Thursday 20 November 2014

Things That Annoy Me

Theres times when you just have had enough and all the things that you can normally deal with spill over. Sometimes its little things blogger does, other times its rude people on the road. But whatever it is you can cope. Until you can't. Heres some of the things that really annoy me, under handy headings! I have another post a little like this called Things I Don't Like.

Social Media

  • People using words like hubby, wifey and tweetiepies. No, just no.
  • Spamming Twitter with the same links. Fuck right off. *unfollowed*
  • Facebook not showing all the pages you want to see. Wtf?
  • RTing like its going out of fashion. 
  • Long convos on IG. 
  • Mass subtweeting. Go waay you mad feckers.
  • Follow for follow lark. No, if I like you and want to see your news I'll follow you.
  • Long Facebook posts. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.


  • Brushing your hair when its utterly FULL of knots.
  • Using Lush solid shampoo bars and finding pieces of the seaweed in your hair or stuck to the bottom of your shower.
  • Blow drying your hair because its freezing and your late. But suffering frizz head for the rest of the day.
  • Not seeing patches of dry shampoo and looking like a twat for the day.
  • Lip gloss looks amazing. Until it gets windy and your hair gets stuck to it.
  • Limp/frizzy/hair that just wont do what you want it to. Why?!


  • When you put powdered makeup on your bed for a second and turn back to see it embedded into your sheets - normally white ones.
  • When your bronzer/blusher/contour looks amazing but then you step into proper daylight and suddenly you see just how dark it is. Clown face alert!
  • Combination skin - you can't figure out where the moisturiser line goes. Too dry/too greasy. FML.
  • Two words: Tan Lines.
  • Never being able to achieve the perfect brow without professional help. One is always higher then the other. Plus pluck happy. (Repeat offender here)
  • Makeup (foundation for me) stains on your clothes. It will never ever come out. 
  • The most perfectly applied nail varnish you've ever done. Then you touch off something. Smudged all over the gaff. Fuuuccc...
  • Having to clean make up brushes. Its 2014, wheres the self clean ones already!


  • When Blogger/Wordpress doesn't save your 500+ word post that you've spent over an hour composing.
  • Computer updates meaning you have to restart your computer. Normally when your doing something important.
  • No light to take photos. Why is it so dark! Sad times.
  • Font thats too small or swirly. I already have glasses. Please don't make me get out the magnifying glass too.
  • Checking your emails all day. Nothing. Don't look for half an hour? You need to delete old emails to try make space for the incoming craziness.
  • Having beautiful photos but only about 2 lines of text about the 'product review'.
  • No link or information about the price/size of the product. Its a review, review it!
  •  Always seeing the same background.


  • Walking in new high heels - the pain.
  • Walking in high heels when its wet out or on a slippy surface. LET ME HOLD ONTO YOU!!
  • Scalding the mouth off yourself from your morning coffee. Tasting food ruined for the day.
  • 'Table for two please' ... Sorry what?! An hour!!? Fuck off.
  • Buying all the things on Esty/Amazon/ ect. Get to the checkout and 'this item does not ship to your country'. Feck it.
  • Charging your battery full. Half an hour later 7%. Whaaa?
  • 'I love your XYZ!' ..'Ah thanks Penneys... 3 years ago.'  Well then. Shit.
  • *saves all the money* Item currently out of stock.
  • Missing the ninja postman.
  • People not indicating. HOW do you have a licence?!

Do you agree with these? Or could you add anything!


  1. Love it! hahahahahah... I super enjoyed reading your post. I agree on most of them.

  2. agree with them all......except I use "hubby" sorry, will stop!

    1. Lol ah don't worry about it, I'll forgive you ;) x

  3. I am such a repeat offender on the "Penney's..three years ago" thing. In fact it happened today. Also "Charity shop" or "America".