Wednesday 4 December 2013

Some Blogs I Love #3

Hello there lovely people, I hope your all well and keeping happy despite the shorter days with little light. Can get you a bit down can't it? Well you are in luck as I have a magic list of new blogs to share with you, so you can snuggle up in bed and read lots of new exciting things. I really get so excited when I find a new blog that I like, its almost like getting a new friend to talk to and share thoughts with. Heres my first post and my second post in case you need lot of extra reading over the holidays. If you have a favourite blog or even your own, make sure and share it with me on my Twitter page and I'll give it a nosy while we have the chats!

Student Life: I found Hannah through Sprinkle of Glitter as she has been guest posting for her in recent times. My goodness I'm so glad I have found this girl, its like were on the same wave length! She is so funny, the kind of person you really want as your friend and reading her posts is like having a good natter over a cuppa with your bestie. Read a few of her posts, guarantee you'll be hooked! 

All The Buzz: Where do I start here, hmm. Samantha is one hell of a beautiful girly, she writes a really wides range of interesting posts that you will regularly hear a 'ohhhh' coming from me while reading and even her blogs layout is to die for. Not only that, but if you take to Twitter or her Facebook page to chat you will realise how lovely and wonderfully friendly she is. Go, read. You can thank me later.

Give The Bitch Her Chocolate: So this blog is in German, but once you get over the awful google translate, this is a really great blog to read. Its run by Lena and Jettie who do some nice lifestyle posts but what I visit for are the eye make up days. Oh mammy you will be pulling out all the palettes and brushes you own to try and recreate the gorgeous looks created. Sorry in advance, but your going to loose full days out of your week. 

Hardly Working Highlight Reel: You could call this cheating as this is my one and onlys blog, but to be fair I don't love him that much to blatantly lie on my blog to my followers (I'm dreadful I know, he'll get a shoulder massage out of this if he happens to read this!) But I really love reading about stuff besides beauty. Reviews of comics, games or films are right up my street as I'm an occasional gamer and big lover of comics (learn something new about me everyday!)

Tea Party Beauty: Hayley is a relatively new blog that I have come to love in the past few months. She writes about beauty, some lovely life bits and actually has a bundle of fancy giveaways happening at the moment too. If you fancy a lovely read with a nice cuppa, this girly is definitely for you. (Take a look at her reindeer cup cakes, so cute!)

Tete De Thon:  This blog is originally in French, but again once you get over google translate it is such a fantastic read. The make up, the beauty related posts... Ugh I just love it all and can never get enough! Also the photos on this blog are amazing and I am uber jealous of them. Love!

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