Sunday 18 August 2013

Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em

Oh, I'm back you think? No, I doubt it very much. But lets not talk about that, instead lets talk about this really lovely body buff that I'm sad about because I'm almost out of it. 

I was given this as a present ages ago and didn't think much of it at the time as I'm not a big user of scrubs or buffs at all. I can never find one that really feels like your getting lots of good hard gritty bits to shift dead skin off. And then some leave a horrible thin layer of cream instead of leaving you feeling squeaky clean. So I tend to stay clear of them for the most part and make my own homemade scrub instead - I'll put up a how to post one day but don't ask when! (You all know how good I am at blogging regularly... Lies)

Let me just say, if this was a guy I'd be embarrassing myself texting him non stop. I used it one day on a whim a little over a month ago and I was instantly hooked. (We've all had that kind of guy, right?) The pot is girly, eye catching and classy like all S&G products are. I think it has the perfectly right amount of tiny scrubby sea salt beads in it (then again, you can never have too many) It also really impressed me by having a sort of foam quality to it once it gets a splash of water on it to help spread out the thick and slightly creamy product. It has babassu oil, jojoba and mandarin oil that all helps to make it dreamy and easy to use, leaving your skin feeling as though you have just moisturised and uber sexy - umhumm, I did just use that word. Look at me go!

Its pink in case you didn't notice. Now who doesn't like a bit of colour in their shower time? This is kind of a hole in the pocket at just under €10 but it does last and the pot is a lovely big 300ml thing. The one draw back I think it has is that mist you madly scent a lot of S&G products have. I may be bias here considering I have the Clean Girls body wash used to death so now hate the smell a little, but I can get over it for how scrubbed, clean and fresh my skin feels after I use this. Go give it a sniff and a poke next time your in Boots, or have a look at it over here.

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