Tuesday 30 June 2015

New Wet'n'Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

Wet'n'wild has to be one of my utter most favourite make up brands out there. Daily I use their eye shadow palettes and mascaras, not to mention the lipsticks. (I'm also wearing their new mascara and eyebrow pencil in the photos below). So naturally when they  released some new things for summer I was over the moon. Below are eight of their new shades, but there are thirteen in total in the new collection, I'll list the other new ones in a minute. But for now, lets have a look all the lovely shades!

All these *Mega Last Lip Sticks are meant to last for a 4 hour wear and I really like that Wet'n'Wild don't make any crazy claims like some brands do about the hours of wear you get from something. I don't know one person out there who doesn't throw their lipstick in their bag to touch up throughout the day anyway, so why not just tell it as it is! These are meant to be a semi matte cream finish and for most of them they are just that. I'll go through them all now;

Doll House Pink: Really easy to apply and although its not something I would normally wear, I'll use it the odd time if I'm feeling brave with a bright lip!

Don't Blink Pink: This was also easy to apply but really hard to get off after. I had to scrub my lips more then I'd have liked. But a really nice shade that I'm throwing in my bag as its one I wouldn't need a mirror to apply. Even my mother has her eye on this one!

Pinkerbell: It doesn't show up well in the photo above, but this was by fair the brightest out of the lot. It was almost too creamy and was hard to get an even coverage on my lips. This is one I don't think I'll be wearing again, if not just because I'm too self aware to wear brights, then because it refused to sit evenly. It could however just be a dud one, so I might give another a go.

Wine Room: One of my favourites of the lot, I really like how this isn't red red, but its close. This is going to be perfect for the cooler months and I can't wait to get wearing it more.

Sand Storm: A proper 90s colour if I ever saw one! I want everyone to have one of these in their lipstick collections, its a fab shade! (please 'cuse the dreadful lip lines, my lips were in bits at that stage rubbing off lipsticks for ages!)

Mocha-licious: This pulled on my lips and wasn't as creamy as the others. One shade darker then Sand Storm but I don't think its for me. 

Ravin Rasin: I've nothing to say about this, other then it was made for me. I'm off to buy back ups, cos' I never want to run out of this shade.

Vamp It Up: I thought this was going to be love at first swatch, but man was I wrong. After wearing this the past few days, I have a new appreciation for those who wear black or extremely dark lipstick all the time. I couldn't apply it right and I do not have the patience to wear it without getting it in my hair, on my clothes and all over my cups. I'm so happy that colours like this are out there at such amazing prices for anyone that wants them, but I don't have the knack. Plus this emphasized how pale I am. 

The five colours that I've yet to pick up (but you just know I'm gona' hunt those babies down!) are 24 Carat Gold, Cherry Picking, In The Flesh, Purty-Persimmon and Spiked With Rum. You can pick them up in Penneys, Dunnes and selected pharmacys. 

Overall I think there are some feckin' amazing lovely easy to apply and creamy colours in this new range and there is really something for everyone. As I said above, I'm delighted that there are such dark colours in this collection for those who don't want to pay a fortune for not your run of the mill brighter and easier to find shades. For only €2.99 the perfect 90s colour has been found for me in Sand Storm and I know Wine Room and Ravin Rasin will be all I wear this Autumn and Winter. As always, Wet'n'Wild has done it again!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.


  1. Ohhh I'll be running out to get Ravin Rasin, Wine Room and Sand Storm! Those are my favourites too! :D

  2. I never knew that this brand has great lippies. I am eyeing on that Don't Blink Pink one. It seems a good one than the others.

    1. There are still a few in the collection that are lovely brights in red tones, so do check them out! :) xx

  3. Ravin Raisin is amazing on you! I have only a few of these lipsticks from the old collection, our local stands are awful, mess everywhere and a bit outdated but hopefully one of them will get the new shades!

    1. Aww thanks lady! Ah no thats crappy, maybe you could have a look in a Dunnes? Thats where I find the best stocked stands to buy mine :) xx