Saturday 20 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul

Ladies and gents I am excited today to share this little haul with you all! Hope everyone is keeping well and looking fab, as always!

Fragrance Direct is something that I am quite new to and this is my very first haul from it. This site has a fab range of different low and high end products at a knock off price. Every item is in perfect condition unless otherwise stated e.g. the packaging has imperfections or there is no box. They ship world wide and shipping normally takes 10 working days if its not in England. But I must say, besides being excited about finally getting my hands on my cheap as chips goodies, I am very disappointed at their customer service. I waited 16 days before my box arrived and in that time I emailed them about the delay, wondering why it was taking so long after reading on their site that it would take up to 10 days for delivery and got the same information in my confirmation email. Their customer service replied to say that due to changes in their postal service it now takes 14-24 days to be delivered. So if you are thinking of ordering something please do note that as they don't mention it in emails or at the check out service and you could end up nearly pulling your hair out like I almost did. If they had just informed me of the longer delivery times I wouldn't be half as bothered as I am now. But anyway, new info/rant over!

L'oreal Recharge Lip Balm for Infallible Lip Duo Top Coat
This was 50 pence and if I'm honest I kind of got it on an impulse buy. Don't judge me, I think cheap things are amazing at the time! It smells like all other L'oreal lip products, the overly sweet I-want-to-eat-it kind? And feels lovely and soft on my lips. I have yet to use it with any lipsticks to check out the staying power, but you can be sure I will keep you all updated!

Essie Off The Shoulder
£1.99 for a Essie nail varnish? Yes please! I am new to the Essie craze, but every blogger and their grannys parrot raves and loves this brand. It is too expensive for me to even consider normally. Off the shoulder it a gorgeous hot pink that I'm sure will get loads of use this summer. 

Kylie Minogue Darling
I love all of Kylie's fragrances and really wanted to pick up a little bottle of Darling for my hand bag. It smells divine and I'm already getting asked what sent I'm wearing. Its floral, sweet and a lovely fresh sent that will be used to death for the summer months. From what I've used so far, it seems to last a good while too. Double score considering the 15ml bottle was only £4.99.

Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation
This is a brand I rarely go near, as I think its a bit expensive when you can get something similar for half the price. But £2.99 sounded better then good to me and with all the hype its been getting I thought I would give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer
This was just a repurchase for me, my trusty old Rimmel concealer that I have been using since the dawn of time. But its normally around the €5.50 range and I nabbed it for £1.50. Think I should have gotten a tonne more, silly me. 

Dainty Doll Mascara and EyelinerThis was a oohh and ahhh moment for me when I realised that Dainty Doll was on this site. I have only ever looked and longed for some of these products so when I spotted this for £1.99 I pounced at the chance to try one of my longed for items out!

Prestige Cosmetics Wet To Dry Foundation
I had never heard of this brand before but I decided to try out a few new types of foundation while I was picking up a few things that were all so cheap. I have never used this type of foundation before so it will be interesting to see how it goes and maybe I will find a new favourite along the way, fingers crossed.

So that it all my haul, hope you enjoyed seeing what I nabbed and maybe gave you all some ideas of lovely cheap as chips things to go and look at. I will do reviews on all of these products once I give them a good test drive and find out if they are as good as I hope they are! Since ordering these I may have done the dreadfully bold thing of ordering another little box of fun things, so look out for my next haul from my growing addiction site!

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