Wednesday 21 May 2014

Book Review ''Sexually I'm More Of A Switzerland''

A few weeks ago I was In the Square having a grand aul time in SuperDrug. I mean we all know how much I like beauty related things, oh yes! But what did I happen to stumble upon when I  left SuperDrug? A book shop that had discounted books for sale. I'll admit, I got a tad over excited at my second favourite thing in life and spent the next hour picking out a few in the 2 for €5 section. One of the books I picked up was ''Sexually I'm More Of A Switzerland''. After I finished reading this book I realised that this was a squeal and I also had the first in my bookcase They Call Me Naughty Lola

Both of these books are full to the brim with lonely hearts ads taken from The London Review Newspaper. They are funny, like laugh out loud funny and I honestly couldn't help but giggle with every page I turned. These men and women have taken the odd ball approach in order to try and attract a friend/lover/person to talk about specialist tiny battles that happened hundreds of years ago/Their cat/Their parents/what position to have sex in and much more. These are the type of books that you really need hanging around on your book shelf, not because they are educational or classics, but because are light hearted and they will make you happy. They are so easy to read and you can pick them up on any page without needing to follow a story line. 

Its also kind of refreshing to read a good old fashioned type of 'looking for love' personals ad in a newspaper instead of the likes of tinder and okcupid that are big in the world of single people today. If I decide to put myself out there and look for love, I think I'll try my hand at the singles page in the paper and see what kind of responses I get. I might even take inspiration from one of these ads and make it sound a little funny, if not totally scary!

What have you been reading lately?


  1. These are brilliant bathroom books, and I'm not ashamed I love a sneaky read in the bathroom!

    1. Ha I do just the same, don't worry! :D x