Monday 30 March 2015

Boots Haul (Soap&Glory Inspired)

Back at Christmas I got a lovely Soap&Glory set - the one that was the big boxes on special offer one of the weeks? And inside it had a voucher for €4 off once you spent over €15, which is no bother to someone like myself who is a big fan of the brand and going into Boots to spend in general! The voucher was expiring on April 1st so I couldn't let it go as it was a decent (enabling) amount of money off. Boots had a lot of stuff on offer and 3 for 2 on nearly all their make up too, so I'm going to give their normal prices first and then their on offer price. Just so you know what they currently are verses what they are now!

As you can see above I got myself a lovely big bottle of Smoothie Star Body Milk (€13.99) as I love their almond scents the most and really wanted something that I hadn't tried from the range before. I also got a repurchase of Hand Maid Hand Sanitizer (€3.49) as I'd almost run out of the one I keep in my hand bag. For years I never got why people raved about it, but now that I've become more almost overly aware of making sure my hands are clean, I use these a lot when I'm out for the day. 

I ran out of all my makeup removing skincare at the same time so I've been stocking up on it a lot. I always need backups of my backups! Garniers regular eye make up remover (€2.99) always keeps me happy so I picked up one. I find it never stings my eyeballs and gets rid of heavy eyeliner and mascara without having to rub the eyelids off myself. 

I also picked up some Boots own brand cleansing milk (€3.79 - €1.90) and a toner (€3.79 - €1.90) that both have aloe vera in them for sensitive skin. I got some face wipes from the same range (€3.99 - €1.99). I never use face wipes but their handy for taking off lipstick to eat or wiping away make up from the back of your hand. I've not used this range before as far as I can remember, or if I have they weren't in as nice looking packaging. I'll report back how they are on my skin once I get around to trying them out. 

This is the essentials pile of bits. Who doesn't need a few good razors (€6.99) to keep away the crazy forest like legs! I have been hairing (- see what I did there!?) my way through nail varnish remover recently as I've been redoing my nails loads, so I got a bottle of Cutex (€2.25). I think this is one of the best brands on the market as they take way less time to totally get rid of the product then other ones I've used. I can't speak much for them being nail strengthening or whatever claims they have but there good at the physical getting rid of bit.

Also got some Nivea rolls ons that were 2 for €4, normally €2.99 each. I'm a big fan of roll ons in recent times as they don't clog up air if you want to freshen up before bed and they also don't effect my asthma. Saying that, I picked up my favourite Impulse (€2.79 - €1.39) too as I'm a fan of having a body spray in my handbag if I'm out and about.  

Lastly I couldn't go into Boots and not pick up at least a few make up bits! I was on a mission for a cheap eyeliner as I had only earlier lost my own to my sisters clutch in the car. I got a Collection one (€2.49) in black that does the job grand. 

I was on the hunt for a Barry M (€5.99) light blue nail varnish after I saw it on Instagram. I think this is called Green Apple but I could be wrong! I've misplaced my bottle so I can't double check, but no doubt I'll put it up on Instagram or twitter soon enough!  

And I've saved the best for last. Just look at that Sleek lipstick!! (€5.99) its in the shade Mystic and it was made for me. I haven't even swatched it yet as I wanted to take photos of it in perfect condition for this post. Man I'm so restrained! It is just beautiful and even before I try it I want everyone to have it. It just makes me happy.

Well thats all of it! I actually saved €16 and got triple points on my Boots card too so I'm extra delighted! At the til I came across the most lovely lady called Cathy who recommend products to me (which I picked up!) and talked about the things I was buying. She gave me some baby wipes as I had a lot of swatches on my hand and gave me loads of brilliant vouchers for things in the shop (and some handy tips too!). I've come across some lovely staff in the Boots at Liffey Valley in the past, but this lady went above and beyond. Just had to give her a mention, she was so friendly and I left the shop feeling extra happy after such a nice chat.


  1. Nice savings! Love that lipstick :)
    Great choices x

    1. Thanks Mary :) I'm very excited about the lipstick in particular! xx

  2. I love when Boots staff are lovely, there's a really nice lady called Michelle in our local branch who knows so much about different brands, I love going in when she's working! Great haul, that lipstick is very you :) I never think of buying wipes for taking off swatches, must actually grab a pack for my bag because it's a pain when I'm in a chemist and walking round with a load of pencils or lippies up my arm!

    1. When you come across particularly lovely staff I personally always want to go back in just because of them! So nice to find people like that :) I little packet of wipes in your bag is the best. I have many a time put my lip gloss covered hand in my hair or handbag. Or even rubbed it off clothes and it makes such a horrible mess. Wipes for the win :D xx