Thursday 19 December 2013

Smithfield Dublin, The Place To Be

Its not often that I am anywhere outside the main city center when I head up to the big shmoke but recently I find myself hanging around Smithfield more for various reasons. I was dragged along to a flea market in one of the big empty blocks that are right beside the luas stop and found lots of really lovely things to lust after and take photos of. I think retro and vintage are amazing and love that sort of stuff, but man things can have an unbelievable price tag! 

Some of the highlights of the day included spotting Dustin the turkey in a corner, seeing amazing funky lamps and revamped Mary and Joseph statues that I wanted so bad! I'm not religious in the slightest but they were so colourful and one was holding a banana! Le sigh, one day... 

Make sure and keep an eye out for pop up gallery's, hang outs and markets. You might stumble across something amazing like that perfect vintage dress you've been trying to find forever or just a cool place to spend the day with friends.

Just down the road from that I found my new favourite cafe in Dublin, Third Space. They have a great menu to choose from, a seriously chilled out atmosphere and nice staff. Theres book shelves that you can pick a book to read from or replace it with an old book you've read instead and take a new one home - cool idea! They had gorgeous candle lit lighting and theres even a space for small children to play and a chalk board to doodle on, so all mammies can breathe a sigh of relief that they aren't going to get 'dirty looks' if their children want to have a bit of a play about.  

I got a big pot of tea for €2 and a huge chocolate chip muffin for €2.20. One of my friends got the same and another had a lovely toastie cheese and ham sambo, I was jealous when I saw it! I'll be going back soon and wouldn't have a problem hiding in a corner with one of their books for an hour or two. You can find them on Facebook to get directions - happy hanging out!


  1. I love Smithfield, it's not as busy as the actual center of town so it's nice to chill out there x