Tuesday 30 April 2013

The Lush Event

This is a picture heavy post, sorry guys but it had to be done! Last night (yes, I am actually blogging the day after something, now sit back down and shh!) I attended a fancy VIP body pampering event in Lush on Henry St - I know, moment for fangirl #Idie needed. Anyone could go and it was all free too. I dragged my oh-so-good friend Steph along for the ride (shes not a product junkie like me, hence the dragging and sucking up!) And let me just tell you all with my hand over my heart, I knew the Lush staff were generally helpful nice people, but not until you spend an hour and a half in their shop like I did talking to them do you get the full force of just how amazing and genuinely great these peeps are!
The Lush shop on Henry St., Lush are against animal testing, a quote from The TImes
I started my evening by getting a yummy alcohol free cocktail and talking to some of the staff. But secretly it was the fun and charming barman (below) in what can only be described as the next big fashion piece, a wonderful Hawaiian shirt, making the cool looking cocktails that made me relax, so thank you! Also beside him was Garret, the stores managing director. You know the way people who are managers are nice to cutsomers but only because they have to be? Well, I could not get over how genuine and chatty this fellow was! He even obliged me by writing down his blogs name The Secret, giving both Steph and myself a goodie bag and if thats not enough he gave me a sample of Blousey shampoo that I've wanted to try forever. Go talk to him next time you pop into Lush, hes so fun!  

Garret and his lovely barman/boyfriend, the cocktails, some bath bombs, everyone having fun!
 The place had a fab atmosphere with people gossiping about the best bath bomb and others smearing magic goo onto their hands and even faces. I qued up to see the bubbly Maeve who was in deep conversation about how wonderful Lush make up is. She asked me to close my eyes while she spun the colour wheel and when I open my eyes to choose the first three colours that caught my eye. She wrote them down for me, below. Its something I would have never done if I was just popping in for a quick sniff of something so do ask about it next time your in their shop, its like getting your fortune told! Check out the to-die-for colours here, you'll be glad you did.
The colour wheel, all the different colours and bottles of make up, my three colours

Lush have reformulated their massage bars recently and they are really something to talk about. I got a mind melting hand and arm massage from Jess who was so informative and could really make a girl feel at ease! She told me all about how the new formulation has some air bubbles in it to make it lighter and easier to use and spread out once they are warm. Also a lot of the bars now have raw 100% fair trade cocoa butter in them. Oh goodness do I have a new Lush wish list to write up! I got to try Aqua Mirabilis body butter - I am not joking, I wanted to buy them all then and there, the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar - such a lovely warming effect on the muscles but I'm not sold on the cinnamon smell, and Hottie massage bar - which I was told by Jess is great for massaging all places, even bum cheeks! Oh and a fun fact she told me that I just have to share, the Therapy massage bar is great for stretch marks like ladies can get or if you are pregnant. The ridges on the top are there because 1 in 4 babies are born with an 'outie' belly button. Overly cute and serious attention to detail or what?! Take a look at it here.

I'll be back in soon to stock up on summer essentials. Make sure and like their facebook pages so you can keep an eye out for their next event if you didn't get to go this time. On another note, I took some quick snaps of places in Dublin on the walk to the bus, isn't the place a little magic at night? - Perhaps smelling of Lush things as we walked along in the cold made us see things a little more through rose tinted glasses, but Lush will do that to you! 
View of the Liffey, Clearys lit up, Eason's big clock


  1. I love Lush. The Grafton Street store used to do lots of these parties but I never hear about them anymore.

  2. They do VIP nights I hear and parties, but the ones they have as an event aren't as common as they used to be all right. Just have to keep an eye out I guess :)