Wednesday 10 June 2015

April/May Favourites

As I'm sure some of you will have noticed I've been really crap the past month at getting posts out. Half due to no time with work and then half cos' I'm in a bit of a funk. Its the hardest thing to get back into once you've had some time away. But I'm going to try get my arse in gear for the rest of the month. (Don't go holding your breathe though, you know me!) For the first time in forever, I didn't do a monthly faves, so this month I'm combining the two together. 

First off has to be the bloody fab stuff that is Vo5 give me texture spray. This gives the perfect bit of somethin' somethin' to my hair and I find that I can go longer without having to use dry shampoo or the feeling of really needing to wash my hair. Plus, all that volume! I'd highly recommend picking this up if you have hair. I about my third bottle, best stuff.

Theres nothing like a nice body oil, but I've found it really hard to get one that doesn't go all over the place and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I picked up the Nivea firming body oil about two months ago and never went near it for some unknown reason. But last month when I ran out of shaving cream I tried this out and it worked really well. I've also been using it on my legs and arms to add a little mote moisture. I don't think theres much truth in the firming claims, but its a nice oil that goes on really easily, smells nice and sinks in well. If you were in the market for one, then this is half price in Boots at the moment for €4.49 if the mood struck you! - It does need a good shake first though.

New to me, but two beauts that have fast become my go to products are Revlons colour stay foundation for combination and oily skin and Maybellines eraser under eye concealer. I bought these both at the same time, on the hunt of something new to try out. I wasn't expecting anything much from either of them, but after almost daily use for two months and they are just finished. I can't get over the coverage and staying power of the foundation and will be buying it again asap. Its the perfect shade for my skin tone and although I haven't used many of Revlons products before, this alone would make me linger a lot longer at the stand in future. Really can't praise this enough.

The world and his wife have been going mad over the past few months for Maybellines eraser under eye concealer and because of the hype, it was really hard to come by in my shade. However I managed to nab one and its safe to say that the hype is justified. It covers blemishes (yes, I use it all over my face, sorry!) and dark circles, it brightens and stays put all day. And its so handy to use as your not getting make up all over your fingers. The one down side is that the applicator is a sponge so if your any way afraid of the buld up of bacteria on your sponges and make up brushes this will freak you out. I managed to clean it a few times, but I did end up breaking off a piece by accident. This wouldn't deter me from picking it up again however. Utter gems!

The new love of my lip lip wise is Sleeks Exxxagerate. Its a beautiful deep matte purple that is to die for. I've been wearing this all month and at the rate I'm going, I'll need another one soon. I don't think that Sleek lipsticks get enough love and considering their pigmentation, gorgeous packaging and range of shades, its crazy theres not more lovin'. Plus €6.49 for a lipstick? Where else would you get that kind of bargain. 

Lastly I've been slapping on a hella lot of La Roche Posay targeted break out corrector the past while. I break out when I'm under stress and the past month and a half has not been a pretty site. I think this works well if you have a few small breakouts that are past the worst point. I wouldn't be using this on a load that are brand new painful ones, but its good with small ones as its gentle and theres no strong smell from the product either. 

What have been some of your favourites over the past two months?


  1. Ooh I'm liking the sound of that texture spray! Sleek's matte me in fandango purple has been taking turns with rimmels in love with ginger lipstick blahdy love them!x

    1. I've gone through so many of that texture spray, love it! Ohh must check out that rimmel :D xx

  2. I love that VO5 texturising spray. I won't be without it, now!

    The La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. is the best spot treatment I've come across so far. I think Salicylic Acid works better on my skin than Glycolic Acid when it comes to helping heal spots.

    1. Yeah, I love using it, even after the shower when my hair is just freshly washed. Sometimes the spots take a few days to go, put using La Roche-Posay has a massive effect on the speed of them disappearing! xx