Tuesday 14 April 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara

The latest must have mascara came out at the start of the year in the form of Maybelline Lash Sensation and I didn't take any notice of it. I'm not a huge mascara person and rarely stray from my Benefit They're Real. But the other week I decided to pick it up for the simple face that it was in the colour wheel of a possible purple, Yup, you can sell me anything as long as its purple. In fairness I had read very good reviews of it as well, so I wasn't being entirely bought over by packaging alone. 

I will use any mascara to test it out for the blog or just myself. But I have noticed the ones I've tried out more recently I've been reaching for over my beloved They're Real (yeah, real expensive you mean! Its one of the only high end products I use daily by the way.) But I must say, if I was a mascara, I would like to be this one. It has a lovely consistency, is a true black shade and drys quickly enough that I'm not getting it all over my face or glasses. If you really want to blow people away on a night out, lash on two coats of this stuff and your set. It doesn't flake or end up half way down your face by the end of the day either, as I've wore this many 14+ hour days.

However if you do accidentally rub your eye, it will smudge. I've been wearing a lot of cheaper mascaras recently that don't budge if you do it. I will do a blog post on them, don't worry! But the cream of the crop is not based off of rubbing your eyes raw, its how they look in the end. And this wand gives the most beautiful separation without making the lashes look like spider legs. There are two sides to this curved wand,  the outer with longer teeth and the inner has smaller. This makes it so much easier to to both top and bottom lashes without getting blobs of product all over your face and the curve in the wand is a huge help too, making it easy to get right at the root of the lashes - which is not the easiest thing to do! Or maybe thats just me. Elephant in a china shop, me. But the curve does almost enables you to want to put on more! 

As you can see in the photos below, it really does make a big difference, The mascara lengthened the lashes and gives an incredible volume, especially considering the ones below have only one coat on them. Its also very easy to take off and I use the Garnier eye make up remover on them most nights. However it will come off easy enough with a cleanser or micellar water too - hey we can't all be perfect all of the time!

This is currently €11.99 in Boots and they naturally have their famous 3 for 3 offer running at the moment so it would be utterly rude not to buy this. Its genuinely the first mascara in years that I've wanted to make family and friends buy  so they can see just how good it is. If I had a SnapChat, this is the type of photo you'd be seeing on it. The tube of mascara entitled 'Buy it, thank me later'. (And I can tell you, I have a special rant just for that bloody snapchat yoke. Young'uns!)

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