Friday 9 January 2015

TopShop Lipstick: The Damned

(Apologises for having this up late and an awful swatch photo. I was away from the aul blog/computer for the past day and didn't get time to take a good photo in daylight. Never fear though, I'll have a better one up asap!)

I'm forever seeing UK bloggers and vloggers talk about TopShop make up and I just love the look of it, its got packaging that can sometimes remind me of Benefit. But I've noticed not that many Irish bloggers/vloggers talk about them and I think it could be only one of the two things. Either its just not as popular over here, I mean when you go in for a tshirt your hardly thinking about foundation. Or its just too feckin' expensive and if your going to fork out on something like that, then Boots points should be given! Those two are always my excuse when I pass by TopShop, but I went in the other day on a mission, to have a look at the gorgeous stand of stuff. I was not disappointed either.

I ohhed and ahhed over things for the longest time, coming away with the typical overly coloured in hand from testing different products. I have a list of things I'd love the length of today and tomorrow now, so maybe the odd time I'm passing I'll pop in and pick one thing up at a time. As you'll now by now if your around these parts a while, I'm a big fan of the 'drug store' cheap as hell make up. And this, this lip stick was not even slightly cheap in my eyes at €12. If I went into Boots I could get 2 Seventeen lipsticks for that price and a good few Boots points too. But lads and ladies, would you be able to judge me when you have a goo of that shade? Oh holy mammy, its just perfect.

This is 'The Damned' - meaning damned expensive.. Sorry, sorry. Couldn't help that one. Its meant to be a matte finish, but personally I don't find that and it doesn't start to dry into your lips for maybe an hour after applying. Its a lovely rich creamy texture that glides across the aul smackers like it was made only for me. Massively pigmented and one that you will definitely need a mirror to apply with, its going to last you all day long. Its not as dark or purple as what it looks like, but you can also build it up easily so its a little bit darker. its still lovely on and adds a little more omph to your look. This one doesn't dry out my lips like some lipsticks I've used and it doesn't cling to any imperfections like other mattes I have in my ever growing collection. It lasted for a surprisingly long time, even after eating and drinking. I'm very impressed with it and hope that every TopShop lipstick has the same staying power. 

You can see the shade in action on my Instagram over here.

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