Monday 28 September 2015

Lush: Lifes A Beach, And Other Things

I'm back again lovely people of the internet! If you were wondering why I fell off the face of the earth, I explain it all over here. But lets get away from that for the moment to talk about all things Lush. Over the past few months I've been lacking an interest in anything beauty related, but not so long ago I was invited to have a goo at the new things that Lush has to offer, and it sparked something brilliant back into me, ( - Now now, dirty jokes are reserved for Sexual Sunday posts.) They have brought in so many news things and said goodbye to some old favourites as well. But while I morn the loss of my beloved Dorthy bubble bar, I have to tell you about the exciting new things to grace the shelves.

First is something very new to Lush, *Lifes A Beach is a body scrub in the form of a powder. A mixture of fine sea salt, sand, vanilla absolute, tonka absolute, and gardenia extract to name a few, this is a seriously beautiful smelling product. Not too scrubby and yet perfect to use before shaving or putting on some tan. However this isn't cheap at £12.50 (roughly €18) a pop for 400g, so this might be one to splurge on then save. It also comes in a pretty box, but be warned that cardboard boxes and showers don't mix very well together. This is one I'd give a miss if you were 'just in for a look' at.

*The Experimenter is one of the most colourful and visually pleasing bath bombs that Lush has stocked on its shelves. Not only does it look cool, but once you drop it in the bath it really makes for a show. Its not often I stick around to watch bath bombs do their thing, but this is the exception. This has tonka and vanilla absolute, along with vetivert oil to give it a strong masculine and what some would describe it as a woody scent. This isn't my cup of tea scent wise, but I can't fault it when it looks like that! This is £3.95 (the €5/€6 mark). One that you will either love or hate, do have a sniff next time you pop in.

A new product that blew my little mind when I first saw it, *Damaged. We all know and love the different hair treatments that Lush has o offer in their big roundy black pots of joy, but this is a whole new level of fancy. Now there are three different hot oil treatments to choose from, all in the form of cake pop like treats. You simply put a small amount of hot water into a cup along with your product and stir until its liquefied and your left with the stick and a lovely smelling thick and creamy product. Slather it onto your dry hair and leave it to work some magic for about 20 minutes. Damaged has olive, avocado and almond oil to help ease damaged hair along with some fair trade vanilla absolute to give it that divine scent. This is £6.50 (about €8.70). I'll totally be trying out all of these as I dye my hair so often.

This lovely bubble bar caught my eye when it was recommended by one of the lovely Lush staff. I asked him for something that would help take a guys clothes off, and so Karma was pointed out. Lemongrass, mango butter, patchouli and orange oil are just some of the good things packed into this little glittery purple pyramid. And I can tell you, that lovely Lush employee couldn't have picked a better product! This comes in at £4.25 (about €5/€6). 

Lastly one that gave me a little giggle, *Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair shower gel. This is right up my street, with rose, jasmine and ylang ylang absolute it makes it smell so lovely and sweet, while the sandalwood oil gives it that extra softening feel on your skin. Even if you don't own a bath to enjoy the bath bombs Lush has to offer, you can still indulge with this little bottle of wonderful stuff. For 100g its £4.75 (about €6.50).

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.


  1. I got the The Experimenter last time I was in Lush and it was so lovely! That Damaged stick thing is so odd I'd love to try it! I don't think I have enough hair yet though :P I'm so excited for Lush's Halloween and Christmas stuffs!!

  2. The Karma one looks gorgeous! Will definitely be giving it a go :) glad to see you're back x