Friday 19 December 2014

Affordable Christmas Nails

Theres nothing worse then having awful looking nails when your trying to be all festive and stylish around this time of year. Or worse, your going to be shaking hands with people or get judged by in laws on every aspect of your appearance, relationship status and where are you on the job ladder. So while your desperately clinging to your wine glass, nodding frantically at your father in law and many aunts as he spouts something about the government (which you will have to slyly look up on your phone in a few) its nice to feel safe in the knowledge that theres one less thing that can be bitched about. And let me tell you, with only a few days until Christmas, ain't nobody got time for nail appointments. This ladies and gents, is a quick at home job for less then a fiver - but looks like it cost a bomb.

This is very simple, red is the way to go. No need to be getting abstract, its Christmas and you want to look effortlessly put together. Wet'n'Wild will be your saviours my good fellows, with Wild Shine in red red. It gives with just one quick coat, the most gorgeous bright red that rivals even the cutest red bows on the tree. It drys surprisingly fast, so you can slap it on while waiting for the kids to come out of school.. Or while your watching Corrie.

Next is a top coat of glitter, to get you up to speed with the season. Mega Rocks glitter nail colour in the shade waiting for my solo is so perfect paired with the red. I might have given myself a little pat on the back when I saw the finished results. This will take a little time to apply and dry, so do it when your not going to be running out the door 15 seconds later. What I find with this particular varnish is that it drys smooth. A lot of glitter polishes dry rough so I tend to apply a few layers of clear top coat over them, which takes extra time and can ruin the nail if too much is put on. With Mega Rocks I use one layer and it doesn't need anything else done to it. In my opinion its worth the time waiting for it to dry as theres less feckin' about with it. And would you look at that glittery golden and red beauty that is now your nails?!

Being very honest, I find that the 'cheaper' brands can be a little hit and miss especially when it comes to nail varnishes. I wasn't expecting amazing results with either of these and am really impressed with them. They only need one coat, look professionally done, don't chip for 3 days (and counting!) and for the two it coats under €5. I think I can safely say thats one less thing to have on your to do list, with a little extra in your pocket. And by that, I mean buy yourself a large bottle of wine, theres family to deal with and cooking to burn. Happy Christmas!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 

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