Monday 9 March 2015

Feburary Favourites

Feburary was packed with lovely nights out and blogger events, but man was it stressful. I didn't blog as much as I hoped I would either. The terrifying news in Feb that Blogger was going to make private and take down any 'sexually explicit content' by mid March has been revoked so I don't have to jump ship and start on a new website. I might have had a celebratory lie down and bawl moment. Thanks so much to everyone who messaged, tweeted and IG me to say that the decision had been rethought! Your all little stars.

I feel like Feb was the month of hair and nails, which is the continued trend into March. After a lovely hairdresser verbally bashed my hair I've been conditioning it and using hair oil like its going out of fashion. (Although it wasn't until the woman actually touched my hair that she commented quietly about it not being nearly as bad as she first thought. But of course the damage was already done to my self esteem! Think before you speak and all that jazz.) So Aussie 3 minute miracle mask has been my go to. That along with Tresemme expert selection keratin smooth beautifying oil. Even though my hair is almost down to my arse, I only need one pump of this oil to get it right down to the tips. I'd say this is a medium oil, runny that drys in within a few minutes. I'd recommend this to someone who only needed their hair a little maintained, but I was using a lovely dry oil that was thick and dried into my hair super quick so I could be bias of this one. Unfortunately the lovely oil was only a sample and I forgot to write the name down before throwing it out. 

If anyone has suggestions for different hair oil please do tell me!

Next is the gorgeous smelling Yummy Mummy shower gel by Lush. Its in their limited edition Mothers Day range and I reach for it a lot. I've even used it once or twice as a shampoo and I can't say enough good things about it. I'll be picking up another little bottle before they go out of stock. You can see this and more of the range over here in a haul review!

I've finished so many of my beloved Ziaja skin care things and haven't had a chance to pick them up again so I've been using this SuperDrug B.Pure micellar water that I got a few months ago and totally forgot all about. Its one that did the job grand this month and is small enough that you can throw it in your hand bag or car if your going away for the weekend. It was on offer when I saw it for just over €2 so keep an eye out if you happen to be in The Square. I'm just finished this, so its a trip to Boots for something new soon. I think the Garnier water will get a look in next.

  Another Lush love has been my pot of Dream Cream. I can't believe how many years I've been buying from this shop and haven't tried this stuff, its really the bees knees. It doesn't have a strong smell, it moisturises like no ones business and it sinks into the skin really well - theres no sitting onto of the skin and theres minimum residue left once its rubbed in. I've hared through this little pot and although its on the pricey side, I'll be picking it up again once I've made a hole in the mountain of other moisturisers I have waiting to be used. Big thumbs up.

Butter London top and base coat have been glued to me over the past two months and at one point have even lived in my handbag in March. They make any nail varnishes stay perfectly for about 3/4 days longer then they normally would when not used. They also give a better overall shine to my nails. These two products do cost a bomb for just bases, but if you have a birthday coming up or are a big nail person, then I can't recommend getting them enough. When these bottles are finished - no time soon though, they last so long - I'll begrudgingly hand over money to get two more. Then complain about the price while looking at my lovely nails. As any skint person would do. You can have a look at the full review here.

Over the last while I've not really been myself and had quite a down month. Stress and other issues have flared up my eczema and I've been having spells of brief panic attacks. I've been making a conscious effort to calm myself a lot more and one of the things I've been doing is burning Emmas Soy Candles in the evenings. I've been using a wax melt of the gorgeous Harmony blend and also neroli fusion. Lemongrass is my go to candle to burn - and it also gets rid of wet dog smells! I'll be making the trek to Meaghers Pharmacy on Baggot st in Dublin to pick up a big tumbler for mothers day and a few wax melts for myself this week. Highly recommend checking out their site here and getting a few things for mothers day. They do lovely gift sets too.

Now finally to what I've been wearing on my mug. Max Factor creme puff blushes have taken the beauty world by storm, everyone and their mammies have one of these. I've the full review for them over here.  And theres a really good reason why: they are just that good. They come in 6 different shades and are meant to be dupes for HourGlass, but for half the price. I've been using Nude Mauve for the latter hlaf of Feb and now on into March and I really love it. One I'll be getting again when it runs out, or I might pick up another shade - but they are hard to come by as they are normally sold out, so keep the eyeballs peeled! 

What have you been loving over the past month?


  1. Love those blushes! Delighted your site is staying safely intact...

    1. They are my all time favourite blushes which is crazy! Yes, I'm so delighted everything is staying as it always has been too :) xx