Thursday 28 May 2015

Vidal Sassoon VS Salonist Hair Colour

I've been reluctant to dye my hair for the longest time as I'm letting it grow out to its natural colour, but after months (and months) of not touching my roots or the extremely white blonde part of my hair, it was time for a change in the form of *VS Sasson Salonist. Now that its come round to the summer months, my roots look almost brown when compared to my white blonde bits, so I thought it would be great to brighten my roots while toning down the blonde. A perfect balance, if you will. 

The VS sasson salonist claims to be different to any other dye thats out on the market at the moment by being a two step product, treating the roots and then lengths separately. Just like the salons do. I was quite impressed with the idea and even more impressed when I opened the boxes to find that it came with lots of bits, including a mixing tub and brush applicator. I've gone through all sorts of home dye kits over the years and this is by far the most impressive, contents wise.

Now I've no greys thanks be to jasus, but I was looking to brighten up my hair from the roots. The process is really easy. Your meant to put in the colour activating lotion and the rich colour cream, then mix them together, You apply that to the roots of your hair and then leave about one third of it over. With the remaining third you add in the serum and use it on the lengths of your hair. Then wash it all out and use the lovely conditioner to help give your hair extra shine.

One box did me, as I was lucky that I was only doing half my hair as I like to have pink or purple in the ends. But If you have anything past shoulder length, you will need two boxes - like most hair dye kits. Personally I'd use about three of these as my hair is down to my waist.  

Considering I only wanted to lighten my roots and darken my white blonde bits, I watered it down a tad by putting in the conditioner as well. This always works a treat for a lighter look, especially if your looking to do a pastel shade in your hair but need to lighten it before hand. - Handy tip of the day there!  It was really easy to mix up and the instructions were simple to follow. I have come across dyes that have really hard to follow or no instructions before, so its always nice to point it out when you find good ones! 

Now below is a dreadful few photos. One is my manky day old hair. Its my natural shade, but its a bit dull and meh. I used the 8/3 on this and then the 8/0 on the mid lengths. As you can see below, I got totally new locks within half an hour. Would you look at that posy smile!! #SorryNotSorry

For the benefit of light, I took one photo inside after I dyed my hair and then one outside so you can really see the difference. I'm really delighted with how it turned out, especially the roots. I think the serum worked wonders to blend my colour into the whiter blonde thats now a slighted darker tone. And lads, would you look just look at that shine! (if I do say so myself!) I've done nothing but touch myself since the dye, its so soft. - If you see me out and about in the next few days, do have a feel, it'll amaze you how softy soft my hair is. 

Overall, it was simple to use, it gave me results that were 10 times better then I thought it would turn out and it didn't smell too overpoweringly hair dye like. Also it was much easier to use then other dyes I've tried because of the handy little mix tub and brush. (I'm totally keeping one to reuse with my purple dye). So, if your thinking of dying your hair, then I'd recommend having a look at the huge range of different colours to choose from in the VS Sassoon Salonist line. Even better that their on offer in Boots at the moment for only €11.49. It would be rude not to. And if your still stuck, their site over here will give you tutorials on how to apply it. Sure what more could you want?

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.


  1. Wowzers..that is fab, looks gorgeous! pity I need something to cover my grey or I'd be tempted to try this x

  2. Def gonna check this out...I have American tailoring at the mo so my roots are subtle but wouldn't mind lifting them a little