but the stress of the crowds, wrapping awkward gifts and lugging them left, right, and center.. Nah! 

I'd love to see what everyone has to answer to these questions so if you do it please tag me on twitter or answer some in the comments below!

I tag:
Bernie - BeautyMinxBlog
Elaine - RubyLaineMakeUp

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Empties #7

I think I'm getting better at doing these empties more often, thing aren't piling up so much! I only did one of these last month but since then I've had loads more odds and ends that I've been using up. Some of them I'm very sorry to see go and will be on the list must buys again soon, once all the Christmas presents have been bought!

First is my lovely Body Shop chamomile cleanser that was an utter dream to use on my skin. It took off all my make up and didn't irritate even my eyes. It was pricey at €15 and not something I will be picking up soon, but is on my wishlist of lovely things to get when I have a spare few bob floating about. You can read my full review of it over here.

Seventeen is the love of my make up life, we all know that by now. So when they brought this new foundation out a few months ago I couldn't have been happier. I'm now on to my third bottle of the stuff and use it daily. Its the perfect tone for my pale completion and can build up to have a totally flawless - slightly thick, but full coverage. Theres not much else in the make up section that could make me change my mind. This is just over €8 but all the make up in Boots tends to be on 3 for 2 so you can pick it up on the cheap. I need to get a back up of my back up for this one!

My Garnier micellar water is finally finished. When the internet went mad for those waters I naturally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a million different ones. This one is by far the best, purely based on the price. Its one of the biggest bottles at 400ml instead of the usual 200ml. So when I next run out of all my water, I'll pick this on up again.

Ziaja is amazing, theres not one product that I've tried of theres that I've not loved - which is a big thing for me to say. The Ziaja rose butter micro peeling face scrub has been my go to scrub for months now and I'm sad thats its come to an end. I'll be keeping an eye out for this again and buying a back up when I do find them. I used this about 3 times a week and it kept my skin soft while not being too harsh or stripping it. This was about €6 if I remember right and is worth every penny. 

My fall down with these posts are the crazy amounts of hair things in them. So I'll keep this one really short. We all know I love Dove and I buy this conditioner for coloured hair religiously. Big thumbs up. Next is a let down of a Dealz find, some random shampoo and conditioner that wasn't very good. I wont be getting it again.

Onto the hair dyes now. My Bleach London dye needs a full ranting, so heres the blog post for it. I just hate it so much! The other is XXL Live and that is the other end of the scale entirely. I use this all the time and love it so much. I lasts ages and gives such gorgeous colours once its washed out. You can pick this one up on offer in Boots all the time for about €5 which is perfect for me.

Two bottles of dry shampoo that I now use all the time. Batiste is an old favourite that I used a lot of especially around Halloween as it gives great texture and the white powder it leaves behind looks great too. But a new favourite is the Herbal Essence range and I have about 3 as back ups! They were on special offer in Tesco so I really stocked up. Best dry shampoo ever!

Few deodorants I really like is the Nivea no stains one and the roll on energy fresh one. Mostly the bigger bottle is about €5 in Boots but I always buy the roll on one in Dealz for €1.49 which is great for just before bed if you don't fancy having a stuffy room of spray left or if you have asthma and find that sprays irritate it. 

Next are two body scrubs, one is a mini from Soap&Glory. Sugar crush is by far my favourite scent along with the new orange one thats out. Nom nom nom, they smell so good! I'm asking santa for one of those sets for Christmas and in the mean time I might just accidentally buy one! The other is the raspberry body scrub from the Body Shop that loads of bloggers raved about. When I was in one day they had it on special offer so I picked it up but I wont be getting it again. It just didn't do anything for me and left my skin, unscrubed?

Once I found the dupe in Dealz for my Bourjoir nail varnish remover, I'm not going to be picking it up again. But this did work really well and if theres no Dealz near you then I'd recommend getting this one. Its about €6.99 so its not breaking the bank.

I really love Ghost and enchanted bloom is my favourite one of the collection. I have had this still in my shelf far too long but I could bare to throw it out. But considering its less then €30 I think I'm going to ask himself for it for Christmas. Perfume is such a lovely gift and an easy one once you know what type the girl or guy likes!

Lastly is one of the best Irish candles around, Emmas so naturals. This is one of their winter limited edition ones in masala chai. I think this is one of the nicest ones of all the winter candles out there. For €9.99 I think this is going to be bought again really soon. You can see all the other scents and full reviews over here.

Do you think empty posts are good for finding new things to try?

Thursday 20 November 2014

Things That Annoy Me

Theres times when you just have had enough and all the things that you can normally deal with spill over. Sometimes its little things blogger does, other times its rude people on the road. But whatever it is you can cope. Until you can't. Heres some of the things that really annoy me, under handy headings! I have another post a little like this called Things I Don't Like.

