Monday 4 May 2015

Sexual Sunday: I'd Like To Get Married, Please

After a hiatus of two weeks, it seems like its only right to start again with a Sunday post (yes, I'm aware this is technically posted on a Monday, but for some reason it didn't publish on Sunday. Feckin thing!) You know the drift by now, I'm a beauty blogger week days, but come the weekend I blog on Sundays about all things sex and sex related. So lets feed that need and talk about #SexualSunday things.

We are now officially into May, one more month until were at the half way point in the year. Normally May brings sun, showers, friends birthdays and the beginning of breaks for some students, but May 2015 is like no other. This May, the 22nd to be precise, Irish people are going to be voting on one of the most important decisions in many peoples lives; the right for everyone to get married. That means gay and lesbian people - the entire GLBT community can, if they wish, get married to their partner. I'm not here to beg or plead, I'm just here to let my feelings on the topic be heard. Under normal topics up for debate, I like to hear both sides. But when its a human rights and equality issue, an issue that not only effects me personally but the entire country, I don't tend to listen to the 'no' side that much. 

The simple question is, do we as a nation want everyone to be equal? Or do we want to continue to have those living in Ireland that are gay and lesbian to be seen as second class citizens. Personally, when I'm driving home from work and I see 30 or 40 'no' posters in succession, it makes me sad to think that people, who I might have even talked to on the phone earlier that day, tell me that I don't have the right to get married if I wish. Even people who I thought were my loved ones and friends are no longer as they will be voting no this May. I have studied youth work, volunteered with Scouting Ireland, volunteered in nursing homes and so much more. Am I less of a person because I am a bisexual woman who might love another woman? Are my efforts less valid and should your children, mothers, fathers, friends and others be taken out of my care because who I choose to love in my personal life is currently still seen as wrong to many?

Today thousands of children live with their parents who are same sex couples. None of them are less loved or cared for then those of opposite gender couples and parents. It enrages me to hear those on the 'no' side saying that the traditional family is the only type of family. I was raised by my mother, my father didn't have much input. So, as someone who was raised by a single parent I can say that it was still a family and I was very much loved (and I turned out alright, if you can overlook the sex blogging and that!). There is no such thing as a traditional family. No such thing.

And as my granny only said to me today (who is by the way, 86 and one of the greatest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting) What harm is it doing anyone? People just want to get married and be as happy as the next couple. All this talk of keeping marriage a good pure thing, sure theres divorces every single day now. There are same sex couples together for decades, just not able to marry. Its not right.

I could go on about this for hours, but I wont. All I'll say is, come the 22nd of May, you have the power to choose if I and many others in Ireland get the chance to be married to someone they love. So please go out and vote, this is a potential life changing day for your friends, your family, your neighbours and those you might not even know yet.

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