Monday 13 July 2015

June Favourites

Its that time again and I'm a bit late with posting this but sure its here now! I've got woeful with posting over the past few months, but the mojo is hard to come by nowadays. This months favourites post had far too stuff in it, so this is the cut down version. Things like NCIS, Friends, comics and boiled eggs were high on the list. I also forgot to add in the life saver that was La Roche Posay thermal spring water spray, as it was in my fridge keeping cool. But man, I've gone through so much of it in the heat. Best thing ever.

Two things that I use daily and will have used to death pretty soon are the Wet'n'Wild Bare It All and my Mary Lou Manizer. Bare it all is a MAC dupe for Velvet Teddy and is just a gorgeous matte nude that needs to be in everyones life. Plus its only €2.99 so your not breaking the bank if you want to get yourself a lil' somein' somein'. You can see in in almost all my photos that I've posted up over the past two months. I'd wear it to bed if I could.

I'm not to natter on about Mary as I've done a full blog post all about her over here, so do have a look for the swatches and such. But in summary, its a keeper!

 Next are three things that have been keeping me happy the past while. Imperial Leather is a brand that I over look so much and theres never any love for it round the internets, so its easily forgotten about. I dug this Day At The Spa out of my drawer on a whim to use and my god am I glad I did. I've since bought two back ups from Tesco - its on special offer at the moment if anyone wants to pick up some of their body washes! Love the sweet scent of this and although its a bit sad to say, I do look forward to my shower in the morning that bit more now, because it smells so good!

After the shower I want something light and quick to slap on myself. This comes in the form of Ziaja's natural olive body balm. I love this brand and this in particular is one that I buy all the time, its so easy to use, drys in quickly and doesn't weigh you down or leave you greasy. Perfect if you need something to keep you topped up in between the odd session of thick moisturiser.

Although I love my heavy musky scents, I feel a bit over the top wearing them in the summer, so I have turned to DKNY Be Delicious Women. Its light, fruity and adds something extra. Not a scent thats overpowering but it also doesn't last long at all, so you have to top up a lot throughout the day.

And these last two are gems. Not sure why Wet'n'Wild is reading my mind, but I'm not complaining! Their new brow pencils are feckin' amazing and less then €3 so you can buy loads if you want back ups! I use this all the time, its replaced all my other brow products and its a must have in my make up bag. If you look at my Wet'n'Wild lipstick post over here, you'll see it in action. (along with feckin loads of their new lipsticks. Win win!)

And then my base, my love.Seventeens poreless primer was a on a whim buy, I didn't really want it. But I thought I might have a go and it turned out to be one of my best buys in the longest time. I suffer with the biggest pores known to man and nothing I have ever tired seems to help with them. That was, until I tried this little beaut. If you have a few bob left over from buying Wet'n'Wild goodies, then pick this fella up, you wont be disappointed!

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