Social Media

  • People using words like hubby, wifey and tweetiepies. No, just no.
  • Spamming Twitter with the same links. Fuck right off. *unfollowed*
  • Facebook not showing all the pages you want to see. Wtf?
  • RTing like its going out of fashion. 
  • Long convos on IG. 
  • Mass subtweeting. Go waay you mad feckers.
  • Follow for follow lark. No, if I like you and want to see your news I'll follow you.
  • Long Facebook posts. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.


  • Brushing your hair when its utterly FULL of knots.
  • Using Lush solid shampoo bars and finding pieces of the seaweed in your hair or stuck to the bottom of your shower.
  • Blow drying your hair because its freezing and your late. But suffering frizz head for the rest of the day.
  • Not seeing patches of dry shampoo and looking like a twat for the day.
  • Lip gloss looks amazing. Until it gets windy and your hair gets stuck to it.
  • Limp/frizzy/hair that just wont do what you want it to. Why?!


  • When you put powdered makeup on your bed for a second and turn back to see it embedded into your sheets - normally white ones.
  • When your bronzer/blusher/contour looks amazing but then you step into proper daylight and suddenly you see just how dark it is. Clown face alert!
  • Combination skin - you can't figure out where the moisturiser line goes. Too dry/too greasy. FML.
  • Two words: Tan Lines.
  • Never being able to achieve the perfect brow without professional help. One is always higher then the other. Plus pluck happy. (Repeat offender here)
  • Makeup (foundation for me) stains on your clothes. It will never ever come out. 
  • The most perfectly applied nail varnish you've ever done. Then you touch off something. Smudged all over the gaff. Fuuuccc...
  • Having to clean make up brushes. Its 2014, wheres the self clean ones already!


  • When Blogger/Wordpress doesn't save your 500+ word post that you've spent over an hour composing.
  • Computer updates meaning you have to restart your computer. Normally when your doing something important.
  • No light to take photos. Why is it so dark! Sad times.
  • Font thats too small or swirly. I already have glasses. Please don't make me get out the magnifying glass too.
  • Checking your emails all day. Nothing. Don't look for half an hour? You need to delete old emails to try make space for the incoming craziness.
  • Having beautiful photos but only about 2 lines of text about the 'product review'.
  • No link or information about the price/size of the product. Its a review, review it!
  •  Always seeing the same background.


  • Walking in new high heels - the pain.
  • Walking in high heels when its wet out or on a slippy surface. LET ME HOLD ONTO YOU!!
  • Scalding the mouth off yourself from your morning coffee. Tasting food ruined for the day.
  • 'Table for two please' ... Sorry what?! An hour!!? Fuck off.
  • Buying all the things on Esty/Amazon/ ect. Get to the checkout and 'this item does not ship to your country'. Feck it.
  • Charging your battery full. Half an hour later 7%. Whaaa?
  • 'I love your XYZ!' ..'Ah thanks Penneys... 3 years ago.'  Well then. Shit.
  • *saves all the money* Item currently out of stock.
  • Missing the ninja postman.
  • People not indicating. HOW do you have a licence?!

Do you agree with these? Or could you add anything!

Monday 17 November 2014

A Litte Instagram Inspiration

I'm forever looking for new Instagram accounts to follow that might not necessarily be make up and blogger based ones. (Although I'll admit, I'm kind of addicted to them all!) So heres a few that I follow, a little something for everyone, or so I think. The only one I think I've left out is the sporty types. Its grand for the masses, but have you seen me lately? Sport is not my style. 

PassionPassport: People send in their photos from all around the world. They are of people, towns, the mountains and so much more. Its like stepping into a mini LonelyPlanet book for a few seconds as you scroll down your IG feed. 

SproutedKitchen: Sara documents all the wonderful food she makes. With a little of her life, brand new (really freakin cute!!) baba in toe and a handsome fella, this is one for the foodies. I've actually got inspo for dinners before - they aren't all that difficult!

Reedtimmer: Crazy storm chasers anyone? You can follow the team who take the most amazing photos and videos of the storms they find themselves in. Its scary but also overwhelmingly beautiful to see the lightening shots and landscapes.

MakeupByDG: This guy is only 18 years old but he is killing it with his make up looks. I envy his perfect cut crease so much. They are like nothing on earth. Technically a youtuber, but his IG alone is enough to get a 'wow' moment.

Idafrosk: Ida makes these amazing pictures all from food (and then eats them!) Some are so easy and all fun to find on your feed. You could also make some of them yourself if you had a little fussy eater, 

Tal_Peleg: Easily one of my favourite make up accounts, this is the one I go on when I need a bit of something totally beautiful to look at. Mostly eyes, with different designs and scenes created all with makeup. I can't even explain it right, you'll just have to see yourself.

BiddyTheHedgehog: You like cute animals? Then Biddy the tiny little hedgehog is just what you need.

