Thursday 19 February 2015

Waxperts: Beautiful Body Oil

Irish brand Waxperts have been the ones to watch since they released their wonder pads causing a storm all over the beauty world. Not only do they do all sorts of lovely waxing (I didn't know you could get your nipples waxed!!) but they have a new one on the block, the *Waxperts beautiful body oil. Made with the intoxicating scent of lavender, its one that your nose will want to sniff. Coming in a 100ml bottle with a handy pump and secure lid, this is an easy one to say yes to.

I know that Spring has more or less sprung but lets face it, that Irish weather isn't doing much for any of us. Its feckin' freezing, the wind has hair gone to hell and don't get me started about the skin thats ready to go on strike and walk off us. No one likes rough, cracked or crispy feeling skin, but lads thats me right there. And don't for a second say your not even a little bit in the same boat, because I know your chewing on dry lips and pulling down sleeves to hide sandpaper elbows. I try my best to moisturise, like I'm sure many of you do. But its cold, you've to wait for the cream to dry in, theres that unattractive naked flappy arm dance you do praying it will help dry it quicker and at the end of it your slithering into cream covered jeans, puffing from your efforts and no softer then when you started. 

But with Waxprets oil, its a little different. Theres no flappy naked dance of shame, no puffing and no cream getting on every conceivable surface. Using just a little (not half the bottle by accident like someone -coughMEcough- did. Felt like slapping myself on the floor and sliding around like a slug.) you can rub it into any bit of skin that you fancy. This oil helps to nourish, sooth and hydrate. Its lightweight and once you only use a little at a time it absorbs really well into the skin in record time. Its great for using with waxing, shaving or after a bath or shower to help get that silky soft feeling. You can also rub a little on before bed to help you sleep with its calming lavender scent. 

It can also be used on stretch marks, sun damage and to hydrate dry and cracked skin - can I get a hallelujah! Although I've only used it on my legs and arms, I'm impressed with how fast it drys into the skin, how gorgeous it smells and how soft it makes my skin feel. Theres nothing my inner Bridget Jones doesn't love about this, or my skin for that matter. My one plea would be for them to make this into bubble bath, as it smells and feels so good! I used a little in the bath the other night and almost went to the nearest public place for people to have a feel of me after. Yeah, I like this one! Its €9.99 and you can get it from selected salons and Waxperts themselves. 

 *I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 

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