Thursday 29 May 2014

#BloggersDoDublin Updates

Hello there lovely blogger people! I have just a few quick updates for you all and thought it would be best to do a blog post instead of trying to get the general info across on Twitter where everyone might not see! After running round Dublin yesterday like a headless chicken I can now tell you that the venue is going to be at Pacinos. You can have a look at their site over here.  We have a private room downstairs and the menu is just to die for! (Me? Like food? Well, just 10 more chips...)

Now for you ladies that aren't familiar with the streets of Dublin, Pacinos is at the bottom of Grafton street. If you stand at the traffic lights and look right (following the flow of traffic as its a one way street!)  you will see the restaurant. It has a red front with lovely big bright windows. You'll basically feel yourself being pulled in, its just that nice. If your still not sure and google maps is giving you a headache, make sure you DM me and I will give you my number :)

I'd love you all to wonder in and have a look at the menu asap! I'd like everyone to have plenty of time for lunch (and many cocktails) before the lovely girls from Matte to Metallic start their demo at about half 2 for us all! 

After the ladies from Matte to Metallic give us a demo we will be treated to a demo by Secrets Ireland. They are a fantastic Irish sex toy company and are coming out especially for us as they don't normally do demos. How lucky are we! You can find them on facebook and twitter to say hello and follow them. Or how about a sneaky look at their website over here. 

Paul from The Costmetic Outlet is giving us 30 goodie bags on the day (eeekkk!!) Make sure go and say hello and a big thank you to him on Twitter and Facebook! The goodie bags are going to be gotten on a first come first serve basis, I'm really sorry about that.

The Irish Cancer Society holds a very special place in my heart, so on the day there will be a raffle in aid of this charity. I am so excited to be able to tell you that loads of Fantastic companies have got on board with me and donated prizes for this. So ladies, heres what your in with a chance of winning!


  1. It all sounds fab! Looking forward to seeing you all :-) x

  2. Very excited to be joining you guys today. Remember you can ask me any question on the day, publicly or privately. Also I'll be bringing along a number of demo products and some that you can buy on the day. Have a look around at what we have for you