Sunday 10 May 2015

Sexual Sunday: I Am Not A Unicorn

Over the past couple of months I have noticed a steady stream of traffic to my blog for my sex based posts. And although it is the most wonderful thing to see (thank you peoples!) it does sometimes mean that I get a few less then wholesome people, who think that just because they are online and therefore anon, they can say and do what they like without consequence (or so they think.) Some do genuinely think that all their birthdays have come at once when they find a girl who not only openly talks about sex, but also shows her face and puts her full name to the words. So this, lads and lassies, is not only going to be a post, but you will also see it labelled as 'Sex FAQs' at the very top of my blog, so I can easily direct those who feel obliged to drop me a few dirty lines.

Are you really real?
As you live and breathe. Honest to god, I couldn't be more real if I tried.

Are you the only sex blogger in Ireland?
As of writing this, I am not aware of anyone else like myself in Ireland. And there are no 'anon' sex bloggers in Ireland either. This is something that personally makes me a little upset. People need to start talking and blogging about sex more! Lets get the conversation going and quit the tight lipped, religious stereotype that Irish people still carry. However if you have a quick look, there are lots of sex bloggers in the rest of the world.

Are you straight and what is your (born with) gender?
I identify as bisexual and am a female.

Will you have sex with me?
No. As lovely as I'm sure the offer is, I wont be having sex with you.

But, you blog about sex on the internet! You must not really mean what you talk about.
Yes, I do  blog about sex on the internet. But that does not mean I am a free for all, to have you say and do the things you might want to. Please respect that I am a person who is not only known for writing about sex. I write about beauty 99.9% of the time, as I do have other interests too. I genuinely enjoy what I talk about and I love to get the conversation going, educate and maybe spark an interest in something new for those who read my posts.

You are clearly asking for it, you slut.
I'm not even asking to read my blog, nor do I insist or demand that you tweet/message/email me abuse. The base for everything I write about is consent and being safe. If you can't look past the 'dirty' stuff to be able to see that, then you might want to have a chat with yourself. Nor am I doing it to spite anyone who might be religious, as so many of you comment. People can get this sort of information all over the interwebs, I promise I'm not the only one 'polluting the minds of the young'.

I need your advice on XYZ.
I wholeheartedly love every single (nice) thing that is sent to me and I will try to make a point of responding to everyone. But I also work 9-5 and do lots of other things outside of blogging, so if it takes me a while to reply I do apologise. Other then that, the major thing I am always telling people is that I am in no way qualified to give advice. For some of you, I will suggest that you visit a GP or counselor. For the rest, I always suggest keeping the lines of communication open with your partner and having an open mind with everything you do. You only live once, don't be the one to restrict yourself!

You are so intriguing/I've never met a girl like you before/You are fascinating/Why did you start to talk about this stuff online, your a girl after all!
  Without sounding like a bitch, get in line with the rest of them. I hear that all day, everyday and I can promise you that you are wasting your time. Flirting and flattering will not get you into my bed. I am not a unicorn (although I now know how they must feel) I am just an average girl who likes to talk more about what the media and society feeds off of and throws at you every waking hour, whether or not you want it. There is nothing more satisfying then interviewing people, exploring new things and doing research for potential posts. Its totally different to beauty blogging or anything else in my life and I love it. The best part is that you can then choose to read it, or continue onto a beauty post instead. 

What will you do next?
Whatever happens to take my fancy I guess! I am always happy to take requests.

Do you work with PRs for your sex posts?
Yes indeed! I have done lots of posts in the past that have been sponsored or that I have been given things/services to review. All are marked with an * and more can be read about it in my disclaimer section. Anything that I am sent or service I'm asked to review, will always be 100% my own opinion and I will never give a 'good' review just because I didn't pay for it.  

You say a lot of dirty stuff /Only talk to guys on social media.
I say a lot of dirty stuff IRL too. The way I talk and act on social media is in no way different then if I was talking to my mother or someone in Tesco. Although I do have a serious side and can be professional when its called for, I don't see social media as a place to limit myself. I am who I am, sorry!
Yes, I do talk to a lot of guys on social media. Some are friends and then others are just passers by who might read my blog. I do however talk to way more female friends through texting, IRL and lot of Facebook group chats. People just don't see that. I have no preference for what gender I talk to, nor do I make am effort to only talk to men.

Have you slept with a lot of people? How many!
Yes. And its really none of your business until I decide to maybe tackle that in a future post.

I bet you have the best life, having sex and writing about it!
That might look like the case, but I don't actually write about having sex, or sex in a erotica way. When I write, theres normally hours of practical work, research and editing gone into a simple Sunday post. Not only that, but dealing with the abuse I get online can be hard. Also writing about personal things (like my 'I'd like to get married, please' post or my post on rape) can be draining and upsetting. However I write because I love it and if it was easy, everyone would do it! So think before you tell me I've the best of anything ;)

Do feel free to check back now and again on this post, I have a feeling I'll be adding to it when I get asked more questions in the future!