Tuesday 27 August 2013

The Wedding Party

I don't normally talk about my family here, but my sister getting married was kind of a big deal, and so I thought you would all like a sneaky look at a few snaps of the day. I'm not going to add in personal photos of my family, just because their not too happy about being on the internet (the big scary place that it is!) But here are some highlights, Enjoy :)

A lovely example to set all the children.. Not. Everyone had handed me gifts and wine to leave inside and this was the outcome! Again, some of my besties here. Side note, My top is from Asos, my shorts from Dunnes and the rest from the inner depths of the back of the wardrobe

Overall it was a beautiful and somewhat stressful day! The weather was perfect, everyone really enjoyed themselves and looked great. My sister, mother and grandmother really put in so much work and the results were amazing. When it got dark the wonderful day time flowers and colourful bunting was hidden but it turned into a wonderland of fairy lights and bright candles in jars. I can't believe we are all grown up now and I am the last one in the family to be free and single!  

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