HumansOfNY: Everyone knows about the Humans of ... accounts that are blogs and pages on facebook, but theres also one for IG. I love finding out parts of peoples stories and feeling like I can connect with people I will never meet, jut for a moment.

GlitterGuide: This does exactly what it says on the tin. Random bits of inspo at the dinner table, around the home and out and about. This is part of a website, but I've never felt the need to even visit it as all I need are these gorgeous photos.

Waverrider_: An absolutely brilliant young fella who takes photos of famous people and recreates them his way. Oh god I could spend ages just having a giggle over them. And not only are they funny, but he must spend hours making them and designing the backgrounds. The attention to detail is really something to see!

DexterAndTheBear: I'm sure a lot of you will know Ruth from A Model Recommends. These are her pets, a fluffy dog called Dexter and a massive grumpy cat called Mr Bear. They are some of my favourite 'famous' pets. And who does like a cute fur ball in their feed?!

PaperFashion: Utterly beautiful work done all with paint. This is Katie who takes art to a new level. Her 'shadow dancers' make me so happy. Not to mention she looks exactly like Anne Hathaway!

Satiregram: A really funny account that takes the piss out of IG users. Describing people taking photos of their nails, starbucks, funny comments, trolls and just all the lols. Not one for the easily offended!

TheFeedFeed: Two words; Food Porn.

Are there any you would recommend or just really love? 
Leave your account in the comments so I can check it out! 

Friday 14 November 2014

A Berry Christmas With Paese

Paese is a brand that I don't tend to talk about, but use all the time. Why the hell is that you ask? I'm not too sure at all, I'm dreadful for talking about the same things over and over, while I have drawer fulls of amazing things I use and love, but never tell anyone about. Whats that line about a well kept secret? As its now almost into mid November, I guess its a lot safer to talk Christmas without getting the head eaten off me! Paese sent me out a few goodies to have a try of with the festive season in mind and I think their right on trend.

First thing that really caught my eye was the Bamboo powder with silk proteins. It not only looks beautiful in its box, but it sounds almost far too fancy to slap on your face. Silk proteins!? This is a white loose translucent podwer that makes you look like a china doll - depending on how much you apply of course. This really gives the most lovely finish and I've noticed I don't need to reapply my finishing powder as much throughout the day when I use this one. Thats always a big plus for me considering I'm prone to being a little shiny (sexy, right?). This contains antibacterial and calming properties and no less then 90% hydrated silica - Thats the stuff that absorbs moisture so you don't get the unsexy shine. It also makes the light reflect so winkles, pores and blemishes are less visible. Can I get a hallelujah?! This comes in just the one shade of 30ml for €11.99, I'd definitely recommend having a goo at it if your at a stand.

Something that I've been a long time fan of is Paese's nail varnishes. I always pop one in my basket every time I pick up some things on Cloud10Beauty and they never fail to impress me. Actually they tend to be the ones that all my family reach for whenever they raid my nail varnish stash. Put on 2 coats and your ready to go, or 3 if your feeling extra fancy and have the time. They normally last about 3 days - as do most average to good varnishes do. This particular red is perfect for the festive season and really, red is never out of fashion. I like that the little pots they come in are square as you can easily pick them out from the rest of your collection (total blind person here!) and that theres so many different shades in the collection to pick from. Theres also a massive range of nail treatments that blow my mind every time I have a nose online at them and I can safely say that some will be on my Christmas list - doesn't every 20 something still need a stocking filled?! You can get these for just €4.99 each which I think is a bit of bargain myself. This particular red matches perfectly with the red lipstick a little below. Just like, fyi lads.

The one thing that I'm not too sure about out of the entire collection has to be the Manifesto liquid lipstick. I've never been a fan of lip glosses or these gloss to lip stick things. I just can't deal with the mess and stickiness of them all. Not to mention if there happens to be a little wind. Well thats it, you may head home and get back into the shower, cos' your hair is stuck to your lips and face. Oh so sexy person. (insert comment about you going Glen Coco here) This didn't do it for me in the slightest. I can see how some people might like the idea of lipstick but also a gloss as a handy 2 into 1 product. It has lots of 'hydration' which I'll agree with. It takes a while for the gloss to dry but its still really moisturising, so pigmented and surprisingly long lasting. So while this just doesn't do it for me, I think theres going to be a lot out there that wont be able to live without it. This ones €6.99 and has over 15 shades to pick from.  

 The last is another favourite of mine. This lipstick with argan oil is only gorgeous and glides on so smoothly. Its got vitimans, antioxidants and just lots of good stuff. Theres 20 shades to choose from and once you have one, you'll want the rest. This one is going to be a firm favourite in my hand bag for the length of Christmas. And with the cute little packaging they are sure to fit neatly into even the smallest of clutches. Bonus points, this red is the totally same shade as the nail varnish that I was talking about above. This one is also €6.99.

You can find stocklists and the full range over here.

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.