Sunday 21 April 2013

The Comforter Bubble Bar

I have to start off by saying mmm. That sums up this lovely pink and white Lush 'the comforter' bubble bar completely and theres really no need to go on. But I will anyway for those of you who are yet to be convinced. To start with I'll point out the obvious, its huge like break-into-four-pieces huge. At about €5 its a little pricey like a lot of Lush things are but I think you get a bit of a bargain with this as you can cut up little chunks of this to make it stretch to a few baths rather then just the one. If you do decide to do that, pop the rest of the pieces into a sandwich baggie to make sure it stays fresh and if any little pieces start to crumble, you have a mess free zone! 

The amount of bubbles you get from this guy is amazing, even if you only use a tiny bit. I think by now you will all know that I am a fan of having as many bubbles as humanly possible in the bath, and this really helps achieve the dream! I had to take a billion pictures of just how bubbly it got (its the little things, don't judge) And to top it off the lovely girly pink and white bar has an amazing smell of sweet blackcurrant, thats something you can't help but relax with while having a little dip in the pink bath water. Its also preservative free which means its better for the environment not needing any packaging and to top it off its vegan friendly.  

Definitely something I will be picking up again once I finish my other pieces. Its bigger then a lot of the Lush bath products so this would be a lovely present to pop in a bag of goodies for a birthday or some other present worthy event. I have my eye on another bubble bar 'blue skies and fluffy white clouds' that is just like this one but its blue and has a totally different smell. Go look at it here and 'ohhh' with me.

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