Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Christmas Tag

I've seen this tag mostly on YouTube and really liked it so I was delighted when Nurse Fancy Pants tagged me to do it! Its only 10 questions but it actually took me ages to do because I had to put on the Christmas music and google old toys I had to just have a look at them. Not to mention stopping loads of times to find a family member to talk to about past times. This is the best tag I've done so far! I feckin' love Christmas!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
I really love the old ones like Miracle on 34th Street Home Alone and Muppets Christmas Coral. But The Grinch, Santa Clause, Love Actually and The Holiday have to be watched too. God I really want to start watching them now!

2.Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or on Christmas morning?
When I was little it was always Christmas morning but as I've got older and spent some years away from the crazy family, I've opened them on Christmas eve and then just one or two the night before as we were all giddy and couldn't wait! - I think that Christmas was a very liquid one.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
My dads last Christmas with us all. He got to come home from hospital for a few hours and we were all having dinner. My sister was sneaking food under the table to the cat and she made a really odd growling noise. For some reason everyone turned to look at my dad and it was so funny because his reaction was so outraged and dramatic, thinking that he had made the weird cat growl. 

4. Favourite Christmas food
The white sauce thats only gotten at Christmas especially for the ham. Oh my god that stuff is amazing. I get up at night to have that dipped into ham. Nom. Oh and the tin of Roses is always high on the list too!

5. Favourite Christmas gift
When I was little I got a baby born and a kitchen one year. I played with both for years to come and they were the best things ever and kept in perfect condition because I had to clean them like my mom and gran cleaned the house. When I was grown out of them years later they got a new home with some relatives who had little girls. That was even better as they were just so excited and it was lovely to see. 

Now it would have to be books, Lush bath bombs or alcohol!

6. Favourite Christmas scent
Once I get over how much of a bitch it is to put up and get covered in sap in the process, I love the real tree smell. It never fails to bring me back to being tiny when I first started to have memories of all the years of trees, lights and excitement. And the other that really stands out is my gran making the fruit puddings and cakes. It always hits me when I'd come in from the cold outside into the warm kitchen.  

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Years ago all my family and relatives would gather in a pub and have drinks and Christmas eve dinner but now it changes from year to year. Last year I went with my best friends to Christmas eve mass (for the first time ever!) and it was the best craic ever. I think I might ask to go along again. Imagine, me enjoying religion!

8. What tops your tree?
Its always been an angel for as long as I can remember. It was the same massive gold and white fairy yoke for years before she got a little too battered and we got a new one. But I can safely say that old angel was about my age!

9. As a kid, what was the one extravagant gift you asked for but never got?
God I'm sure there was loads of things that I never got. I think I asked for most of the Argos catalog one year, but nothing in particular comes to mind.

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you?
Theres so much I love about Christmas. I'm cursed (or maybe very lucky) every year to be covered in glitter from about mid November. Wrapping early presents, writing cards or knocking off decorations. Glitter always follows me! But mulled wine, Christmas songs and the lights are some of my most favourite things. I'd say giving presents but the stress of the crowds, wrapping awkward gifts and lugging them left, right, and center.. Nah! 

I'd love to see what everyone has to answer to these questions so if you do it please tag me on twitter or answer some in the comments below!

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