Monday 5 May 2014

Aprils Powder Pocket

 Its starting to feel like Spring and this months Powder Pocket is on the ball with their theme, 'the weekender'. I'll be honest, I have been thinking weather or not to continue on with this subscription box. Not because I find the quality poor or the customer service lacking, I just wonder if theres bigger and better things out there for me to spend my money. But after seeing the contents of this months box I am very glad I decided to keep it. Theres so many great things and three full sized products too! 

Its becoming a regular thing for me to comment on how gorgeous the packaging is and this month is no different. I always think no matter how crappy the contents of something, if its presentation is top notch then its half sold in my opinion. The greeny blue tissue paper makes me think Spring has sprung and is just lovely. Yup, Powder Pocket peoples, your doing it right!

The first thing that caught my eye was that there were 3 full sized products in this months box, very impressed girl here thanks very much! I love brushes so much and have heard nothing but rave reviews about Blank Canvas so I was delighted to get their E26 blending brush! Oh man its so soft and pretty. I'm going to have loads of fun doing my make up with this brush and it might even give me a little nudge to invest in more of them. It never hurts to have lots of brushes, no sir! This one costs €6.99.

The next full size product is a Bia Beauty stop the clock eye gel. Every month Powder Pocket seems to have one Irish brand in it and I really love it. We've seen Pixy, water wipes and more. I love that they support and work with such amazing Irish brands while also giving everyone who subscribes to their box the chance to try out something that could be new to them but is local and well, Irish! (pause for moment of feeling proud to be Irish!) Anyway Bia Beauty is from Cork and I have tried some of their products before, they are nothing but lovely. I can't wait to try out this eye gel and see if its as great as the rest! A 15ml bottle costs €16.95.

The last full sized product is Etre Belle Cosmetics longlasting eyeshadow pen.  I've never heard of this brand before so I was excited to get it. That and who doesn't love a new piece of make up to play around with!? I got mine in a lovely dark grey colour with a hint of shimmer through it. Dark smoky eyes are something I've really been getting into wearing the past few weeks so this is just perfect for me! This costs €9.95.

The 2 sample products that were in the box were the eva professional mystic diamond elixir for your hair to help give it shine and regenerate it. I'm all for putting oil in my hair recently, hoping that it might make it soft and solve the never ending story of split ends. This costs a mad €25.99 for a full size 100ml bottle. I will use this up and its a lovely treat to be able to try out, but I highly doubt I'll be forking out for the full size!

The last sample was a La Roche Posay anthelios ultra light fluid SPF50.  I'm a big fan of la roche posay so I was happy to find this in my box, but I'm awful for not using any spf products so maybe this might give me the kick up the arse I need to start using some! A full 50ml size costs €19.95. 

I haven't got a bad word this month to say about the box. I am in love with the make up brush and also really can't bang on enough about all the Irish brands that keep coming up month after month in Powder Pocket. Theres nothing I like better then finding new Irish brands to try out or seeing old favourites coming up.

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