Wednesday 7 May 2014

April Favourites

Normally I'm banging on about how fast the month went but I think this month went on forever. Not that it was a particularly bad month or anything, but don't you just hate it when you feel like something is dragging on? April was lots of fun though, I got to meet some new and old lovely blogger girls at the #llameetup that Hannah organised all by herself, some woman! (check out Instagram for even more photos!) Ugh I just wanna squeeze these people! *pauses to send out love vibes across the internet*. Have a look below at us all and my eh, attractive duck faces? Oh dear.

April also meant lots of moisturising and scrubbing the life out of myself. Below is my trusty and nearly all gone bottle of Spray and Go Vaseline. This is the best thing since sliced bread if you ask me. I did a big old review of it over here if you fancy having a look. Its easy to use and your not doing the flappy dry-yourself-quick-its-freezing dance either. Winning. 

Next up is a new one that I've not talked about before, Bio-Oil. This jazzy little bottle has been floating round my room for years. I got it on offer way back and then put it in the back of my draw never to be seen again. That was until I went looking for something to help fade some scars I have. I will admit, its pretty feckin' amazing when you find a product that works before your eyes in just a few weeks. My scars are fading by the day and I know once this bottle is used up my scars will hopefully be hard to see! This is a pricey bottle at €20 a pop which I was shocked at when I saw it in Boots the other day, but its well worth it.

With moisturising and keeping silky comes another new one for me, Anatomicals Don't just clean it woman, scrub it body wash - what a mouthful! Over the past two or so months I have been trying out a lot of  different tanning products and my god, that stuff is a full on bitch to get off your skin! But I've been using this and I think don't just scrub it is the bees knees. I got mine from Cloud10Beauty for €4.50. Its lasted me ages and has all the good exfoliating scrubby bits that a good body scrub should have. 

Last in the beauty department, I give you my very pretty shiny love that is Barry M gelly hi-shine nail varnish in key lime. Its not only a beautiful summery colour but the general collection is something of utter magical things. Its clear Barry m employs fairies to do all the work and taa dahh! Look what they come up with! You can read my full review of it here. I think the gorgeous colour is making me bias here...

In other non beauty related stuff this month I have been planting lots of lovely veg that will hopefully grow (grow, sweet baby jayjay PLEASE just one sprout!!) I'm very excited by all this. I haven't got green fingers at all, I either over water or forget about them altogether. But mostly over enthusiastically over water (I'd over water and kill a fish, thats how bad I am).  But none the less its been a few years since I've taken to planting little things and hoping for the best, so its very exciting. That and the fact that my best friend has also gone seed growing mad, so all her giddyness for her sprouting little green yokes is contagious. 

Lastly, I am in love with all the comics that have been coming out lately. I'm a massive Buffy fan and season 11 is deadly so far. I got way over excited by the fact that I got a variant copy of issue two and I also picked up the Hulk. I know issue two is out and I will pick it up asap! As you can see from the very first photo of this post, I got a Spock Funko Pop after swearing them off as creepy, ugly figures that are too scary to have in your room. But this is my only one, promise. (I hope). And I picked up one of the 'good guys' from plants .v. zombies. I think hes cute and a little funny. He looks like a few people I could mention when they first get out of bed or are in a grumpy mood!

Thats all from me for this months favourites, not my normal post just about beauty and products but last month I got super excited for loads of things! Has anything here caught your eye? Do you collect comics?


  1. I need that Vaseline spray and go! Everyone is talking about it!
    I also need to give Bio Oil a try.
    I have Barry M's Key Lime and love it! It's such a nice colour :)
    NEED THOSE COMICS. Just recently got Thor: God of Thunder but my boyfriend needs to hurry up and read it before I do :P

    SO MUCH NEEEED hahaha! :D

    1. Don't get the Vaseline spray until its on offer in Boots for €4 something, they do it every now and then! :) And check to see if a local chemist might have the Bio Oil on sale, €20 is a bit mad to fork out for.

      Comics are the best, I totally love Thor!! Go you (and boyfriend) for having great taste!! :D

    2. I only ever buy things that are on offer hehehe! ;)
      €20 is a whole lot to spend on something like that! D:

      We're slowly trying to get into comics. It's hard when you don't know where to start! I really want the Buffy comics though. And the Serenity ones!
      I did get Wolverine Origin which I really liked and Volume 1 & 2 of Astonishing X Men! Just need to finish off Volume 2!