Sunday 27 July 2014

H'suan Wen Hua

Recently I've been on a mad one looking for a really good hair mask. Lads, I was even prepared to fork out the big bucks for it - thats how bad my hair has gotten. With memories of beautiful soft hair after using Lush products and a lovely suggestion from Lesley ( on twitter, I decided to go into Lush and get a mask. I know I'm still on a ban, but in my defense I've bought maybe 5 things since I started it, which for me is really impressive considering how much I would normally buy in there..

Anyway! I tried h'suan wen hua a few years ago and I remembered not getting any decent results, but I was totally willing to try again considering how bad my hair is. The one thing I forgot was the awful smell of strong cinnamon that made me feel sick while using it, but none the less I was determent to see if this could help! Apart from cinnamon, it has eggs, bananas, avocados and bay leaves all packed into one pot. These ingredients have lots of oils and are great for moisturising and softening the hair, with the cinnamon to stimulate the scalp. Its a lovely consistency - not too thick that it wont spread easy, but not watery enough that it will just slide off your hair. Its just right!

Its recommend that once you liberally apply the mask to dry hair that you leave it for about 20 minutes. I left mine in for close to two hours as I really wanted all the good stuff to sink into my hair and work its magic. On the back of the pot it says that if your hair is in really bad condition its advised to use the treatment once a week for six weeks, which is ok if you have short hair. However if your like myself and your almost sitting on your hair then this will be a pricey treatment as each pot is €11.50.  I used two thirds of the pot in my hair purely as I didn't want to use it all in one go and there was plenty in my hair already. 

The end result? I wasn't overly impressed (yet again) with my hair after I washed it out and let it dry. I think that I would need to do this treatment a few times before I noticed any major improvements, but I do think for someone thats just looking to perk their hair up a little its the perfect product. On the downside, it took about three or four washes before the horrible smell of cinnamon was gone - but my granny thought it was only gorgeous so I'm sure a lot of you out there would enjoy the smell. (Or maybe my granny is just a bit mad, like me!)

If you do decide to try this out or any other Lush product that comes in a black pot, remember to wash it out and keep it. For every five clean empty pots you bring back to Lush for them to recycle, you get a free face mask of your choice, fancy!


  1. So I've still never had a Lush product in my life....but when I do eventually go in, I won't try this! xx

    1. You still haven't gone in!? My bloggers lunch started all because you wanted to go to Lush, ha! Are you not a fan of the cinnamon smell either? x