Monday 17 November 2014

A Litte Instagram Inspiration

I'm forever looking for new Instagram accounts to follow that might not necessarily be make up and blogger based ones. (Although I'll admit, I'm kind of addicted to them all!) So heres a few that I follow, a little something for everyone, or so I think. The only one I think I've left out is the sporty types. Its grand for the masses, but have you seen me lately? Sport is not my style. 

PassionPassport: People send in their photos from all around the world. They are of people, towns, the mountains and so much more. Its like stepping into a mini LonelyPlanet book for a few seconds as you scroll down your IG feed. 

SproutedKitchen: Sara documents all the wonderful food she makes. With a little of her life, brand new (really freakin cute!!) baba in toe and a handsome fella, this is one for the foodies. I've actually got inspo for dinners before - they aren't all that difficult!

Reedtimmer: Crazy storm chasers anyone? You can follow the team who take the most amazing photos and videos of the storms they find themselves in. Its scary but also overwhelmingly beautiful to see the lightening shots and landscapes.

MakeupByDG: This guy is only 18 years old but he is killing it with his make up looks. I envy his perfect cut crease so much. They are like nothing on earth. Technically a youtuber, but his IG alone is enough to get a 'wow' moment.

Idafrosk: Ida makes these amazing pictures all from food (and then eats them!) Some are so easy and all fun to find on your feed. You could also make some of them yourself if you had a little fussy eater, 

Tal_Peleg: Easily one of my favourite make up accounts, this is the one I go on when I need a bit of something totally beautiful to look at. Mostly eyes, with different designs and scenes created all with makeup. I can't even explain it right, you'll just have to see yourself.

BiddyTheHedgehog: You like cute animals? Then Biddy the tiny little hedgehog is just what you need.

HumansOfNY: Everyone knows about the Humans of ... accounts that are blogs and pages on facebook, but theres also one for IG. I love finding out parts of peoples stories and feeling like I can connect with people I will never meet, jut for a moment.

GlitterGuide: This does exactly what it says on the tin. Random bits of inspo at the dinner table, around the home and out and about. This is part of a website, but I've never felt the need to even visit it as all I need are these gorgeous photos.

Waverrider_: An absolutely brilliant young fella who takes photos of famous people and recreates them his way. Oh god I could spend ages just having a giggle over them. And not only are they funny, but he must spend hours making them and designing the backgrounds. The attention to detail is really something to see!

DexterAndTheBear: I'm sure a lot of you will know Ruth from A Model Recommends. These are her pets, a fluffy dog called Dexter and a massive grumpy cat called Mr Bear. They are some of my favourite 'famous' pets. And who does like a cute fur ball in their feed?!

PaperFashion: Utterly beautiful work done all with paint. This is Katie who takes art to a new level. Her 'shadow dancers' make me so happy. Not to mention she looks exactly like Anne Hathaway!

Satiregram: A really funny account that takes the piss out of IG users. Describing people taking photos of their nails, starbucks, funny comments, trolls and just all the lols. Not one for the easily offended!

TheFeedFeed: Two words; Food Porn.

Are there any you would recommend or just really love? 
Leave your account in the comments so I can check it out! 

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