Thursday 27 November 2014

20 Stocking Fillers Under 20 Euro

Its not often that I find ideas for Christmas presents that are cheap. Not cheap and crappy, but cheap and happy. I'm going to troll the internet and shops over the next few weeks looking for my Christmas presents and I just don't have the funds for going all out! So here are some ideas that will be sure to put a smile on your loved ones face, while also being able to stretch the few pennies a little further.

1. Emmas Soy Candles €9.95: These are gorgeous handmade Irish candles that come in loads of different scents. They also have limited edition Christmas scents and even cheaper wax melts for only €4.95. Perfect for ladies and gents alike who enjoy a lovely smelling warm glow in the house.

2. Asos Stag ring holder €6.43 and Unicorn ring holder €14.29: Both of these are only lovely! I'd be happy with either one and depending on funds and taste, theres two to choose from here. Not only that but theres free shipping with all things on Asos.

3. The Body Shop Glased Apple Gift Set €9.95: This is just one of a lot of sets in the Body Shop for under €10, so this shop is worth checking out. I find that theres a lot of scents from BS that you could give to a guy or a girl. Theres a lot of 'lighter' scents then the really heavy floral fragrances that are aimed more to women. 

4. Sleek Palettes €9.99 and under: If theres a particular person in your life that loves all things make up then look no further then Sleek. You get so much bang for your buck with these and they are so handy to travel with as well. You can get lots for under 10 quid and some for a little over too. So theres really something to suit everyones pocket.

5. Liz Earle Nail Star Tin €9: This is a handy one you can get on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots. I would never get this sort of high end brand so a lovely presentation tin and varnish all for €9 is just what the doctor ordered for people similar to me and my cheap tastes! (I can't find this on the site but its in store!)

6. This Works Breathe Cracker €8: I really like This Works things and a lot of people seem to be in the same boat. But what I love more then This Works is little mini cracker gifts! You get a lovely stress less roller ball and there are loads of other gift sets from this range.

7. Soap&Glory All The Right Smoothies €10: Three gorgeous mini body butters from one of the greats. This is great for trying out different products without having to buy the full size. Again, this isn't on the Boots site but there are loads in store.

8. Scene Designs You're Fabulous Mug €14.95: Supporting a small Irish business while also getting a really cool mug - that compliments you? Yeah eh I'll take them all thanks very much! Theres loads of fun GLBT friendly things on this site and I know loads of people would get a kick from them.

9.Funko Pop Minion £11.44 or Batman £10.81: This is the type of thing that I think some guys will really enjoy, although I know lots of ladies who love them, myself included. Theres Disney figures, DC heroes and so many more. Any character you can think of, your almost bound to find it. Or go for some scary ones like The Walking Dead!

10. Secrets Ireland Screaming O Bullet €9.80:  Ok so this one might just be for the older lads and ladies out there, but this is a really great stocking filler to get! Theres something cheeky about finding a little surprise like this mixed in with a packet of sweeties and maybe a lip gloss in a stocking. This gets a major thumbs up!

11. Tiger Gingeerbread House €4:  I don't know about everyone else, but I love getting food that I can play with too! Theres something very fun about making something and taking ages over the details to then go and eat it! So cheap and hours of enjoyment/munching to be had!

12. Qwertee €10:  Every day theres a different design to be found on this Irish tshirt site. Its so much fun looking at it daily to see whats new. Theres also cheaper €7 tshirts that they send you out and you have no clue what design you'll get. Thats a surprise in itself! I know a lot of guys especially love this site.

13. Lush Poptastic Gift Box £7.95: In fairness, would it be Christmas if I didn't include something from Lush? I think not. This has two lovely bath bombs in it, but there are so many different ones to choose from and all at different prices so you can pick something to suit everyones pocket.

14. No7 Mini LipTreats €10: Two Winter shades of loveliness for only 10 quid? Yes please I need them! These lip crayons are perfect if your not too sure what to add to someones stocking. And they look so fancy too!

15. Bare Minerals Pair Of Performers €14:  Speaking of fancy things, if your looking for a little extra for your lad or lady, then these mini lip gloss and mascara is a really lovely gift to receive. Just perfect for throwing into your bag if your off for a night on the tiles. Yet again, its not on the Boots site but its in store.

16. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar €19.99: This is so lovely and a great bargain price too! Perfect for someone who really loves candles or wanting to try out difference scents.

17. H&M Metal Clutch Bag €19.99: I couldn't not add in a gorgeous clutch/bag. Give me anything shiny, gold or glittery and I'm your girl. This will last years and is just. Ughh look at it!!

18. H&m Knitted Tube Scarf €19.99: Another little thing I noticed while I was browsing H&M was this scarf. Hats, scarves and gloves are all perfect gifts to give. You can never have too many and this one has lovely patterns.

19. Tiger Jewellery Box €4: I've been eyeing this since it came into the shop at the start of the month. For under a fiver you can get the most beautiful present for someone who is as much of a magpie as I am. And If your looking for something extra, earrings or a necklace would be a cute added extra!

20. Penneys: Lads I can't stress enough how amazing Penneys is this year for gifts. Theres box gift sets of lovely spices, hot water bottles, Christmas mugs with socks and lots more all for under €8. You've all got to get your bums in and save a load of money! But be warned, try and get in early as its packed come 12 in the afternoon. Everyone and their mammy is in there getting a feckin' great bargin. They even have christmas lights and blankets. Ugh, lovely!!


  1. I love those ring holders I'd love a unicorn one!

    1. I'm the same! When I saw them I knew I needed one in my life.. Even though I don't wear rings, ha :D

  2. I love how #20 is just "Penneys" :) great guide, I have found lots of new sites from it! X

    1. Ha I just couldn't help it, I've seen some feckin amazing things from Penneys this year for Christmas, their upping the game! Ah, great to hear! :) x