Thursday 18 December 2014

My Skincare Routine

My face is oily with a bit of a dry combo in the oddest of places and only sometimes. Basically its like me on my period. One day I love everyone and want to hug the entire world, 10 hours later I'm screaming like a banshee throwing knickers out the window. (Its happened more then I'm willing to admit.) So when it comes to skincare I have lots of different categories. Theres the slap all the tea tree things on my face its a bad break out category, the my skin is patchy dry and sad looking category and so on. This particular one is the taking off light make up at night and giving my skin a little perk up category. I say light make up because I've not included any eye make up removers or major amounts of different make up removers that are required after I've shoveled on about 3 tonnes of make up for the night out.

I've two uberly fancy ones here by Bioderma. I used to scoff at people with this brand - the price of this stuff is crazy. But when my sister went off to France and brought these back for me, who was I to question her. After all, its make up and skincare. Just give me all the things. You still can't get these in Ireland, but I know that Amazon and various sites will ship them. (Thank the holy cat in heaven.) First is the one everyone raves about, the micellar water. To be honest I can't really see anything different between this and say the garnier water, but it just happens to be the one I'm using at the minute. It takes off make up fine and cleans my face properly, without having to use a different product to get the remainders off (like I do with some products). 

The second Bioderma product is the moisturising cleansing milk thats just gorgeous. I don't care if its €2 or €20, when this runs out I'm going to frantically search online until I find somewhere that will send me another bottle. I've never had something thats been so gentle, moisturising and all round divine for my skin before. My sister actually gave this to me when she tired it and found it too oily for her skin, but it seems my skin drinks it up and never  gets extra greasy or more spotty. All of the wins happening in that bottle. (After just looking it up and its €19.95. Holy sweet mother of jesus it doesn't cost that much in lovely old France!)

If I'm looking for an extra bit of omph for my skin I'll use the Ziaja tea tree toner. Normally on days when my skin is having a bitch fit (what up White Chicks reference!) and it needs some calming down as this toner has spot fighting goodness in it. Its great for giving my skin a really good clean. 

If the bitch fit is continuing, I've been popping some Body Shop tea tree oil onto the infected areas. This stings a little and the smell can be overwhelming, but I have noticed a difference when using it. Not for everyday use personally, but maybe 3 times a week on the bigger face uglies or very sore ones.

I'm a long time fan of Germolene (now renamed bepantiseptic) and I smear it all over my mug. Leave it on over night and I can see visible results the next morning. My spots run off my face like I do when someone shouts '50% off!'. It surprisingly doesn't dry out my skin and it doesn't hurt or irritate me. Its the one thing that I would recommend every time if your looking to fight spots fast with results in a few hours, without a massive price tag.

When my under eyes are looking less then lovely, I use Simple roller. Its quick, makes my under eyes less dark looking, cooling and soothes the puffyness from lack of sleep. In general this yoke is something everyone with under eyes needs in their life. It was less then €6ish as well, which I think is a total bargain.

Lastly are some of my must have skincare saviors, Waxperts. These are an Irish brand and I'm proud to be banging on about them. Meant for keeping ingrown hairs at bay after saving or waxing, they are also amazing to use on your spots. One or two of these in your skincare routine and your sorted. Theres 40 pads in each tub and they last for ages. I've gone through loads of them but for some reason this is the first time I've mentioned them! Must be the best kept secret in beauty!

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