Tuesday 21 April 2015

Ziaja Natural Olive Shampoo And Conditioner

Its no secret that I'm a big fan of the affordable Polish skincare brand Ziaja. They have so many really wonderful products that work brilliantly and because of their price, you can afford to pick up lots of extra bits without breaking the bank. A month or two ago (my memories shot, I'm getting old) they launched their olive leaf range of skincare and I was lucky enough to get to try some out. Needless to say, I loved every bit of it so when I saw the natural olive shampoo and conditioner I was intrigued to see how it differed from the olive leaf. That and the fact that I have never tired anything for my hair from the range before.

Not really sure why the shampoo comes in a 400ml and the conditioner only comes in a 200ml, but leaving that aside they smell divine both in the bottle and throughout the day after your hair has been dried and through the battles of the day. The shampoo ''gently cleanses hair and scalp. Supports hair regeneration process. Restores natural volume and healthy look to the hair...'' I don't find that it gives a lot of volume, but I can certainly see and feel the difference in how soft it is. I'm slightly obsessed with keeping my hair soft to the touch, as heavily dyed hair like mine normally comes under scrutiny that it would be dry and hay-like. I can safely say its silky smooth after using the shampoo alone.

The conditioner is said to ''regenerate disturbed hair structure and conditions its entire length. Reduces static and tangling. Ensures natural softness. Smoothness and shine to your hair.'' I found this one to be a little heavy on my hair and would only use it maybe twice a week in the very ends of my hair. It does make definitely add shine and I notice less knots in it after using. But the shampoo alone would be perfect to use. I can't remember exactly how much they both were as I threw away the receipt ages ago, but I think the shampoo was about €4.99 or €5.99.

I'd definitely recommend having a look out for these if you like to keep your hair silky smooth and get your moneys worth out of a product as I just know this is going to last me at least a month (and I wash my hair daily). Also neither of these have stripped the white blonde or purple out of my hair, so an extra big thumbs up. If you don't fancy your hair too much, then look out for their skincare. Oh holy mammy, their body scrub is cheap as chips and the best thing I've ever used (sorry my beloved Soap&Glory! Your just not as good and too pricey!) Yeah, its safe to say that me and Ziaja are besties.


  1. God I was saying this the other day, why are some shampoos twice the size of the matching conditioners?! I never shampoo twice so the conditioner runs out first and it drives me mad!!! Great review x

    1. It really bugs me when they aren't the same size, don't know why they do it! xx