Monday 22 December 2014

Looking Back At Blogging In 2014

Over the past while I've been paying extra attention to all aspects of my blog in preparation for doing this post. Every week I'm shaking my head at something or other in utter wonder. 2014 has been such an amazing year in the world of blogging for me and its all down to the people that visit it and have a goo. I know by now that thats the age old cliche saying 'I wouldn't be where I am today without you' - but in all seriousness, its true. I'm not looking to become famous from my little space online, but its such a lovely feeling looking at my stats and seeing that people have actually come by. Some of you leave lovely comments or I get to chat with people on social media. Its so nice to see people wanting to subscribe to the words I put out there, the utterly breath taking amount of support from passers by and other bloggers alike is just mad. 

This year I've finally got my arse on social media more and made so many lovely friends. I've felt very fancy and lucky getting to go to events and learning so much about all that is make up, skin care and even about sex toys. Speaking of, 2014 has been the year of sex for me! (eh, slightly poorly worded, I'm aware) I finally took the plunge and now identify proudly as not only a beauty, but also a sex blogger. Its been interesting seeing peoples reactions and getting fantastic conversations going about it. The Irish are not so shy about what they do in bed anymore and its so exciting to see the stereotype broken down! If that wasn't enough, I was even on the telly thanks to the sex part if blogging, lucky girl that I am.  

As Christmas is only a few days away and 2014 is coming to a close not long after, I've been thinking more about what I hope 2015 will bring and its exciting. I'll be going into my 4th year blogging and I want to make this one matter (not that I've not tired my very best in 2014 that is!). I'll be focusing a lot more on sex and relationships - the things I've lined up, oh god I'm even laughing at myself now! I want to continue with my first love, beauty and then with all that fun stuff, I'll just see what the year has in store for me. As for the social side, I want to hold another blogger event. This years #BloggersDoDublin was so much fun and a crazy rush to sort in under two weeks, I loved it! Working with brands was amazing and its one of the best parts of blogging (or just going crazy in Boots. Its important to get the extra shampoo for the points you see.. Cough).

So thank you to all who pop by, tweet me, follow the blog in some way and even those who stop me in shops to tell me they read my blog! (Meeting people IRL is scary stuff when you hide behind a computer all day long!) You are the special lads and ladies that make me want to sit my bum down and write about what I love. I hope that you all have a really lovely, safe and peaceful Christmas. And while I'm at it, a very happy new year with lots of good things packed into it. xxx


  1. Merry Christmas, Cat! Here's to lots more shampoo and sex in 2015 :) xxx

    1. Just getting back to replying to comments now, but happy very late Christmas to you too! I hope it was a really good one. 2015 will be a cracker ;) xxx