Saturday 27 September 2014

Crazy Bargains At The Cosmetic Outlet

I've been down this road before and I know all too well that you can't go into the Cosmetic Outlet on Meath St in Dublin for 'just one thing'. But thats what I told myself after seeing their new w7 palettes in stock. Honest to god, I only went in for a look... And then suddenly I came away with a light purse and several heavy bags. Thats just how it goes. If you fancy a look at my first major savings haul from this shop, you can have a read here. Be warned, not only is the shop coming down with bargains, but they have new stock in almost weekly, so you'll always find something new you want every time you go in!

I bought the first w7 palette in the Cosmetic Outlet and use it all the time. The range of shades, the pigmentation, the long lasting wear, the fact that its a dupe for the Naked 2 palette! Theres nothing I don't love about it. So naturally when they came out with a dupe for the Naked 3, I couldn't pass it by. You can get it for €10, which is a fraction of any of the Naked palettes. 

I also picked up w7 angel eyes in their dark natural palette. Its small, easy to pop in your bag and has a lot of colours to choose from. Its also got a really handy mirror and I can't wait to have a play around with everything. This was €5 so I thought it would be rude not to pick it up considering the history of amazing quality w7 shadows.

While I was at the w7 stand I couldn't help notice the Honey Queen blush that looked gorgeous and not unlike the Benefit blushes. Seeing as it might be a dupe I had to get it and it was only €5 too. Once I get stuck into all these and use them I'll do some reviews and tell everyone how I got on!

I also went a bit wild and picked up two Rimmel lipsticks and a Maybelline one. I've passed these by more times then I can count when I'm in Boots and always say I must pick some up, but they are near €8 so I always pass them by. Then the craving for a loads of them comes back when I'm reading about them on some of my favourite blogs. Its just not fair if you ask me! (someone play me the worlds smallest violin, thanks.) But these were only €5 each and I'm genuinely sad that there weren't more shades to choose from. There were lots of Kate Moss for Rimmel lip sticks, but I have a lot of those already. I will be scouting out the shop for more Maybelline ones especially as they are gorgeous. I've not even swatched any yet and I know I need more, the Maybelline ones smell sweet and I'm half tempted to have a taste. Its also not the normal colour I would go for but at 5 quid I decided to try it out. The Rimmel ones look really pigmented and I can't wait to start using them, I got a deep blue toned red and a lighter pink toned red. All of the lip stick noms. (I sound like I'm having them for dinner. Honestly I don't eat them!)  

I'm forever buying Impluse. One goes in my handbag, another in my room, the bathroom and then the ones that grow legs and wonder off. So I couldn't help get 3 for €5 while I saw them there. They will be used in no time and already my mother has her eye on them. (Actually when I showed her all these bits shes asked me to go back in and pick up some things for her. Mammy stamp of approval right there!) 

Brows are something I've stayed cleat of for years and am only beginning to start filling them in. Paul gave me this w7 Brow Bar to try out and I'll admit, I laughed when I saw that they come with stencils. I'm someone who has a dreadful habit of plucking my brows to nothing or having the odd alcoholic accident where I wake up with them shaved off (Its happened more then once) so they may come in seriously useful if (and when) something happens again. This is €5 too, do you see the trend here!

Lastly two of my most exciting things that I got in the shop. Paul very kindly gave me an orange skull detailed clutch bag and a statement flower chain necklace. I knew when I saw the bag I had to get it as it matches my orange pumps perfectly. You can see them here. It comes with a chain that you can clip of and off the bag which is a great extra. I love that theres a pocket inside to put your phone too. This is going to get really good use on nights out or even just if I'm popping to the shops and not brings loads with me. This is €10 and comes in loads of different colours. I'm keeping an eye out for a black one next!

Lastly is the statement flower necklace that I've not taken off since getting it (mainly because my mother has tried to rob it a few times!) Its sparkly, weighty and perfect for someone like me who wears basic darks and needs something to brighten up an outfit and give it that wow factor. This is €15 and there are so many more to choose from. I have gotten necklaces from the Cosmetic Outlet before for myself and as presents and they wear so well. I always get compliments when I have them on and theres far too many I'd love to get! They are all between €10 to €15.

If your not close to Dublin but plan on making a visit nearer to Christmas I'd really suggest you head over to the shop. Paul let me in on a few secrets and I'm really excited. I want to be first through the doors when the new stock hits the shelves and his new brushes(!) come out. Oh god, the excitement is nearly all too much.

And if you need one more push out the door to make the trek up Meath St, then I have just the thing. The shop right next to the Cosmetic Outlet is a lovely clothes and shoes shop. It stocks loads of gorgeous things that are for next to nothing. I got a really nice floral kimono in it for only €7 after paying €13 for a plain black one in Penneys. I'm such an enabler, I know! 

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