Tuesday 16 June 2015

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

Back in April La Roche-Posay listened to the pleas for the Irish and put more of their products on our shelves. Seroinc was one of them and even the cats mother needed a bottle in their live. Naturally I picked one up and have been using it the past few months to really get a feel for it. And to sum it up before I even begin, I'm just not seeing what all the fuss is over.

Serozinc is a liquid toner solution of zinc sulphate and salt being some of the main ingredients. Its aimed at those who have oily and acne prone skin. Its also meant to tighten pores, be anti shine and anti grease without stripping or leaving your skin tight. You simply shake the bottle and spray it over your face evenly, while closing your eyes and thinking relaxing thoughts. The last two are optional, but you could burn your eyes or be extra stressed out. Just a few handy tips from your friendly neighbourhood Big Blonde Girl, you lucky devils!

I use this after I take off all my make up last thing in the evening or when I get out of the shower before putting on moisturiser or my make up and giving it a few minutes to dry in. It was refreshing to spray on and it does taste strongly of salt (don't judge, I dare you not to lick your lips too!) While I didn't have any reactions from it, I haven't seen any improvement in my skin and I am still getting the same amount of break outs, if not a little more then normal in the past two weeks or so. I've never felt that its stripped my skin, nor have I felt it tight after use but man have I had serious shiny face when I use it. Even after letting it dry or patting it in, I would feel like a traffic light if I knew I wasn't headed to bed or putting on make up over my face after. 

So, personally I haven't found any real benefits of using it apart from it being refreshing and something different to use as an extra toner. But for €10 I don't think its something I'll bother picking up again. - Side note, I've seen this in Boots for over €11 and also in some pharmacys for €12 and up. So make sure your not forking out loads for it if you do decide to try it out!

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