Wednesday 9 July 2014

A Little Book Haul

I spend my time collecting books, its something of a problem when the house is coming down with them. But I just can't resist book smell and one that I haven't red before, or a cover that I've not seen before! Over the past little while I've picked up some bargains and I just have to share them with you all, so maybe you might venture out to pick some up yourself. I'm sure I'll do reviews on some of these, so keep the eyeballs open.

First off are these three books that I got from The Secret BookShop just off Grafton St. This is a little gem of a place that you would easily walk by and not notice its big plain black door. You wonder down a long corridor thats covered in band posters and ad's for gigs and suddenly your neck deep in books of all sorts. These are all second hand, but I think thats the best kind of book smell. This shop also has a big selection of vinyl records and some cds, very cool if your into collecting them.

I robbed (nicely) this massive copy of The Frankenstein Omnibus from a friend. I was nearly holding her by the legs leaning over a stack of books to reach this beaut and after much discussion we decided I'll get it but she can totally read it. Best friends huh? Pretty savage. This was about €5. I picked up Women About Town by Laura Jacobs for €4.50 and Paid For by Rachel Moran for €5 too. I don't think I did too badly in the Secret book shop and I've no doubt I'll be in for lots more in the future. I've also picked up quite a few graphic novels and comics in here too, oh be still my beating heart!

Next on the list is Part Of The Spell by Rachel Heath and Beautiful Lies by Clare Clark. Both are hard back copies and both cost a very expensive €1.49 in Dealz. I nearly fell over myself when I saw the price of these after reading the backs of them. Even if I decide they are the worst story lines in history, they still cost me next to nothing. You can't go wrong!

And lastly I picked up A Life In Frocks by Kelly Doust in the Value Books shop for €5.99. I had been eyeing it up in the window every time I passed it by for the last few weeks and I finally stopped in to get it. It was the last one too so I felt extra lucky. 

What are you reading at the moment?


  1. I have the "collecting books" problem too! What wonderful bargains you managed to get :)

    I'm reading The Three by Sarah Lotz at the moment. So good, reminding me so much of Lost! x

    1. Delighted to hear I'm not on my own there! I've not heard of that one before, I must keep an eye out :) x

  2. Can you take me with you to the secret bookshop sometime?!! I'm not even joking.

    1. Ha yes indeed :) If were at an event soon together we can go before hand!! :D x