Wednesday 7 January 2015

Sleek Blush By 3: Pink Lemonade

Back in November I did a My Top 5 Blushers and told you that I had become quite the blush addict. In my ever long quest I have gathered even more blushers in the hopes that one day, I will look more like the girls in the magazines with their 'glowing' cheeks, rather then the deeply embarrassed look that I sport daily. (Think the part in Bridget Jones when she does her make up in the back of a dark taxi. Yeah, hiya. Thats me.) 

Sleek has come up big on my radar since about October when I bought myself a few eye shadow palettes after trying the contour kit and loving it. Naturally it was nothing short of a hot dirty weekend away and now we've moved our stuff in together and met each others parents. (If only it happened like that every time!) I've started a collection on their single blushers, but today I want to talk about the latest beauty and apple of my eye. 3 blushers in one palette; Pink Lemonade. 

In order, each gradually gets a slightly darker tone of pink with the two outer shades being shimmery powders and the middle one being a matte cream. This palette is the only one with a cream blush, as far as I know. Apart from the palette Californ.I.A which has all three shades in cream. I really enjoy using both of the powders, they are easy to apply, highly pigmented and give gorgeous shimmery colours that last all day. However I have still to come to terms with using the matte cream, I'm awful at applying anything with a cream constancy. But thats not to say that its not a lovely shade and fear not, I refuse to give up on it!  

I think these blush palettes are well worth the €12.99 as you get three gorgeous shades that will last you for ages and they come in a expensive looking palette that has a handy mirror in it, so you can pop it in your bag without a second thought. There are 8 different 'blush by 3' palettes in total and I I have my eye on lots of other ones, so you may see them pop up in future posts! All Sleek makeup on the Boots site is buy one, get one half price at the moment, so if you fancy picking this up you can get something else too!


  1. I could use a little more Sleek in my makeup bag so think I'll check it out while the Boots deal is on!

    1. Do, its really good and cheap as chips! :) x