Monday 15 September 2014

Lush Brazened Honey


We all know I'm a great lover of everything Lush and one of my favourite feelings is knowing that I've used up 5 black pots and the next time I pop into Lush with them, I'll get a free face mask! I've not bought a single thing from Lush (wellll, 4 or 5 things doesn't count, right?) for the last few months. I put myself on a ban considering I should own more then a few shares in the company by now.  It was time to start using up everything Lush in my house and even now that the ban has ended, I still have a fair few things hiding in my drawers. However I am nearly all out of bath bombs and when the festive season fast approaching, I can't wait to start stocking up my stash again!

Brazened Honey is one of the few fresh face masks that I haven't tired before, so in the name of Science I decided to get it when I brought my empty pots into the shop. I tend to gravitate towards the Chocolate Cupcake thats aimed at blemish prone skin but sometimes can smell a little overpowering if your not feeling in top form. This mask however is aimed at tired skin that needs a little lovin'. It smells good enough to eat with an oaty and honey scent. It has herbs, spices, honey and ground almonds to name a few ingredients from the list. Its meant to be 'exfoliating, stimulating and nourishing' and although I didn't really think it was any of that, it was still lovely to use. For some reason I feel it might be best for a little more mature skin then mine. The type of skin thats not as oily, prone to break outs and as full of blemishes as mine. 

For me, this is the type of mask thats nice to pop on the odd occasion when all you want is a little bit of luxury and papering for your skin, without expecting amazing things to happen with just one or two uses. All Lush fresh face masks are €8.95 and last for about 2 weeks once there kept in the fridge.

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