Friday 5 December 2014

November Favourites

November has been the month of getting everything done before the madness of the Christmas rush. Its mostly worked quite well and now I can sit back and watch as everyone else panic buys socks and boxes of biscuits for loved ones. If your one of these people, do keep an eye out over the next week or so for different gift guides that I'll be posting up. There might be something for that one difficult aunt or brother that you can never get the right thing for.

I think its clear by now to see that I am a massive fan of candles, especially Irish ones that are made of only the good stuff. So you might be shocked to see that I have both Yankee candles and Emma So Naturals side by side this month. I'll tell you now, I used to be Yankees biggest fan and still buy them on occasion, but I've mostly used Christmas Cookie because it was a present and himself was giving out I wasn't using it. But also because I broke my beloved Emmas one - drink and candles do not go hand in hand, just let me say that now. Surprisingly enough, it lit for the photos and then died on me altogether not long after I went to pick out the pictures of this post. Little fecker, such a poser that Masala Chai. Luckily enough though, I picked up the largest candle size of this scent yesterday, so I am one happy camper. Have a read of the Emmas candles collection over here.

I know last month I featured this Christian Breton lipstick in the shade speak easy, but holy god its that good I had to include it again. I have never before got so many compliments as I do when wearing this. Its such a gorgeous purple colour and is something that I can't seem to find in any other collections. It lasts all day with the help of a lip pencil and adds serious attitude to any look. I'd put money on me finishing this lipstick before Spring - and I've never finished a lip product before. You can get this from The Cosmetic Outlet on Meath Street for €10. Just in time for the Christmas stocking, or a treat for yourself.

The Body Shops White Musk was every girls fragrance at some stage in her teens, but they brought out the more mature smoky rose scent last year. This month it has been my go to scent thats perfect for a little something heavier in the winter months. Again, I've had loads of people sniffing me and asking what it is. My bottle has been well loved and I can see myself getting it again once it runs out. Its not breaking the bank either considering its perfume and from the sometimes over pricey Body Shop. One for the wish list!

Glitter. All of the magical glitter that is allowed at this time of year. And because I don't do things halfheartedly, every single nail had to have Models Own top glitter coat, that doesn't actually have a name or number on it oddly! I am such a big fan of glitter and would wear it all year round if it wasn't so hard to take off my nails. This one is under Barry M Chai. 

Next is a bit of a surprise one for me. My Sleek vintage romance palette that I got back in October. I've been using all the colours in this, which I never thought I'd do. The pinks and purples are well out of my comfort zone but I decided to throw caution to the wind and slap it all over my eye balls for a lot of this month. I feckin love how pigmented these palettes are and the gorgeous selection you get in each one. Theres both shimmers and mattes in this, but the glitter has to always be caked on when I do it! How can you not have glitter when its acceptable to? This was €9.99 in Boots for 12 shades, a brush and a massive mirror. Bargain if I ever saw one.

Next is my lovely *Paese bamboo powder that I have become very attached to. I was so surprised when I started using this, a little on when first doing my make up to set the lot and that was it for the day. Normally I'm having to touch up my setting powder through out the day, but I hardly ever need to with this one. Its total magic I'm telling you! The one downside is that its loose so if your not careful it can go everywhere. (Or if your me, you'll accidentally inhale some and ruin your eye make up coughing and making your eyes stream. Sexy, right?) You can see my full review and more of the Paese range here. 

Lastly two of my most used things to date. I've had a long affair with Soap&Glory, but when their Orangeasm collection was launched I considered marriage. I've been using this body wash since I got it back in October and I've not fallen out of love with it yet. Using it every single day with 2 or 3 pumps and its only now hit the half way mark. Theres some gorgeous S&G sets out for Christmas that I have been begging for. I need them all in my life - and I'm just out of their body scrubs too. Perfect timing to stock up again! (Are you listening santy?)

My sister introduced me to a bundle of French brands after she went jet setting to France with her other half for a week. She came home weighted down with skin care and goodies for me to try. I'll tell you now, the sisterly bond was strong that day. This Bioderma cleansing milk is one she passed to me when she found it wasn't working for her skin. After trying it out for the entire month I'm almost booking her tickets back to France to buy more. This takes off the most caked make up, mascara (- but not Benefits They're Real. Feckin nothing gets that cray stuff off.) and all the most pigmented lipsticks going. I really love it and its not once irritated my skin. I've not looked this up as I really don't want to ruin the dream and find out how expensive it is, or how difficult it is to get in Ireland. But as its now two thirds gone, I'll have to burst my bubble soon. 

Thats it for me now. I'm sorry about the crappy blogging I've been doing in the last few weeks. If its not the awful light, its the lack of time! Speaking of light, apologises for the utterly horrendous light in this post. I've had nothing but weeks of poor lighting and said feck it yesterday. Downsides of the winter season! 

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