Thursday 24 July 2014

Juicy Jewels Vivid Rose

I've talked at length about sex, positions and consent in past posts - thats grand. But I have yet to do a full on 'female' sex toy review, so here it is. Bare with me a little if you can, this is brand new to me (the blogging about toys that is) and if I'm honest I'm a tad scared. Its all fine and dandy to giggle over a fun pound shop Dealz bargain or a new position, but to go waving a dildo or two around on the internet? Its safe to say I'll never see the gates of heaven as I have been told in a recent email. (Please keep sending them by the way, they brighten my day considerably and make me giggle!) But when I was approached by Secrets Ireland to try out this, I couldn't say no. I'm a big fan of this company, not only because they kindly gave a talk and demo at my blogger meet up, but because they always bend over backways to help if you email or call with questions. Not only about the toys (which I have to say they have a huge knowledge on) but also happy to answer sex questions. Take a look at the blog here too. They do free postage (oh yeah, love a bit of free postage, me!) and they have plain packaging so nothing about what goodies are in your box is known to anyone but yourself. 

First to the name, 'Juicy Jewels vivid rose' By PipeDream Products. I know theres a lot of cringe worthy names slapped on toys out there, but this one really made me facepalm. I've had the same cringing reactions from friends after I've told them what its called, its just that bad. But embarrassing, badly thought out name aside, I'm a fan of the packaging. Theres nothing I like to see more then a nice air tight, totally sealed toy. Its nothing over the top and they have, thank god, spared us the half naked girl, mid orgasm with the help of whatever toy they are trying to sell on the front. Bonus points in my book! 

The instructions on the back tell you that its 'made from super-soft phthalate-free jelly' which is always important in any toy you use, silicone and phthalate free is the way to go, however the 'jelly' is new to me, although it is 100% body safe. Its claims to be waterproof, have multi speed vibrations and is easy to clean. You also need 2AA batteries that are not included - remember the tv remote if your really stuck!

The vibrator itself is a light pink colour that I must admit, I'm a fan of. Its covered in veins and ridges along with a rose petal shaped part near the base for clitoris stimulation. Its easy to bend and move - but not so easy that its structure wont stand straight on its own. What I'm not a fan of is having to screw the bottom in order to turn it on/off and to regulate the speeds. This always causes problems in general with these types of toys. Its sometimes hard to reach, it can turn itself on when its put away (whatever is that buzzing sound coming from your bedside table?!) and then it can just be hard to manage in general. I would always suggest that you totally unscrew these types of toy when storing them, it makes for less potential awkward situations.  

Apart from having to screw the bottom for speeds, the main problem I have with this is that the vibrating part of the the toy is located at the very top, which means that all the vibrations and sensations are being mainly felt there and not anywhere near the rose petal shaped part that helps to stimulate the clit. No matter how I tired (and my god, did I try) I just couldn't get it to work out for me. This could be due to the very possible chance that I'm all about the clit and if it can't stimulate that then Huston we have a problem.  If the vibrating part of the toy was located nearer to the bottom I think this might have been a very positive post, however I can understand that the space is being occupied by the batteries. Now saying that, there are a wide range of different vibrating strengths which I was very impressed with. The one negative thing though is the noise, honestly you would not want to have thin walls when using this thing. I'm a massive fan of quiet toys and unfortunately not every product will have that bonus. 

On a much more positive note, this was my first time trying out a jelly toy and I really enjoyed something a little different from the hard plastics (bold I know) and silicones of most products out there. It was extremely easy to clean and heavy enough to threaten a good smack with - you'll eat all your veg and take out the bin now, wont you!

Overall I didn't like this vibrator personally. As with any screwing functioning toys, they are hard to work and annoying and I feel the placement of the vibrating part could be rethought,  but thats not to say others will agree with me. I know I'm slightly bias (or at least my clit is) but I also do like how easy it was to clean and the novelty of a jelly toy. For €36 I don't think its going to break the bank and if you don't like the sound of this particular vibrator then I would suggest you still try out a jelly toy, they are totally different from other things out there! Have a goo at them here.

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 


  1. I completely love that you have the guts to review this and why shouldn't you! I tip my hat to you!:)

    1. Ah thanks so much for saying that, you've no idea how much it means! :) x

  2. Great post Cat! Always good to see a thorough review and I think this is one area that people definitely need a bit of help and guidance with- there must be so many products on the market that you'd have no idea what was what! Really well written and I'm looking forward to more of the same.

    P.s Love your bed spread xx

    1. Delighted you liked it, am still on the fence about it all. There really is a crazy amount of products out there, I always end up scratching my head over them! Thanks for the support :)

      Its actually a big pillow from Penneys! :D x

  3. I've been saying for ages that Ireland needs more sex bloggers, so I love seeing these posts in my Bloglovin' feed.

    As for the 'praying for your soul' type emails, keep giggling away at them because nothing will annoy the senders more than knowing they haven't gotten to you. :)

    1. Woo, well delighted I can contribute to the aul Bloglovin' feed so :):)

      Ha yes, all they get from me is a good titter and a shake of the head. Thanks for that lady :) x