Wednesday 11 December 2013

Glossy Woman Glossy Box November

Yeah, I know its the 11th of December, but I didn't want to do a post without trying out the products first to give you a mini review as I find limited edition box reviews a bit boring on their own.

This one was targeted more towards the slightly older women with day and night creams that 'rewind time', collagan booster and a spray for colour treated hair to name a few. I'm not at the stage yet where I need specialist anti aging creams (thank goodness!) but it never hurts to start when you can see fine lines and some serious worry lines on my forehead deeply etched in, someone pass me the cement mixture!  

To start off when I opened the box I noticed the dark brownie colour that didn't appeal to me at all. Why is it so dark and off putting?? Not cool GlossyBox, try again. Other then that all the potions and lotions were shoved into a corner which makes me point some fingers at the post man! I loved the orange ribbon, that kind of made up for the awful box colour and the bad post man.

So the first thing that caught my eye was the Olehenriksen truth serum collagen booster in a bright orange. Not only does it look orange but it smells of fresh oranges - nom! It is their number one selling product worldwide and having used it I can see why. It has five sources of vitamin C boost collagen, dramatically brighten skin tone, hydrate and help prevent signs of aging. Sounds fancy huh? The consistency of this is quite watery but makes it very easy to apply and their GlossyBox tip is to pat vitamin C products onto the skin, never rub in. Its way harder to do then you'd think! But it feels very luxurious and I will admit since starting to use it I have noticed my skin is brighter which is surprising as I don't normally see a product working so quickly! The full size for a 30ml is a pocket pinching £47.

The next things that caught my eye were the two little black and white bottles of Lulu's Time Bomb Glory Days day cream recaptured youth and Flashback night cream rewind time. The day cream has rich borage oil, glucose and white flower oils that help to improve texture and even skin tone, making it smooth and tight.The night cream has ultra rich moisturisers and anti aging ingredients beneath an invisible rich bran wax barrier. 
Both of these creams smell really lovely and they sink into the skin well, but I have yet to see any amazing results. My skin does well nice after using them but I would be leaning toward the Olehenriksen still. The day cream is £12 and the night cream is £13.50, both 15ml bottles. 

The next product is Redken colour extend in a lovely red eye catching bottle. This one claims to offer 10 benefits to coloured hair in just one spray.It deeply cares for and prolongs the life of coloured hair for vibrant, lustrous and naturally reinforced locks. I have very coloured hair, I'm awful for dying it a billion colours every few months and I am really loving bright blues and pinks too, so I this would be a life saver for me. However this has been the biggest let down of all the products in the box. I have seen no difference in my hair or the colour, oh well! I will keep giving it a go for the next week or so but after that if I still see no improvement, to the bin it goes! This costs a pricey £20.80 for a 170ml bottle.

The last thing is the [Comfort Zone] glorious skin visible lifting tensor mask. A sublime gel mask, it visibly reduces expression lines and leaves even the most dehydrated skin super soft. The first thing I thought when reading that was score! My forehead is about to get an ironing out. But in reality its not as exciting as that. This has to be one of the most unpleasant smelling products I've tried in a long time, just ugh. It sinks in amazingly well though and the smell reduces after a minute or so. I haven't seen any mind blowing results but I do notice that my skin is soft after washing it off. This sleek bottle sets you back £34.75 for a 50ml bottle.

Thats all for now, I am waiting by the door every day bothering the post man for the December GlossyBox like a mad woman! As always, stay fab! x

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