Thursday 28 November 2013

Last Minute Nab: Cosmopolitan Magazine

I know, I'm last to the party here as normal. This is just a quick post to tell you all that you still have little under a week to go and grab yourself a copy of this months Cosmo magazine. This mag is my one true love, I wont buy it every month but I will lust after it and this months was just too good to miss out on. Also it has a fab Orly nail polish and a free Cosmo Christmas his and hers magazine as a special added bonus for your eyeballs to love. 

Apart from the obvious wonder that is Miley on the cover and her really great interview - not to mention the photo shoot that goes with it. Wow is all I can say. This month Cosmo have a really eye opening article on the one year anniversary of the woman who was brutally raped and died as a result on a New Delhi bus. It focuses on the facts and figures of sexual violence in India and further a field. Also the two day experiment of wearing a niqab that a journalist investigated and the really shocking and just unacceptable results.

Heavy stuff out of the way theres also big talk of where to get the best party dress this season and if bling is really back in. Oh and if you want a laugh the inside mens mind section made my sides sore from giggling away at it. 

Bottom line, I love it. You might too. Go take a peak! 

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